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  1. what I think realistically: I think the reason his hair is white but not his eyebrows is because there is a small 1 inch radius around his lyrium that turns his hair white and he has lyrium all over his skull.
  2. what I think is fucking hilarious: Since we see him define Elven words and swear in it, I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch for him to be fluent in Elvhen - where he learned it, I have no idea, ???? but it would absolutely be wonderful for him and Merrill to have a friendship that consists entirely of them arguing and insulting each other in Elvhen, ranging from serious philosophical arguments like “is the story of Ghilan’nain a metaphor for Tevinter’s destruction of Arlathan” to, and more commonly, “do olives belong on pizza”
  3. what is heart crushing and awful: ….i have a lot of headcanons but for this I will simply say that I think the reason the lyrium experiment worked on him and didn’t kill him was partially due to the fact that Fenris wasn’t fully grown when it happened :)
  4. what would never work with canon but i do what i want: he and anders and merrill are friends and are all polite, because they all live in my hawke’s house

I’m deceased. This is a must-watch and the comments are all great

This is me screaming into the void about my giant crush on @pan-pizza  His persona reminds me of a panda that slaughtered an Umbreon and I kinda love that.

Decided to draw his character Molly Denny Here she is as a full blown bunny.  Because bunny.  Hope he likes it!

home is where the pizza is

AU: “i made my special request for my pizza for them to send their cutest delivery person & here you are and wow did they get that right.”
Nico is fairly certain that Piper is trying to ruin his life. Or his pizza. Same thing.

“You’re pretty.”

Nico blinked back in surprise, the loose bills in his hand crackling under his tightening hand. “I, uh…what?”

The pizza guy only grinned wider. “You’re pretty.” He repeated.

“Um. I, uh…thanks?” Nico could vaguely hear Piper’s high laugh from the living room and he didn’t know how, and he didn’t know why, but Nico could only swear on one thing at that moment, and that was that this was all her fault.

And, he could also swear that this was probably the reddest he’s ever been. Counting the beach incident last summer.

Nico had to resist from the shiver that came from the memory. That hurt.

The pizza guy grinned, bringing back Nico’s attention, and held out the pizza box. “And you’ve got nice eyes.” He added on, somehow looking earnest and cocky at the same time. Nico didn’t know that was possible, but Pizza boy seemed to be making it work.

“Thanks.” Nico repeated, his neck still burning bright, and he hoped his voice wasn’t as weak as it sounded to his ears.

This whole situation wasn’t helped by the fact their usual pimply high schooler was replaced by a tall, blond, and handsome.

Nico wanted to retreat back into his warm fort in the living room, knowing at least his blanket burrito would never betray him. He could almost see Piper peeking around the corner, Jason probably at her feet, Reyna towering over them all. They were watching him, he was sure of it, and he was even more sure of the fact they were laughing at him.

The guy seemed to finally take pity on Nico as he passed the pizza over. “Special instructions.” He grinned, tapping the receipt taped to the top of the box. Nico turned the box, along with his head to the side, to better read the paper.

Send your cutest delivery boy & tell me I’m pretty. Also, a compliment would be nice.

Nico stared at the words for a long moment, glancing back up the boy. “I didn’t write that.” He felt the need to clarify, “It was uh, -” He pointed over his shoulder, where laughter was now helpfully erupting behind him. “One of them. Piper, probably, because I refused to let her get pineapple on the pizza.”

“That’s just a travesty, pineapple on pizza.” The pizza man agreed, leaning against the wall, seeming satisfied with the whole situation.  

“Extra pepperoni and banana peppers are the only way to go.” Nico answered without thinking. It was true. He and Jason had done a very thorough investigation senior year of high school, and that was the very godly combination they finally settled on after several trial runs.

He and Jason were serious about their pizza, okay? And they weren’t going to let Piper run their months of science for the disgraced topping of pineapple.  

Pizza boy clenched at his chest at that, “A man after my own heart.” He grinned.

“Here’s, um, here.” Nico held out the bills, “Keep the change.”

The pizza boy took the money, still grinning that stupid smile. He adjusted the company hat on his head, his blond curls crazy and frizzy under the cap, and let his hand fall to the back of his neck. “Thanks…” He glanced at the receipt. “Jason?”

Nico sighed at the laughter behind him. They were probably at the window, listening to the entire interaction with glee. “It’s Nico.” He corrected him, “Jason’s the idiot who let us use his account rewards.”

Pizza boy nodded, “Cool. I’m Will.” He gave Nico a small salute, “Pizza boy extraordinaire. Also, the cutest delivery boy on site at the Main Street location, apparently.”

“Really? The cutest?” Nico grinned at that, always one for teasing.

