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I’m deceased. This is a must-watch and the comments are all great

I FINALLY did some doodles from our teenage Vento Aureo AU with @ayami-neesan ( while she already did a full color drawing and an e n t i r e comic about it OTL )

it’s really just an AU we like to talk about between us with a bunch of our personal experience with being a teen™ and other self-indulgent things so it might not make a lot of sense but anyway


This is me screaming into the void about my giant crush on @pan-pizza  His persona reminds me of a panda that slaughtered an Umbreon and I kinda love that.

Decided to draw his character Molly Denny Here she is as a full blown bunny.  Because bunny.  Hope he likes it!

Dream Come True

(A/N: Oh my god I literally do not know when the last time I touched this blog is.  Almost a year ago, for certain.  But idk recently I’ve feeling kinda writey and emo and thought it might be nice to revisit this blog.  So I went into my inbox, found a prompt I liked, and did this.  I experimented a bit with perspective for the first time.  Hope you like it! xx)

Anonymous asked: could you do one where there’s a boy and girl best friend and everyone knows they’re in love with each other except the two of them and somehow the truth comes out? Idk you can go wherever you want from there.

WC: 5146

(y/n) = your name

(c/n) = crush’s name

(f/n/1 or 2 or 3) = friend 1 or 2 or 3

(c/f/n/1 or 2 or 3) = crush’s friend 1 or 2 or 3

(g/n) = girl’s name

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home is where the pizza is

AU: “i made my special request for my pizza for them to send their cutest delivery person & here you are and wow did they get that right.”
Nico is fairly certain that Piper is trying to ruin his life. Or his pizza. Same thing.

“You’re pretty.”

Nico blinked back in surprise, the loose bills in his hand crackling under his tightening hand. “I, uh…what?”

The pizza guy only grinned wider. “You’re pretty.” He repeated.

“Um. I, uh…thanks?” Nico could vaguely hear Piper’s high laugh from the living room and he didn’t know how, and he didn’t know why, but Nico could only swear on one thing at that moment, and that was that this was all her fault.

And, he could also swear that this was probably the reddest he’s ever been. Counting the beach incident last summer.

Nico had to resist from the shiver that came from the memory. That hurt.

The pizza guy grinned, bringing back Nico’s attention, and held out the pizza box. “And you’ve got nice eyes.” He added on, somehow looking earnest and cocky at the same time. Nico didn’t know that was possible, but Pizza boy seemed to be making it work.

“Thanks.” Nico repeated, his neck still burning bright, and he hoped his voice wasn’t as weak as it sounded to his ears.

This whole situation wasn’t helped by the fact their usual pimply high schooler was replaced by a tall, blond, and handsome.

Nico wanted to retreat back into his warm fort in the living room, knowing at least his blanket burrito would never betray him. He could almost see Piper peeking around the corner, Jason probably at her feet, Reyna towering over them all. They were watching him, he was sure of it, and he was even more sure of the fact they were laughing at him.

The guy seemed to finally take pity on Nico as he passed the pizza over. “Special instructions.” He grinned, tapping the receipt taped to the top of the box. Nico turned the box, along with his head to the side, to better read the paper.

Send your cutest delivery boy & tell me I’m pretty. Also, a compliment would be nice.

Nico stared at the words for a long moment, glancing back up the boy. “I didn’t write that.” He felt the need to clarify, “It was uh, -” He pointed over his shoulder, where laughter was now helpfully erupting behind him. “One of them. Piper, probably, because I refused to let her get pineapple on the pizza.”

“That’s just a travesty, pineapple on pizza.” The pizza man agreed, leaning against the wall, seeming satisfied with the whole situation.  

“Extra pepperoni and banana peppers are the only way to go.” Nico answered without thinking. It was true. He and Jason had done a very thorough investigation senior year of high school, and that was the very godly combination they finally settled on after several trial runs.

He and Jason were serious about their pizza, okay? And they weren’t going to let Piper run their months of science for the disgraced topping of pineapple.  

Pizza boy clenched at his chest at that, “A man after my own heart.” He grinned.

“Here’s, um, here.” Nico held out the bills, “Keep the change.”

The pizza boy took the money, still grinning that stupid smile. He adjusted the company hat on his head, his blond curls crazy and frizzy under the cap, and let his hand fall to the back of his neck. “Thanks…” He glanced at the receipt. “Jason?”

Nico sighed at the laughter behind him. They were probably at the window, listening to the entire interaction with glee. “It’s Nico.” He corrected him, “Jason’s the idiot who let us use his account rewards.”

