pizza for all of my meals

I want all y'all to look at me here.

I want all y'all to know that I had two tacos and three pieces of pizza for lunch today because I was extremely hungry.

Now, that is definitely not a healthy lunch, and I am certainly not recommending or condoning that type of meal, BUT I need my followers to see that food ≠ bad. Did I eat too much? Probably. Do I feel kinda bloated and yuck? Absolutely. And if anything, *that* is the reason I should have eaten less/better. Not because eating or food is evil, but because what I ate and how much of it I ate didn’t make me feel very good. And it isn’t going to be an excuse for me to eat crap for dinner, either, or a reason to starve myself to “make up for it.” I am gonna go home after work and fix myself a wholesome dinner with lots of vegetables and lean proteins.

Food is about nourishment. That is literally its entire purpose. Sometimes, less nourishing foods taste really good and make us want to eat lots of them. And sometimes that is OK. Just remember to, for the most part, keep track and take responsibility for what you are eating and make sure you’re getting all of the nourishment your body needs!

“Really, Julian? Pizza again? You of all people should know better.”

“I’m not a doctor yet, Constable”

DD9 Julian seems like the kind of student to just eat pizza for every meal because he doesn’t have the time or money for anything else and he’s always at the pizza shop anyways so why not

i just want you all to know that since Nursey is from NYC he definitely:

  • jaywalks and waits for cars to pass about two feet off the sidewalk
  • walks faster than anyone on SMH, even if he’s not in a hurry to get anywhere. people here just walk really fucking fast my dudes, i don’t care how chill you think he is.
  • weaves through crowds to find the fastest possible route through the gaps between people
  • does not sit down to eat unless it’s a Meal. snacks are consumed while moving, always. plus when he eats pizza he folds that sucker in half and shoves as much of it in his mouth as quicly as possible. straight up pizza deepthroating happens here every day. also is a stickler for “actual pizza, not that chicago imposter bullshit”
  • has very different standards of cleanliness than other folks. there’s trash everywhere here and literal rats all over the place. when you think about it his locker room loogie makes a lot of sense, because new yorkers just spit anywhere they please
  • is probably a Rangers fan (sorry i don’t make the rules), ergo, hates Pittsburgh and Boston
  • played pokemon go compulsively over the summer because NYC is one of the only places you can catch every single pokemon in the US
  • calls murder stop-n-shop the “Murder Bodega”
  • refers to Manhattan as “The City”
  • doesn’t say “cawfee” himself but he absolutely knows people who do and it’s just a part of life
  • makes fun of New Jersey simply because he can
  • 60% of his stories begin with “so this one time in Brooklyn…”

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Sterek and the topic is food. (MY TWO FAVORITE THINGS. ;} winkwonk )


- despite popular belief, Stiles can cook. He has to. He’s an only child in a single parent home with a dad who works long shifts. And while he would LOVE to just eat frozen pizza and chicken nuggets all the time, he learns to cook actual meals so his dad has something to eat after his late night shifts.

- Derek’s mom taught him how to cook. She taught him how to make everything from the perfect marinara sauce to katsudon, the two of them bonding in the kitchen.

- Stiles’ mom taught him to bake. He uses baking as a stress reliever and something to help him focus when his ADHD acts up.

- Derek and Stiles bond over food so freaking much, it’s a foundation of their relationship

- after every fight they have, whether it be over something small or something huge, Derek always gets Stiles curly fries to apologize

- Derek, the hopeless romantic that he is, constantly makes Stiles breakfast in bed so every morning starts off great

Send me a ship and a topic and I’ll make a headcanon (or multiple) for it


Naan Pizza Appreciation Post 

Previous naan pizza recipes are listed below 

BBQ chicken naan pizza 
Summer naan pizza 
Tandoori pulled chicken naan pizza 

Today, I just threw together all of the ingredients in my fridge that were about to go bad, and had a blast. The goat cheese truly works. 

9 months post op

I used to be better at tracking my post op months. Life gets in the way and I get busy. It’s crazy to think when I first for the surgery I based my whole life around it. When I was eating next, protein goals, liquid goals and so and so on. Now at 9 months and 10 days to be exact it feels normal to be doing this stuff. Calculating calories and protein. Planning the days of meals and making sure your getting all of the correct macros. This is my life and I love it.