“There was a vote.” He informed Nico like it was a secret, “Cecil took the loss pretty hard.”

“I would imagine. The cutest delivery boy, that’s a hard title to carry.”

“It has its setbacks.” Will nodded in agreement, “Fighting off the proposals, for one.”

“Really?” Nico raised his eyebrows at that, an amused expression taking place. “You’re just fighting off suitors, is that it?”

“Exactly.” He nodded, looking dramatically relieved. “I’m so glad you understand.”

Nico scoffed out a laugh, turning his face to hide his widening grin. He could still hear the others gathered behind him, he noticed, their low laughter and whispers not nearly as quiet as they probably thought.

“Well.” Nico turned his head back to the other boy, his grin now under control, although his face was still flushed a pleasant pink. “Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to deliver this and…for following your instructions.” Nico wanted to pound his head on the side of the doorway by the time he was finished, his awkward voice trailing off. Will didn’t seem to notice, only pocketing Nico’s payment and biting his lip. Usually, Nico would classify lip-biting as an unsure movement, one that he employed on himself often, but with Will it looked completely different on his smirking face. It was his confidence, Nico thought, and his over-cocky manner.

“Anytime.” Will told him easily, probably having no idea how much he was affecting Nico. He turned, one hand tucked away into his pocket, and with the movement Nico could guarantee that he was Absolutely Not instantly drawn to the hand’s destination, the back pocket where it was nicely tucked so it pulled at the already tight fabric –

And Nico’s gaze instantly snapped back up as Will paused, only a few feet from the doorway, and turned back to Nico. He eyed Nico standing there, still holding the warm pizza box with his equally as warm cheeks, and gave Nico just a bright smile, Nico had to blink back in surprise.

“Just cause they were instructions doesn’t mean they weren’t true.” He winked, “Check the back of your receipt if you’re interested.” With that, Will was bouncing down the steps, heading back to the street.

Surprised, Nico flipped over the paper and was even more surprised to see a number scrawled there in thick black marker. Nico vaguely wondered when Will would have even written his number there, but settled for numbly waving back as Will got back into his car, appropriately advertising the pizza company, and drove off. He waved at Nico as he left, and Nico was left holding a quickly cooling pizza and a small slip of paper.

Nico stood in the doorway for another moment, blinking back surprise. He turned, his annoying friend’s laughter still echoing through the hallway, and already began plotting on how to get Piper back.

Right after he pocketed the receipt, of course.

Special Requests (Peter Parker AU)

A/N: yES HONEY pizza delivery boy!peter is the best i love him and also Y/A is your address so ya ok (warning: crappy ending)

It has been a week since you ordered a pizza from Stark’s Pizza Shop and Peter wanted to see you again. 

Peter was getting bored of the pizza deliveries he’s done. Get the right address, take the money, then go back to the pizza shop. The customers never put something at least a little interesting in the special requests bar, nothing like giving him the opportunity to go slightly insane on the pizza. 

“Missing your Cute Boy Requester, Parker?” Sam teased him one Tuesday afternoon as he put a pizza box in Steve’s bag. Peter made a mistake of telling Sam and Bucky, the gossip queens they secretly were, what happened that night. He told Sam and Bucky about how you admitted that he didn’t get your request wrong and just how gorgeous you were. 

He was glad that he shut up the moment he realized he was talking too much, much to Sam and Bucky’s disappointment.

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Some early Steven Universe episode concepts (straight from the art book)

-Time Tuner Episode: Steven uses a magical object to deliver a great comeback, basically the pilot

-Priyanka Episode: Steven has a crush on a girl and the Gems help him get her. A fight happens and the Gems use it to make Steven look cool

-Baby Episode: A mysterious biker man jumps into a battle saving the gems. He wants to be a magical girl too ( yes I’m dead ass)

-Pizza Man Episode: Pearl crushes on the pizza man and goes on a date with him overlooking the city. She ends up using his car to fight evil

-Sadie Possessed: Sadie discovers a magic item that Steven dropped and turns into “The Vision"™. She awakens and has a beautiful voice (sorry this one was hard to read)

-Laptop Episode: "Steven is caught up in legistical bs” and Amethyst thinks he should calm down. He gets a new computer and ends up smashing it to defeat the monster?

