pizza education

She had something to say about Betsy DeVos. So she sent her senator a pizza — with a message.

The special instructions section reads:

Please deliver to Orrin Hatch’s office, #8402 and attach the following note: “From a Salt Lake constituent in 84105. Please vote NO on Betsy Devos. She is an inappropriate choice to lead our public schools.

Julia Silge tried repeatedly to get in touch with her senator about the upcoming confirmation vote, but she was only able to leave one message before the answering machine had apparently been filled. It was then that she resorted to an unconventional way of reaching out.

Ultimately, the pizza was unable to be delivered as it could not make it past security, but this just goes to show the great lengths people are going through in order to have their voices be heard!

brendon urie responding to annoying comments ask meme.

“ your friends are cool, not fuck you, alright cool. “

“ who are you to call dominos shitty ? do you own a pizzaria ? nah so shut up. ”

“ i don’t even like domnios pizza. ”

“ you’re ruining your education, get the fuck off. ”

“ go fuckin’ pee, alright ? go pee. ”

“ prove it, and then send pictures. ”  

 “ you guys are clever. ”

“ what a stupid, unnecessarily offensive thing to say. i’m bored. ”

“ take that. sneezed on ya. ”

“ don’t be a bitch ? guess what ? i’m not a bitch. ” 

“ you’re a dumba. ”

“ if you’re raising your kid to wait at the traffic light until it turns yellow and then red and then make their turn, you should’ve never have had that kid. ”

“ you idiot ! hey, remember when i called you an idiot ? sorry about that. ”

“ you sound like a fucking boy. ”

“ sorry, sorry – i got real heated for a second. ”

“ tell your family they can fuck off. ”

 “ i don’t care what you think as long as it’s about me. ”

“ i respect your brother’s opinion. ”

“ i need to make a shirt that says ‘ hated by families everywhere. ’ “

“ fuck your bacon. i love bacon. ”

“ yo, if you eat ranch, what the fuck is wrong with you ?

“ if you’re gonna get wings, go bleu cheese. ”

“ lemme say my piece. ”

 “ why’d you make it about you ? i’m trying to make it about the sauce. ”

“ i’m trying to fuck their game up, babe. ”

“ don’t take this personally. ”

“ he’s a fuck boy. ”

“ you kids and your fuck boy comments. ”

“ well then get out and give somebody else a chance. ”

“ … fuck boy. ”

“ if you scrunch toilet paper you are a disgrace, and you are sloppy, and you need to fold your toilet paper. ”

“ that’s gross. ”

“ i sound like a minion ?

“ you sound like a minion. ”

 “ shots fired. ”

“ that’s a sideways fuck you. ”

“ alright, don’t get it twisted. ”

“ ninety percent of these are ‘fuck my ass.’ “

“ hey, these are very intelligent comments, sir. ”

“ i’m not a bitch but thank you for acknowledging that i’m not trash. ”

“ i call everybody dumb-dumb. ”

“ watch your fucking language. fuck you. ”

“ why you calling me a magg- oh, that’s not that word. ”

“ i’m egotistical ? that’s sweet. ”

“ stop being an emo fuck boy. ”

“ no, they get in the way of you being a fucking idiot, though. ”

“ i am a fuck boy. ”

 “ oh, that’s very sweet of you. ”

“ what are you guys doing ? ”

“ what the fuck happened to discretion ? ”

“ that sentence just made me so mad right now. ”

“ quit asking me if i have fuckin’ hairy balls, jesus christ. ”

“ i eat like an annoying white girl ? this from an annoying white girl. come on. ”

“ no, you ding dong. ”

“ i can’t disagree with that. ”

“ hey, woah, i am not gay. but i will suck a dick. ”

“ get the fuck outta here. ”

“ woah. take it easy. ”

“ stop being so boring. ”

“ go to bed, you dumb ass. ”

“ that was mean. ”

A lot of people have asked me why it is I have so much patience for the Diamonds in the absence of obvious “redeeming” qualities attached to them. 

And my answer at this point is: precedents.

When you’re writing a story, you know where you’re going. You establish small things at first that reflect patterns in how the rest of the story goes.

And Steven Universe, the show, has some very clear patterns.

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