pizza diary

Turned my leftover corn tortilla wraps into pizzas! Best pizzas I’ve ever eaten, including vegan and non vegan ones. Corn tortilla wraps with arrabiata pasta sauce, creamy spinach pesto (spinach, a little olive oil, walnuts, nutritional yeast, herb salt, pepper, lemon juice and garlic), mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, fresh arugula and nutritional yeast ✿


dinner tonight was my homemade pizza 🍕i had dough leftover from yesterday so thought it was best to use it instead of waste!

also chopped up TONS of strawberries and grapes and put them into a tub if I want something to snack on (i doubt it)

almost drank a litre of water!! determined to drink 2L still 💪🏻 gonna work out at around 9 (once my pizza is settled)


Imagine being pregnant and having very weird cravings

~ Requested ~ The Originals and The vampire diaries

“ I thought you loved me!” Was the only thing anybody in a 12 mile radius could hear.
Klaus let out a huff of breath as he turned to his 7 month pregnant wife.
“ I do darling, I’m very much deeply in love with you but can you understand that it is 1 in the morning and it’s possible that i couldn’t find what you want because every store is closed” Klaus kindly stated as he moved to rub his wife’s shoulders.
Y/N yanked Klaus’s hands away from her shoulders as she turned to glare at him. “ How hard is it to find fried salted shrimp and honey mustard sauce at this time of day!” She wept in her hands as Klaus looked on in confusion, just moments ago she was livid with him and now she’s crying.
“What is all this ruckus?!” Rebekah asked as she made her way down the stair case. Klaus looked at her with desperation while Rebekah smirked at him already seeing what is happening.
“Klaus won’t get me….” The rest was a blubbering mess as Y/N explained her crisis.
“Now why in the world won’t he get you these things?” Rebekah sarcastically asked with her hands on her hips.
“Because it’s 1 in the fuc-” Klaus was interrupted as Y/N squealed in excitement.
“You know what sounds good right now?! Chicago pizza!”