pizza hut happenings


This is what happens when you’re alone on a Saturday night, have Carols in the Domain playing on tv and have just been inspired by the wonderful mamrie

I mean like fuck gingerbread.

I Even cut out windows!!!

And the little men are wearing ham. Like Dafuq?

I’m half ashamed. Half Proud.

The holidays bring out the weird? fun? alcoholic? christmas spirit in all of us.

so like at work today this guy’s order came out to $4.20 but when i read it out to him i accidentally said “your total is four twenty blaze it” out of habit and when i realized what i’d said i looked up at him really slowly and i was so nervous because he had the most serious expression on his face but then he cracked a smile and i just busted out laughing and so did he and my manager came around the corner to ask what was going on but when he saw the total on the screen he started laughing too