Pizza boy nodded, “Cool. I’m Will.” He gave Nico a small salute, “Pizza boy extraordinaire. Also, the cutest delivery boy on site at the Main Street location, apparently.”

“Really? The cutest?” Nico grinned at that, always one for teasing.

“There was a vote.” He informed Nico like it was a secret, “Cecil took the loss pretty hard.”

“I would imagine. The cutest delivery boy, that’s a hard title to carry.”

“It has its setbacks.” Will nodded in agreement, “Fighting off the proposals, for one.”

“Really?” Nico raised his eyebrows at that, an amused expression taking place. “You’re just fighting off suitors, is that it?”

“Exactly.” He nodded, looking dramatically relieved. “I’m so glad you understand.”

Nico scoffed out a laugh, turning his face to hide his widening grin. He could still hear the others gathered behind him, he noticed, their low laughter and whispers not nearly as quiet as they probably thought.

“Well.” Nico turned his head back to the other boy, his grin now under control, although his face was still flushed a pleasant pink. “Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to deliver this and…for following your instructions.” Nico wanted to pound his head on the side of the doorway by the time he was finished, his awkward voice trailing off. Will didn’t seem to notice, only pocketing Nico’s payment and biting his lip. Usually, Nico would classify lip-biting as an unsure movement, one that he employed on himself often, but with Will it looked completely different on his smirking face. It was his confidence, Nico thought, and his over-cocky manner.

“Anytime.” Will told him easily, probably having no idea how much he was affecting Nico. He turned, one hand tucked away into his pocket, and with the movement Nico could guarantee that he was Absolutely Not instantly drawn to the hand’s destination, the back pocket where it was nicely tucked so it pulled at the already tight fabric –

And Nico’s gaze instantly snapped back up as Will paused, only a few feet from the doorway, and turned back to Nico. He eyed Nico standing there, still holding the warm pizza box with his equally as warm cheeks, and gave Nico just a bright smile, Nico had to blink back in surprise.

“Just cause they were instructions doesn’t mean they weren’t true.” He winked, “Check the back of your receipt if you’re interested.” With that, Will was bouncing down the steps, heading back to the street.

Surprised, Nico flipped over the paper and was even more surprised to see a number scrawled there in thick black marker. Nico vaguely wondered when Will would have even written his number there, but settled for numbly waving back as Will got back into his car, appropriately advertising the pizza company, and drove off. He waved at Nico as he left, and Nico was left holding a quickly cooling pizza and a small slip of paper.

Nico stood in the doorway for another moment, blinking back surprise. He turned, his annoying friend’s laughter still echoing through the hallway, and already began plotting on how to get Piper back.

Right after he pocketed the receipt, of course.

anyone who says weight loss is as simple as ‘eating less’ has never had a significant amount of weight to lose

Special Requests (Peter Parker AU)

A/N: yES HONEY pizza delivery boy!peter is the best i love him and also Y/A is your address so ya ok (warning: crappy ending)

It has been a week since you ordered a pizza from Stark’s Pizza Shop and Peter wanted to see you again. 

Peter was getting bored of the pizza deliveries he’s done. Get the right address, take the money, then go back to the pizza shop. The customers never put something at least a little interesting in the special requests bar, nothing like giving him the opportunity to go slightly insane on the pizza. 

“Missing your Cute Boy Requester, Parker?” Sam teased him one Tuesday afternoon as he put a pizza box in Steve’s bag. Peter made a mistake of telling Sam and Bucky, the gossip queens they secretly were, what happened that night. He told Sam and Bucky about how you admitted that he didn’t get your request wrong and just how gorgeous you were. 

He was glad that he shut up the moment he realized he was talking too much, much to Sam and Bucky’s disappointment.

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Secret Kitchen Kisses

//A.N: Hey guys sorry this took so long. I combined a couple requests because they were so similar, hope that was okay. I hope you like it, I’m coming out of some major writers block so I’m sorry if it isn’t my best work. Remember to send me your requests. I do see them, even if it takes me forever to write them, I pick what order to write them as I become inspired. So please do request stuff. As always lovelies, I aim to please! :)

  • -Where he’s your brothers friend and he come rounds one Time to hang with ur brother and at one point u and him are both in the kitchen alone and he flirts with u - then maybe take it on from there ^^
  • -hey, can you write an imagine where your crush is your older (by 2 years) brothers best friend ? thank you :)

//A.N: almost forgot, (y.b.f.n.(1,2,3)) = your brothers friends name, 1, 2 and 3.

“(Y.f.n), how far are you? (Y.b.n)’s friends are here and they’re being loud and obnoxious and gross, and just ugggggh. There’s too much testosterone happening in this one household.” You plead into your cell phone.