Even though today I was reminded that my pouch is the boss. Made the mistake of eating to much carrots. 3 ounces total, should have only had 2 or maybe 1.5 ounces. Than shortly after I ate two or three bites of my chicken crusted pizza. Running to the bathroom to throw everything up including the carrots. 9 months out and I still make simple mistakes. Don’t give up. Don’t ever think your Pouch isn’t working because it is. Listen and don’t forget it’s a tool. Use the tool correctly and you can achieve greatness.

I started this journey at 350 pounds. I entered into my surgery weighing 312. As of today I weigh 196. I have lost a total of 154 since my journey and 116 since surgery.

If you believe in yourself you can do anything. It is worth the tears and sweat. It is worth every up and down. I may look in the mirror today and see the flaws of sagging skin and see how my body droops in certain places. But there is beauty in those flaws. I am 154 pounds lighter, I feel like I can achieve anything in the world. I am still a work in progress but I don’t mind. Life is about changing and learning and growing. Never stop doing these things. Be the person you have always wanted to be.

Drunk BTS


Repost because it looked weird when I typed it on my phone

Seokjin: Hungry Drunk

- eats before

- eats during

- eats after

- drinks with every meal which is the only reason why he’s drunk

- pizza sauce caked on his lip corners

- ketchup stain on his pants from that unneeded third cheeseburger

- usually he would be responsible for the other members but when he does drink, shit goes down

- prefers cocktails over beer

- “do you want more fries I think we need more fries MR BAR MAN”

- shovels down pretzels drizzled with warm cheese

- chokes on full sized hot wings

- eats all the peanuts at the bar and asks for refills more than once

- you’ll have to carry his drunk, stuffed ass home

- he’ll probably puke all over the curb

Yoongi: Emotional Drunk

- he’d be incredibly vulnerable

- wouldn’t cry or anything but would be in his feelings

- thinking about everything he’s ever did

- “I’m a fucking terrible person aren’t I?”

- like sulks in the corner

- or on the couch next to that weird couple making out

- cuddle him it will make him feel better

- when he asks for another drink bring him water

- he’d probably open up about things he never has before

- suddenly he’s telling secrets

- will tell random strangers about his exes

- chokes on his words because he’s such a saddie

- drag him away from that girl trying to take advantage of him

- let him sleep on your bed

- listen to him groan until you lay down with him

Hoseok: Horny Drunk

- he’d be trying to get laid all night

- definitely would

- becomes a total whore with one drink

- stumbles out of the bathroom after getting his dick sucked and immediately searches for another girl

- pants would never be buttoned or zipped

- his shirt would be hanging off of his shoulder

- he’ll always have a new drink whenever you see him

- his phone will be fucking exploding in his pocket because he had called literally everyone and asked if they wanted to fuck

- practice makes perfect

- the hips are too good

- will most definitely try to get at you too

- crowd you into the corner

- “c'mon babe, you know I can make you feel so fucking good”

- he’s got just enough conscious left to back off when anyone turns him down though, doesn’t push his luck

Namjoon: Romantic Drunk

- the slightest buzz and he’s confessing his love for you

- he’d be so in love the whole night omg

- clingy as hell

- wouldn’t let you leave his side

- would whine like a damn child if you tried

- stomps his feet, pouts, makes his eyes bigger like a puppys, everything

- “baby girl noooo”

- becomes instantly protective when a man approaches you

- tells everyone that you’re his and they better back the hell off

- you can roll your eyes but don’t tell him that you’re not unless you want a sobbing Namjoon on your shoulder

- will beg to stay at your place with you that night

- throws a fit when you leave him in your living room and demands to sleep with you in your bed

- you end up falling asleep on the couch in his arms

Jimin and Taehyung: Partying Drunks

- these two wouldn’t leave each others sides so they’re together

- honestly they disappear every time you turn around

- Jimin’s on the table thrusting at the air and Tae is only encouraging him by screaming and throwing money at him

- Jimin will hold Tae’s ankles up, while he’s tippy toeing bc short, while Tae chugs from the keg of beer’s tube

- they’ll have shot contests with everyone

- honestly, they’d probably do body shots off of each other

- could you see them drunk kissing each other you’d have to pull them back fast before something else goes down in the middle of the group of smokers, who are cheering them on btw

- the ones to take over the dance floor

- they’re professional dancers but not when they’re intoxicated

- they just flail and grind and think it looks good

- would never want to leave

- “We aren’t even that drunk!” “Yeah!”