-Stevens Awakening: Steven awakens new powers while on a mission.

anyone who says weight loss is as simple as ‘eating less’ has never had a significant amount of weight to lose

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holy heck basically i have the biggest crush on this girl and i asked her if she wanted to go get some pizza (as friends rip she knows i have a massive crush on her) and we've been talking a bit and i feel awful and predatory and it feels a bit weird but shes so nice and i think she does want to be friend holy moly and anyway she has exams soon so she was like ahh bro would it be okay if we went after exams and i am really really looking forward to getting to know her (pizza anon)

(pizza anon 2) basically she’s the literal sweetest and i know i need to get over her but i legit can’t so maybe getting to know her will help me get over her but i’ve liked her since july and it’s been ages but i really really hope i get over her soon idk mate ???? but it will be really nice to get to know her because she seems really really sweet !!!! sorry this was such a ramble and a brain dump but ive got to talk to someone about it u know !!!! :)

it’s pizza anon again (i sent an ask ages ago aha) !! basically i went on a camp w my crush and it was LOVELY oh my lord !! on the last night we sat around a fire and basically normally the seniors interact with the seniors only and we’re both seniors but there were no others sitting near us so we just chatted for half an hour and i was so happy it was so nice !! she was also kind to me when i was upset (i walked into a tree whilst shouting “im fine”) and i just feel more for her than ever ahhh



Omg I am so sorry that I haven’t respond to your messages earlier - but now I am!! (And thanks so much for continuing to send me asks, it means so much!)

And wow, they are so sweet, what a rollercoaster!

You’re always welcome to come talk to me about your crushes (I just might not respond in time because i literally have 95 asks right now), I love hearing your stories!! And writing it down helps a lot, I know that :))

I’m gonna address some things you mentioned:
- feeling that you’re predatory: This is so common and I know it feels awful but I PROMISE YOU that you aren’t being predatory (as long as you respect other people’s boundaries and consent and stuff but I’m 100% sure you do that :)). This feeling comes from horrible stereotypes that are so not true but make interacting with girls while being attracted to them so much harder. But you aren’t predatory, remember that. You are wonderful, your love for other women is amazing, and you crushing on them is fantastic.

- The thing is, it’s so hard to know whether someone likes you or is just being friendly (especially among girls). So honestly, I wouldn’t have known what advice to give you back when you sent me your first ask (the second part). You decide for yourself what you think is best for you. But yay! Getting to know her better seemed to be a great choice since you’re having so much fun together :)

- I can’t tell you whether she likes you or not but it’s cool to see that you’re such good friends! - But you won’t mess it up, I’m sure!! Respect, communication, and honesty are keys. You got this :)

I wish you the very best and good luck!!

Send me your crush stories!
Pizza Crush

Nathanael had known Chloe for years and has put up with her selfish & stubborn personality before and even if she started to change for the better over the course of a week.

This is getting ridiculous

“Chloe, our grades are depending on this project”

“I don’t understand why you won’t come with me to make a petition for a new menu” The tanned teen scoffed

“For goodness sake, it’s pizza, How in the world is it vile and disgusting ?!!?!”

Chloe released an aggravated screech as she fumed at the red head in front of her

“It’s messy and greasy, the chances of slathering on my brand new shirt is high and I don’t want to get another one”

“Chloe, you’ve worn that shirt countless times, it’s not classified as new”

“Stop changing the subject !!”

The two bickering students was assigned as partners for their economics project which is to make one (edible) pizza.
The two of course weren’t pleased with the partnership but when their teacher threatened them for cooperation they had no choice.

Nathanael took one more glare at Chloe before sending a brief glance at Marinette’s table.

The pretty little aspiring fashion designer was assigned to be Adrien’s partner and Marianette was nothing short but delighted.

A snort then snapped him out from his internal musing and he turned to the scowling Chloe.

“It’s pitiable that you could still stand that girl” Chloe said haughtily making Nathanael seethe

“Are you sure it isn’t jealousy talking?? Cause her and Adrien seem awfully chummy this days”

Chloe sent him a withering glare but a faint blush on her face was more than enough proof to prove his point.

Growling she made a move to chuck the can of tomato paste at his head when an idea formed in head

Sending her a smug smirk that was uncharacteristic of him (Chloe always brought out the feisty and sly side of him) he lent closer to her side of the table

“I bet you Adrien loves pizza” he whispered slowly

Chloe looked unimpressed

“Ha, was that you’re best jab” she laughed sarcastically

He placed his chin on his hand as he made himself comfortable on his seat

“Marinette is obviously gonna win him over with food, heaven knows how starved Adrien is becoming this days”

Chloe froze in her spot


“I didn’t peg you for the type that get outdone, Bourgeois” he slyly grinned and his trap was complete

In a matter of seconds Chloe whipped out the ingredients in the rack and was harshly kneading the dough.

Sending Nath an urgent look, she ushered him to start on the sauce.

“Hurry up!! We only have 40 minutes left”

Mentally congratulating himself for successfully manipulating Chloe (again) he set out to work.

