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ask-chara-and-asriel  asked:

i love all the different designs you have for chara. especially differences with the hair and the eyes despite keeping in ur same style. its really interesting! do you have a favorite way to draw them?

it’s balanced a lil more as i draw em more . i used to make them look about the same as frisk, but now i like keeping w/ the hard edges and makin em as lanky as i can. since their character can be quite harsh, and a lil out of place, i think the awkward body proportions help visually convey this. 

these about the three different ways i draw em, but you can usually be clued into their age based on how they interact w/ the world . i hardly ever draw adult or child chara lmao . tween is my favorite because they look like so much of a KID that it makes everything that has happened to em seem even more fucked . should be playin halo & eating pizza, not fallin down holes & makin suicide pacts lmao

possessed frisk is another way i like to draw em a lot . when i want to have em in their darkest moments, that’s the body i go w/, since it’s the body they get only after having murdered … like …. everyone lmao

i really like trying to emphasize how unwell they look in that body . always messy . always tired, uninterested, restless . it’s not their body & they’re always going to look like they’re in shambles while in it.

still gonna put em in novelty shirts & shorts tho lmao

Girl Meets Starry Night

(I couldn’t pass up the reference!!)

Summary: Farkle gets tickets to the new Pluto exhibit, but only Riley can go. 

Pairing(s): Riarkle, mentions of Lucaya and Zaydora

Based off:

Songs: Halo by Ane Brun/Linnea Olson, Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, Pieces by Andrew Belle, Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran, Run Away with Me by Carly Rae Jepsen, and Butterfly by f(x)

Riley knows Farkle’s about to burst. Forcing back a chuckle, she asks, “Farkle! Out with it already!” 

Farkle grins, “I got tickets to the new Pluto exhibit at the Planetarium!” Riley gasps, and beside her Lucas groans. She quickly gave him a side eye before turning her attention on Farkle.

“So is that a yes?” He raises his eyebrows and Riley lets out a “Yay!” He looks at all of the others, who were pretending to look elsewhere. 

“Ohh look, I got..stuffs.” Maya said with fake disappointment. Lucas perks up, “Yeah, I got stuff… with Maya.” 

Maya shoots him a look, and Zay shrugs, “I just don’t wanna go.” 

Smackle nods, “I agree with Isaiah. Looks like it’ll just be you and Riley.” 

Farkle shrugs, “Okay, but you guys are missing out.”

Riley nods, “I agree.”

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