- they’re literally hiccupping between every word and slurring so bad

- can’t walk

- Tae trips over his own two feet which sends Jimin into a cute fit of giggles before he also falls and face plants the side of a car

- have fun running with two drunk men while the alarm goes off and catches attention

- they’re behind you so far laughing and screaming out fruit names at anyone they see, plus the fire hydrant  that Tae pets bc it’s a kitty in his mind

- will continue to turn up at your place..

- Jimin ends up shirtless with a gallon of milk poured over his head

- Tae raids your fridge and cupboards and pukes up everything he eats into your sink

- they’ll both pass out on your fucked up kitchen floor, in a puddle of milk mixed with Tae’s vomit

- they’re like toddlers so just leave them be

- bang pots by their heads in the morning and blast music bc they’re asssholes for making you do that

Jungkook: Nervous/Horny Drunk

- I can see him switching it up

- one night,, he’ll be nervous as fuck and try to avoid anyone and everyone

- hides in a bedroom in the basement that reeks of weed and sends you to get all of his drinks

- screams and probs almost cries when he walks into the bathroom and sees two girls snorting cocaine off of a guys hard dick

- it’s probably Hoseok tbh

- “They.. they were.. they were..”

- keep him calm with back rubs and pills

- butttt the next week he’d so be like Hoseok

- chasing after every girl

- comes back after missing for two hours and you’re like wtf? where were you?

- but he won’t answer, just straighten his clothes out and ruffle his hair up

- then you’d realize and probs beat his ass, screaming and asking if he used protection bc he’s stupid

- he’d dodge your hits like a pro and go get more to drink

- probably the one to get into stupid fights

- wins sometimes

- loses others and you’ll be in the hospital at 2am with your bloody ass best friend waiting for a cast and sling for his arm

- smack him on the hand so he learns

- then take him home to the dorm at almost 6am, the sun comin up and shit

- watch Jin go into mom mode when he answers the door and yank Jungkook inside

- listen to his yelping for a few seconds before you go home to sleep

- wake up to awesome texts from him in the morning btw

Female Mexican-American Teenager

I’m Michelle, a Chicana girl (though my grandfather is Italian), and I live by Chicago. My dad grew up in Michoacan, but I think my mom grew up nearby. I was raised here and I’ve only visited Mexico twice.

I grew up with a mix of American and Mexican cuisine, since sometimes my dad, who slept during the day, would cook, and other times my mom would pick something up or let me cook . We often eat tacos of carne asada, rice, refried beans, pico de gallo, tamales, pozole (on special occasions when my aunts came over), etc. The rest of the time I have pasta, steak, hot dogs, pizza, fried chicken, etc. Almost all meals include tortillas. For the most part I enjoy food from both groups, but I didn’t like any kinds of sauce or toppings, except for cilantro or spaghetti sauce.

Beauty Standards/Clothing
I used to wear pretty girly clothing as a little kid, but I got sick of dresses and constricting clothing after a while. Once I began to manage myself, I rarely wore dresses, kept a loose, low ponytail at all times, and wore much less pink. My mom only got really annoyed when I insist that I don’t want to wear a dress to a formal thing, but she often tells me to tie my hair up more tightly. It was pretty annoying.

My first language was Spanish, but it was almost completely replaced by English when I went into preschool. I can still understand Spanisn, and I can write in it a bit, but I can’t really speak it. The reason for this was that nearly all my relatives spoke it, so I picked up a bit from their gossip and debates. However, I didn’t want to risk looking like a fool, so I rarely even tried speaking to them. My Spanish grammar is okay, but I have a cruddy vocabulary and few opportunities to practice. My dad speaks to us in it half the time because his English isn’t the best, but it’s not enough. Honestly I just hope I can improve enough by myself so I can practice more with others, because I don’t want to be embarrassed.

I don’t really get much of this, since I go to school in a pretty diverse area. However, my Mexican friend told me that I was the “whitest Mexican” that she knew, which really hurt. She’s still a good friend, though.

