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@pan-pizza the Teen boy who just got off watching Foamy the squirrel on com while signing a bring back Invader Zim petition wearing a Jack Skeleton Hoodie And Happy Tree Friends tube socks Purchased from Hot Topic During an Emily the Strange buy 1 get 1 50 percent off sale Where he discovered Serenity Rose from Slave Labor graphics Comics While his over baring but loving father restricts him from going to the My Chemical Romance slash Limp Bizkit concert With his 5 years younger than him sister That constantly IM’s unsourced Stolen Pom And Zi comic art Over 56K Modem American Online trial discs On myspace  dot com with a top 8 consisting of Tim Burton, Jack Sparrow, Eminem, Jesus Christ and whatever angsty band is the hit new thing in Disney Adventures Magazine And spends all day filling out What Kingdom Hearts Character are you quizzes Only to complain he didn’t get Rikku and Is unable to watch the 2003 MTV Music Awards Because his dead beat younger sister is always Hogging the living room TV Playing Tony Hawks Underground on her Halo edition Transparent green Xbox Using a 3rd party Mad Kats air flow controller With a busted analog stick constantly learning to the right Making antisemitic remarks on how Stephanie stole her wicked Mctwist over the helicopter in Hawaii footage


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Feet: @ianjq creator of OK KO. Here to talk about OK KO, Sonic Cartons and Off Models.

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So do you guys sometimes just get together for pizza or some food? Sonic might not be able to sit still, but everyone else would probably have a good time. Mostly it seems that your time spent together is cause the end of the world is happening 0-0

“Kiiiinda depends on which universe you’re talking too.”

“Eh.. heh… it has been a while…”

“With all the resistance fighting- we’ve just haven’t had the time! But I know a way to remedy that! Everyone! Let’s get some Pizza!”

“He does realize we’re in the middle of a war… right?”

“Oh..! Sonic~? I want extra pepperoni this time! I’m cutting down on the cheese.” - Amy Rose “But you’re still just as cheesy!”- Sonic “Hey!” - Amy “Haha! I’m only kidding… a little bit.” - Sonic “Ohhh..!” - Amy

“Well, if you’re getting Pepperoni. I want some Pineapples!” - Knuckles. “Knuckles, why would we add an extra topping to an ALREADY expensive dinner? We’re feeding more than ourselves, you know!” -Amy “Oh.. right.” - Knuckles

“They… do realize that their pizza places are destroyed… right?”

“Ugh… don’t remind me.”

“Unlike all you LAAAMEEE universes… I already got pizza.” *They all groan*

(Since you didn’t specify, they all showed up to answer xD)

Fanart based on old but gold fanfic called “Not a king” by Super Sonic Pizza Delivery :D this fanfic is awesome! And also happened to be my inspiration lol.

here you can read the fanfic:

Oh, and don’t forget to visit writer’s Tumblr too! Here:

As for me… Sonic and the Black Knight designs are pure hell to draw XD” 


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