           “Calm down, I’ll be there in 5. And who are you trying to kid. You’re in boy heaven, and I happen to know for a fact that (y.c.n) is there. So, quit your whining, you’re enjoying it and you know it, even if only a little.”

           “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just text me when you’re outside, okay?” You say with a huff and a smile.

           (Y.f.n) wasn’t wrong though. Anytime (y.b.n) had friends over meant an absolute nightmare for you. Except if that friend was (y.c.n). He seemed somehow different than the other guys. Granted he burped and farted right along with the rest of them, but it never seemed like who he truly was, more like something he did out of the general obligation of being a boy.

           After what felt like an eternity, your phone buzzes and you rush down stairs, attempting to avoid the attention of your brother and the monsters he called friends.

           “Why you in such a hurry baby sister?” You here a voice shout from the living room.

           Baby sister. He knew you hated when he said that, because even if he was 2 years your senior, you were no baby.

           “None of your business (y.b.n), but if you must know, (y.f.n) is spending the night, and she’s outside. Carry on with your boyish buffoonery.” You say in the most sophisticated tone you can muster. Walking calmly to the door, you open it, remarking in an accent sounding vaguely like a British socialite,

           “Why (y.f.n), how delightful you could make it.”

           “Darling, it’s been far too long. How have you been?” (y.f.n) responds, putting just enough emphasis on “have” to make it dramatic.

           You loved this game the two of you played. Anytime you hung out, whoever answered the door set the tone for how the greeting would play out. Sometimes you were British socialites, sometimes you were French maidens, once you were even mimes. There was a reason you two were friends and that was definitely one of them.

           Trying your hardest to walk elegantly up the stair case, partly to uphold the air that you had created upon (y.f.n)’s entry. But also, because you know the boys were watching, which meant that (y.c.n) was watching. Gliding up the stairs wasn’t as easy as you had hoped, but before you know it, you’re at the top of the stairs out of the view of the “gentlemen” downstairs. Before going to your bedroom, you and (y.f.n) wait at the stair top listening to (y.b.n) and his friends chatting.

           “I swear sometimes I think she must be from another planet and my parents adopted her. And wherever she came from (y.f.n) came with her.” You here your brother say, practically hearing him roll his eyes.

           “Do they do that every time they see each other?” (y.b.f.n.1) asks.

           “Every time. Just a different accent for the day.” (y.b.n) replies.

           “They’re gonna run out of accents eventually. And then they’ll have to greet each other like normal people.” (y.b.f.n.2) adds.

           “I think it’s kind cute. I mean the fact that they’re that dedicated to greeting each other with a different accent each time, I don’t know, it adds some mystery to their friendship.” You hear (y.c.n) say coolly.

           “Cute? If anything, I think it’s kind of childish, but sure, cute, we’ll go with that.” (Y.b.f.n.3)

           Noticing you about to basically faint, (y.f.n) grabs your hand and pulls you into your bedroom.

           “He thought it was cute?!?!” You say trying to catch your breath.

           “I heard him. And I agree, it does add mystery I always love finding out what accent I’m going to hear when the door opens.” (y.f.n) says enthusiastically.

           “Me too. I mean I love hanging out with you, but it’s the initial greeting that I really look forward to. This is why we’re friends, we’re one in the same. Alright, movie time. What shall we watch my dear?” You ask, resuming your accent.

           “Why love, whatever seems most fitting of such proper ladies, as ourselves.” She says lifting her head to the ceiling in the poshest manner she could manage.

           After searching Netflix for 10 minutes you decide to watch Titanic. It was a movie you watched practically anytime you had a sleepover with (y.f.n), it was a tradition you loved.

           “Do you trust me?” Jack says.

           “I trust you,” (y.f.n) says in unison with Rose.

           As they share their first kiss on the screen, (y.f.n) whispers, “Gosh, I wish I could have a moment like that. I mean sure they’re from different social classes, but like, love is love ya know? I would give anything for a story like theirs.”

           “The horrible, icy water death too?” You ask with a smirk.

           Throwing a pillow across the bed at you, (y.f.n) laughs, “No, not with the dying, just all the stuff leading up to it, dingus.”

           “What do you say we pause this a get food?” You ask her, chuckling.

           Rolling over, and sighing dramatically, she replies, “But standing is so hard. How about you get the snacks and I can just continue to lay here?”

           “You’re so lazy, but fine, what do you want?”

           “Surprise me.” She says lying face down in the bed.

