pizza clothes


I didn’t expect people to like this random thing lol the last one had like over 100 notes I’m so happy 😂
Here’s more patd lockscreen if anyone want to use it feel free as always just don’t claim as yours 😊

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Comfy Pajamas and Good Company

Requested by @spideytrxsh

“We live next door to each other and I can see you through the window while you’re dancing to your iPod in your flannel pajamas and disheveled hair and God you’re a dork”

Word count: about 1000 words

A/N: Almost didn’t post lol. I like this one and it is the longest drabble I’ve written in a bit. But have some fluffy Neighbor!Bucky fic

You sighed as you took your hair out of the up do you had it in for the day, kicking your shoes off, tossing them somewhere that you were sure you would find tomorrow.

You had an insanely long day at work and right now, you needed comfy pajamas, some food and good music.

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So why wasn’t I informed that the one of the newest drama CDs had an entire track dedicated to Tsuyuki?

Aakjd so I finally got my copies of the two CDs and oh boy… there’s a lot to talk about, but MAN, I WASN’T EXPECTING THAT TRACK. I actually had no idea Ishikawa Kaito was part of the cast for the CD so that was the first surprise.
And it’s been a while since we had a serious track in the Dramas… it’s usually pure goofiness xd When the flashback started I was sent to heavens, I swear.

And the final of the track… it made me incredible happy to know about Tsuyuki spending time with his mother. And the fact that Mikuni dragged him out of work so he could be with his mom on Mother’s Day. Aaaaagafsd Kuni senpai why u do this precious things for Tsuyuki? <’3333 (and still look extremely suspicious and obnoxiois ww)

they included that one 4koma about Mikuni asking Tsuyuki to bring him pizza wearing girl’s clothes and www ah, the comeback


I don’t know about you guys but I’m like, really attracted to the idea of moving to a quaint small town, the type where everyone’s friendly and knows each other and that has a bustling village square with a bunch of picturesque niche stores and shoppes in it, and opening up a weird all-purpose place of my own that no one can really define. Is it an antique shop? A book store? A pawn shop? A café? A mystic or occult shop? A foster home for rabbits and cats? A pizza place? A clothing store? An art store? No one is quite sure and everyone’s a little afraid to enter my store to find out, so I gain a reputation as the Town Oddball, the Village Witch, and there’s rumors about me doing supernatural things, but the town clearly isn’t cursed and I organize a bunch of fun community events and send baked goods to anyone if I hear they’re having a rough time with something, so while they’re a little concerned they view it more as a good thing, like ‘oh yes, come to our town!!! This is our local Enchantress she runs ghost tours around the village every Halloween season and she nurses animals back to health and her brownies are to die for, we love her!’ And then I start showing movies in the back room (outside with a projector if weather permits) so kids are always in my shop and it just becomes the It Place of the little town and while I still come off as confusing and mildly aloof to people there’s an overall pleasantness at all times. Like this is absolutely my ideal future. And then I’ll probably end up helping a group of teenagers on a magic quest-

natasha is cursive on cold white paper, soft hands resting on thighs, clean sheets of snow, clothing hanging outside, gentle laughter between friends, fancy mirrors hanging in long hallways, rings on dainty hands, handwritten journals neatly tucked away, private libraries with tall open windows, snowy hills, that first cold breath of snow and winter

sonya is fiddling with your hands, candles lighting an empty house, long braids pinned up in various ways, the faint smell of apples and cinnamon drifting upstairs, fireplaces being lit during the depths of winter, running fingers over stone and brick, books piling up on beds, worn lounging sofas

marya is classical music being blasted at 2 am, waking up extremely early to catch the sun rising, red lipstick being left on coffee mugs, shoes lined up in the closet, comfy sweaters, wild friday nights, black faux fur with white gloves, long car trips narrated by a favorite book, spending sunday cleaning the house

anatole is wild partying on saturday nights, best friends collecting around a table, long couches with more than three seats, rings on every surface in the house from drinks, shining shoes, sleeping in until 2 pm, glueing your fingers together and peeling it off afterwards, playing an instrument with all the windows opan

hélène is sleeping on your stomach, plain white sheets and subtle green pillows, window seats on a hot summer day, small banter at the bar, waking up in the bathtub after a wild night, messy rooms and unmade beds, a small one bedroom apartment in the city, lots of pearls laying out over a dresser

dolokhov is quiet in the house on a tuesday night, the stars being hidden by a stormy night, a flash of lightning, organised closets with belts hanging out of every drawer, an outfit being laid out the night before, eating soup when you’re sick, rolling up socks on a chilly day, dipping a peanut butter sandwich into some chicken noodle soup

mary is overalls and striped t-shirts, random sayings on old shirts, macaroni and cheese all by yourself, tall socks, wearing lots of buttons, packing your lunch the night before, losing yourself in the rain, tall thoughts in the shower, wool comforters at the foot of a bed, leaving a door open so animals can come and go

prince bolkonsky is aggressive advertisement along busy highways, read plants sitting along a windowsill, long forgotten memories, long coats in winter, gray walls in a gloomy house, vintage chairs with tall backs, accidentally torn pants hanging around the house, sitting in an armchair at ungodly hours

balaga is ordering room service without shame, forgetting your cellphone everywhere you go, failing to cook and ordering pizza instead, clothes hanging on the balcony, speeding down an open road, warm boots on a cold winter night, headlights in the distance, sitting in a drive through with all your friends

andrei is not understanding a lesson in class, being dropped off at your house after spending the night elsewhere, blankets hanging on chairs, randomly hanging pictures around the house, owning tons of jewelry but never wearing any of it, naming your plants, doing research and getting stuck in a wikipedia hole, writer’s block on a rainy day

pierre is long nights spent awake, opening the window during the winter, sitting in an armchair and staring at the wall, limbs falling asleep, a numb nose during a winter storm, long faux fur coats, scrolling through twitter, closing the curtains after a long day, watching the clock at the end of the day

the great comet is myself, natasha, sonya, marya, anatole, hélène, dolokhov, mary, bolkonsky, balaga, andrei, pierre, a longing desire, a lost soul, wishful thinking, the end of the world.