Dating and Relationships
I was never really into boys as much as other girls, but my mom still told me to wait before dating. I’m in high school and I still don’t really see the appeal.

I’m a Roman Catholic. I was baptized and raised as one, and my mom still makes me come to Mass on Sundays. My grandmas were/are really religious, but my dad isn’t really. I went to a Catholic elementary school, and still do for high school. Despite this, being a Catholic is my choice and I wouldn’t change for the world.

Identity Issues
I guess I don’t really think of myself as either American or Mexican, but as both. I just wish I could’ve learned more about my language and culture while I was young, but now it’s up to me. I sometimes fear that I’m not “Mexican enough”.

My parents really want me and my 4 siblings to get straight As in school, but I have like zero work ethic. My siblings and I are actually all above average intelligence, but it’s really hard to meet expectations. Any grade below a C could get you hit with the belt and sent to work. Still, it could be worse.
My knowledge of Spanish, though limited, actually helps during Latin class, and I placed in half the tests I took at a classics convention. I also really like geometry, algebra, science, and history.

Things I’m tired of seeing
Overly sexual Latinas- I get it, people can be sexual however they like. That doesn’t mean that every other Latina portrayed has to be some temptress.
Lazy Mexicans- While they exist, only a few I know are actually really lazy, and that’s only sometimes.

Well, that’s it I guess.


Hate it as much as you want. New Years Resolutions always seem to indicate a new start, a clean start.

A new beginning.

I’m basically back to where I started in 2014. All that hard work - gone. The weight slowly but surely crept back on, probably because I promised myself that one pizza won’t hurt, one block of chocolate won’t hurt.

Turns out. They do.

But here’s to looking to the future.

December is the time when most South Africans take their extended holiday (if you can call three weeks an extended holiday). My friends, sister and I road tripped around the country and it was amazing. I enjoyed every moment. However, I noticed on photos that I gained some serious weight. 

So this is me, getting back to basics. Planning my meals and planning my exercise. There’s not time for excuses. I know what works. I’ve done this before, and I’ll do it again.

I’m also going to be transitioning to a mostly vegetarian diet. I say mostly vegetarian for the following reasons:

1. As South Africans, we eat a lot of meat. And I like meat. I’m never going to say no to a lamb chop at a braai. But I’m hoping this would be maybe only like once a month.

2. During my five month stint in India last month, I was vegetarian for the most part. I felt like my body responded to that type of eating the best, and I want to start introducing this back home again.

I’ve neglected this blog over the past year, but I’ve kept up to date with everyone’s progress.

I’m going make 2017 mine again. 

Can’t weight to start. (It’s punny, alright?) 

anonymous asked:

Hi Chris!! I used to restrict really bad and I'm in the process of getting better now, and tonight I went out for a meal with my friends and ate a HUGE pizza and some wine and I didn't feel bad about it all! And then when I got home I was getting changed and saw that my tummy was all bloated and I used to hate that but today I was able to say to myself that it just shows what a lovely, big meal I've had. I just feel really positive about it all!

I love you and am so, so so so incredibly proud of you :) 

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Привіт! приємно познайомитись. Якщо ви не заперечуєте мені, питаючи, що ваша улюблена їжа?

Доброго, шановна панi Дженнi. Я здивований, що ви до мене звернулись на українській мові. Не переймайтесь, адже я, якомога зрозуміліше, можу відповисти на питання вашою мовою.

As I wrote earlier, my favorite dish is the julienne(there is such a dish, yep, yep). Actually, I can’t select something specific. I like almost the all :D

I love a tasty meal various fast foods. And don’t refuse himselfin the sweet. Pizza! Yes, pizza is my lovely food too.