           You can’t help but smile, as you make your way down the stairs. The guys seem to have retreated to (y.b.n)’s bedroom. So, you walk into the kitchen humming “My Heart Will Go On”, and search the cabinets for a suitable snack. Deciding nothing looks all that good, you decide to order a pizza. Rummaging through a kitchen draw you find the number for the local pizza place down the street. Dialing the number quickly, you stand wait for them to answer. As the phone rings, you here (y.b.n)’s room door open, and (y.c.n) say,

           “I’m just gonna get something to drink I’ll be right back.”

           You’re like a deer caught in head lights as you realize that (y.c.n) is coming to the same room you’re in, so much so, you don’t notice the voice on the other end of the phone saying,

           “Hello? Hello?”

           “Oh yeah, can I get a large pepperoni pizza, and a side of breadsticks…yeah…uh hmmm…yes sir…alrighty, thanks so much.” As you hang up, you turn to walk away, and walk right into (y.c.n). It catches you off guard and you squeal, whilst losing your balance.

           “Oh hey, sorry didn’t mean to scare you, just getting a drink.” He says, grabbing your waist to help regain balance.

           Trying your hardest not the blush, you shyly respond, “No it’s my fault, I should have been watching where I was going.”

           “Ordering a pizza for you and your friend?”

           “Yeah, we needed a snack, and quite frankly there’s nothing I really wanted here. Sooo yeah…”

           “Makes sense.” (y.c.n) says with a slow nod.

           You want to respond, but you’re not sure what else is left to say. It’s at this moment that you realize his hands are still on your waist, making it extremely hard for you to concentrate. A silence takes over, but it’s not awkward. You look up into (y.c.n)’s eyes, and notice he’s looking down at you, and glancing at your lips ever so slightly.

           Could he want to kiss me? It’s not possible. He’s your brother’s friend, he wouldn’t, would he? Gosh I sure hope he would. Maybe I should give him a few signs that would let him know I want to kiss him too?

           As these thoughts flood your mind, (y.c.n) has inched closer, but still hasn’t kissed you. Finally, unable to take the suspense, you whisper,

           “Are you gonna kiss me or not?”

           With a smile, he closes the distance between you and your lips meet. You’re not sure how long you stand in the kitchen like this; pressed together, lips to lips, chest to chest. It’s as if you exist in a realm consisting of just the two of you. Suddenly you’re pulled from this world by a knock on the door.

           Dang it pizza man. You couldn’t wait like 2 more minutes. Ugggggh. You think to yourself as you giggle and pull away from (y.c.n) embrace to answer the door.

           “Your total is $14.85.” The delivery girl says, between pops of her bubble gum. She has thick black hair, with purple streaks running through it. It’s a cute look, not your style, but it suits her.

           “Umm yeah, here’s $20, keep the change.” You say trying to get back to the kitchen with (y.c.n) as quickly as possible.

           “Thanks, have a good one.” She says with a half-smile.

           Walking slowly back into the kitchen you find (y.c.n), leaning against the counter smiling at you.

           “Would it be okay if I asked you out?” He says with a shy smile.

           “Well that depends are you asking me out?” You reply, raising an eyebrow.

           “Uhh. Yes, I believe I am.”

           “In that case, yes, I would love to go out with you.”

           A look of relief washes over his face, and you walk towards him, wrapping your arms around his waist, placing a feather-light kiss on his cheek,

           “I’m glad I was in the kitchen when you came to get a drink.” You whisper

           Before he can comment, you start to walk away, but it seems he’s not letting you leave that fast. He grabs your hand pulling you back in, for one final kiss, this one somehow more cosmic than the last, practically taking your breath away.

           “I’ll call you,” he says with a wink, and walks to the stairwell.

           You stand in the kitchen trying to catch your breath, at the same time trying to suppress the biggest grin known to man. Waiting until you hear the bedroom door close, you grab the pizza and breadsticks and sprint back up the stairs.

           “About time, I was starting to think you had fallen down the stairs and broken your nec—what are you grinning about?” (y.f.n) says, sitting up on the bed.

           “(y.c.n) kissed me. Or maybe I kissed him. We kissed each other.” You whisper, still feeling warm and tingly where his hands had been only moments before.

           “YOU WHAT?!”

           “Shhhhhhh- their gonna hear you.”

           “Sorry, it’s just a bit shocking. Was he a good kisser?”

           Still feeling dazed, you reply, “Yeah. Like a really good kisser. It felt like one of those movie moments. And he asked me out.”

           “Oh! My! Gosh!!! I’m so jealous. Ok give me every detail, start to finish.” (y.f.n) says pulling you onto the bed. Opening the pizza box, you retell the events that had just occurred to your best friend. Not leaving out a single detail, partly to entertain your friend, but also because as you retold this exciting moment, you were trying to etch every second of it into your brain to be kept there forever.