pizza graffiti

I want to date a punk guy who will take me to concerts and make me feel safe while we do graffiti in an alley but I also want to date a sweet girl with a nice butt who will cuddle and eat pizza and watch American Horror Story with me.


Austin vibes.

I’m staying in a tiny house community that rents out 10 houses but then is ultimately home for 200 chronically homeless men, women and families. It’s beautiful. They have an outdoor movie theater where they showed Guardians of the Galaxy 2 last night. I still love baby groot. Tonight on a walk, a resident invited me to his home. He also gave me a flavor-ice pop. So he’s clearly cool. He was amazingly hospitable. And I would like to return the favor. I thought about getting him a thank you card but I would like to do more. Any suggestions?

This morning I went to a farmers market, where I made a top. Then a lovely run around Austin, quick visit to Modcloth, some a-mazing vegan pizza, voodoo donuts and graffiti park. Plus a few miles of walking around. Just letting the day take me where it may.

Also: Austin loves the blue hair.