Oh, I almost forgot - home cooking is also a favorite! But I don’t like cook

withlovefromsamantha  asked:

8, 18, 25 ☺️

8) Want any tattoos?
I want a lot more!
18) Most traumatic experience?
When I was 8 years old my older cousins forced me to watch the exorcist. I had nightmares for months. Idk if it’s the most traumatic experience of my 26 years of existence but it’s the first thing that came to mind. 👻
25) My idea of a perfect date?
All day event:
Going on an early morning hike. Followed by biking/skateboarding through the city to find the best ramen or pizza spot around. Once our bellies are full we’d go to the dog beach/park and vent about life and how we want all the dogzzz. We go back to my place cuddle and try our hardest not to fall asleep. Wake up, it’s almost dinner time! I ask her what she’s craving. We go to her favorite spot and have a fantastic meal. We get in my car and just drive. No destination, no more plans, windows down, singing along to our favorite songs. The sun is about to set. I pull over and we climb to the highest vantage point we can find. I hold her in my arms with loving embrace while we watch the sun go down over the seas horizon. BOOM I kiss her!


My Internet speed has finally fucking picked up. Pictures will load now! Yay. Thank fuck for that.
I have not been too well. I’ve got to the point where I don’t want to be in the past, but I still continue with fucking up my present by using the same self destructive behaviours.
Not too clever.
I have an appointment for counselling. At the moment I’m not panicking at all about it. I have also been going out. Not quite every day but still, almost. I haven’t freaked out, but nor have I dawdled. I’ve actually been finding foods that aren’t the same old I’ve been eating. like pizza. I tend to find which meal I like and eat that over and over. I’m currently on trend with garlic bread and eggs.
I’ve also got a million books I’m working on. I’m pretty much focusing on finishing those. I’m so sick of my own writing!

K.L © 2017

Bad Occult Cleansing Tip

In need of a cleansing or purification, but lack the tools or motivation to do a proper cleansing ritual? The fast food industry has you covered: just grab a high-sodium meal on the go! You get the purifying properties of salt, plus deliciousness, all in one convenient greasy package!

Another one? Thanks! <3 @elyon-kurae @krulloliqueen

Things that I didn’t list yet…. hmmm….

1. To inspire/help others. Always that. And made better change to the world.

2. When people comment/react/reply/read/anything on my stuff. Including my fics. #JustWritersThing

3. Enjoying some good foods! I’m not a picky eater at all. From burger to cake, vegetables to meat, noodles to rice, sushi to pizza, I’ll gladly enjoy everything. *is lowkey a poor people that can’t afford good meal, so I appreciate all kind of foods*

4. I already mentioned this but OHHHH GOD MY SHIPS GAVE ME LIFE

5. To get recognized and to achieve something, I guess? Like, it made you felt like you do something meaningful and worthy. 


I just want to hug it out with someone right now. Today was so good. Weekends are usually really hard for me to eat right or workout, but this weekend? This weekend was mostly on point the entire time and I feel great. Well, I am SORE AS HECK, but I feel my best when I am sore. 

My meals were all planned and although I am low on protein and could eat a little more, I am fully satisfied (unless you put mac and cheese or pizza in front of me, then we’d have issues). The most exciting part of my day though was that I got a workout in with Autumn Calabrese at a Beachbody event!!! For those of you who don’t know who she is, she is basically like the female version of Shaun T. We did a new workout from Country Heat and it was ex-haust-ing. Everyone was a sweaty mess and the energy in the room was surreal. 

Just a friendly reminder to everyone that eating right and working out really changes your attitude. A few days of consistency and I already feel significantly better than a week ago. Happy Sunday! 

The Ships on Your Table

LadyNoir: French cheese, red wine, Escargots, Cordon Bleu, grilled octopus, poached pears, chocolate-dipped strawberries, chocolate mousse, bananas foster, red velvet cake, liquor bonbons, mango sorbet, My Fair Lady

Adrinette: chamomile tea, cherry tomatoes, baked bread, boiled corn, stuffed sweet potatoes, seafood risotto,  berries, dango, macarons, fruit tarts, carrot cake, bread and jam, cheesecake, strawberry lemonade, S’mores dip, Kinder eggs, French 75

Marichat: sriracha, cold pepperoni pizza, cup brownies, chili chocolate, cinnamon hot chocolate, ice cream bucket, frozen yogurt, explosively minty gum, fizzy drinks, Chinese takeout, jalapenos, Bloody Mary

Ladrien: popcorn, mango chutney, grapes, eggnog, black coffee, fresh ginger, coconut flakes, cinnamon sticks, cayenne pepper, grilled peppers, apple pie spice, chocolate souffle, Sex on the Beach