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Selective Amnesia, or Five Times Finn Said I Love You and One Time Rae Heard Him

Hello, my lovelies! It’s been forever since I posted a fic, it seems. It also seems like I’ve been working on this fic forever. The idea came to me quite soon after the Voldemort of Series (we don’t mention it, bc it doesn’t exist). I agonized over it for months, and then wrote the last couple parts pretty quick (maybe too quick, who knows.) But it finally feels like it’s finished, so I’m posting it quick before I agonize some more.

The formatting gave me hell, too. I tried pasting from three different places, but it kept being a giant chunk of text with no separation. I think I managed to put in all the correct paragraph breaks, but if anything seems weird, let me know. 

Okay, so. One thing that drove me crazy about the Rae/Finn relationship in The Series That Shall Not Be Named was the utterly preposterous assertion that it took Finn a year and a half to say the words “I love you” -_- Just … no. So, this is me doing my first 5 Times/1 Time fic to try and figure out that puzzle. It may be the only fic I ever write that this explicitly alludes to … y’know … The Unfortunateness That Is S3.

There is a sprinkling of smut in here, fair warning. I don’t think it’s anything too salacious, but fair warning. 

Now, without further ado … here’s this thing.

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He’s no good with words.

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A Friend of Yours Isn't a Friend of Mine - Part 3

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