40 minutes passed over their heads and after numerous attempts, the two managed to come up with an edible looking pizza

“I’m glad the crust didn’t turn into charcoal” Nathanael muttered quietly as he hauled the Pizza out of the oven, He took a knife and carefully cut it into 6 slices.

He sent a glance at Chloe’s direction but the blonde seemed dazed and out of it.

Setting down the plate he went over to his partner.

“We better start cleaning the dishes, The teacher wouldn’t want a messy workplace”

He explained sternly, already anticipating Chloe’s outraged yells of protest but she obediently stood up and took the dirty dishes of the table, and almost mechanically, she set out to lather them with soap.

Confused and slightly concerned for his classmate’s bizzare attitude he approached her slowly and with caution.

“Chloe??” He called out which made him receive a short glance from the blonde

“Is anything wrong??” He tried again

She ignored him

“Did you really don’t want to make it this much”

Chloe let out a snort.

She regarded him with one of her confident smirks and tipped her chin up.

“What, are you worried??” She laughed
He became red in the face and sent her a glare

“Whatever, I was just going to ask you if you want to deliver a slice to Agreste right now”

Chloe blinked at him slowly before shaking her head.

“Wait let me get a bite first” Chloe straightened up as she wiped the foam on a dish cloth

She slowly approached the table with measured steps and looked at the Pizza as if it could bite her at any moment.

Finally she reached the table and numbly reached for one cheesy slice.
Raising it up to eye level, she inspected it curiously for a good second before hesitantly taking a small bite.

Chewing slowly, her eyes lit up as she tasted the treat.
Taking another bite but this time bigger she chewed on it slowly, savoring the slice as her tanned cheeks soon dusted with a blush.
Finishing up the last bite, she quickly grabbed another even without Nathanael’s consent.

She ate the second one hurriedly and Nath saw tears well up in her eyes.

Unnerved by the blonde’s emotional response to her first pizza, he went to stand behind her.

“That good?? ” he asked curiously making the blue eyed teen jump slightly.

“Shut up” She hissed in defense as she quickly averted her face from his view, but it was too late because the aspiring artist caught sight of the big fat tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Chloe??” Nathanel asked, obviously surprised by her tears.

She ignored him as she took another large bite before proceeding to stuff her face with the slice.

On another day, Nathanael would have found it hilarious to see his ever so arrogant classmate make a slob of herself but right now he can’t find it in himself to make fun of her, not when Chloe let out a muffled sob after finishing her 2nd slice.

The tanned girl covered her face with her hands and turned away from their other classmates view, giving Nath a chance to see her tear stained face.

He horrifyingly found it incredibly adorable.

Sending her a concerned look, Nath approached Chloe again as she continued to sob quietly.

“Um” he began but he soon realized he had no idea to console a crying Chloe so he just stood awkwardly at her side as he waited for her to come down.

“-food” she uttered a small mumble,
Nath tilted his head.

“I beg your pardon” he repeated, half thinking that there is NO way, the ever so prideful Chloe would open up to him but she was just full of surprises today.

“It was her favorite food” Chloe started as she let go of her face making Nathanael weirdly uncomfortable at the sight of her teary face.

He still denies that he finds it the cutest thing he has ever seen.

“My mom,” she started shakily,

“She used to love it when me and daddy bring her a box” she said quietly

“Well before she decided to abandon us for another man” she added emotionlessly

Nathanael then decided it was becoming a little too personal and raised his hand.

“Why don’t you let Mayor Bourgeois try a slice?? I’m sure he would adore anything you make”

Chloe let out another snort and almost made an attempt to add another compliment to herself when she noticed the nervous twinge in the green-eyed artist’s eyes.

Quickly composing herself, she fixed her hair and blinked out the tears from her eyes, She looked as if she didn’t cry a bit (except from the slightly redness from her eyes)

Humming softly, she gave him one of her (really) rare genuine smiles and laughed

“Then I’ll take a slice for daddy and another for Adrien!!!” She warned before sending him a cheeky grin.

Depositing the 2 slices to a clear container, she skipped off but only after she sent Nathanael a soft thank you that is accompanied by a soft and genuine smile.

She turned her head and waved over to where Adrien was, not knowing the damage she caused to Nathanael’s head.

He refuses to find her smiles and teary eyes better than any Muse out there.
And that maybe (just maybe) he started having a crush on her after that.


Decided for a fluff one this time,
When I read Chloe dislikes Pizza, I immediately thought of Nath giving her a slice 😀😀😀😀.

Thank you for the likes

  • Me: oh yeah I'm totally over them
  • Me: *sees vague reminder of their existence*
  • Me: well fuck