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HCs of a typical night in for them?

-They argue about what to eat (Clarke always ends up ordering Pizza)

-Ritual chess game. Lexa wins 8/10 times. (The other 2 are when Clarke flashes cleavage)

-Lexa tries to be nice and let Clarke pick what to watch but Clarke sees the way Lexa’s face lights up when she browses past a WWII documentary on netflix so guess what? That’s what they watch

-Clarke getting bored and very handsy and starts kissing Lexa like there’s no tomorrow. 

-The documentary is loooooooong forgotten in favor of sex

Still Breathing

You felt someone, right beside you.

At this point, it didn’t even matter who it was. You desperately tried to lift your arm but it never budged, your body seemed to just stop complying with your head. The person to your right gently laid a few fingers on your wrist.

You were alive, right? You had to be, thoughts still flooded your head, pain still shot through you like an electrical currant, you couldn’t move, your body completely exhausted.

“Stay with me Y/N!!” A man said, their voice so familiar but you couldn’t quite pin point it.

“Hotch, I need a medic down here!” A ting of urgentness now in the air.

Not him, he was the one in a suit, black hair and glasses.

“Get Spencer out!” The man demanded.

That was it! It was Derek. A wave of relief coursed through you, finally. However reality sunk that feeling fast enough, if it was Derek that meant you had become the victim of that sick killer.

“V-fib!” It was all background noise now.

Your heart pumped with panic as tears made their way out of your closed eyes.

“Where is she!?!” Teared through the silence.

“Reid, calm down!”


At the sound of his name memories worked their way past the fear, good memories.

When you first met him, your first I love you, late nights, pizza Thursday, all the chess games, every minute of your life with him, everything you’d built in the last 2 years for nothing…

That was when you decided that giving up was never an option. That you weren’t put in this universe to give up. Spencer deserved someone better then that. 

And at the every worst you were going to see him one last time.


July Progress Post!

Things have picked up pretty rapidly and I am (raspberry) JAM-PACKED with projects at the moment! So instead of just sobbing in front of my computer, I thought I’d put together an early progress post!

- Snippet of a super rough color sketch for a Super Mario 2 print I’m doing for Hero Complex gallery. I’ve been studying Raku-fired pottery and traditional matsu patterns. Plus reading up on all of the different styles of ramen!

- Thumbnails for the splash screen I’m doing for the Dream Arcade project! Probably gonna do it more as a pattern than an illustration, but I had fun playing around with perspective and looking at Adventure Time title cards and old NES title screens for inspiration.

- Trying to whip up a cover for A Midsummer Night’s Dream to accompany the previous illustrations and get that Kickstarter going as soon as possible!

- Sarah Mimo (who cut my Mistletoe Stag) and I are working on something super cool at the moment. We’ve settled on the Night-Blooming Cereus (sometimes known as the Queen of the Night cactus) as our primary motif. 

- I’m actually in two of the three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shows that I know about, so I’m gonna do some special slices of pizza!

- I have two more sketches to go along with my Kiki’s Delivery Service print that I’d like to finish eventually - eggs and bacon for Howl’s Moving Castle, nikuman for Spirited Away. I’ve gotten feedback on my Japanese and Swedish, but does anyone read/speak Welsh? Message me if so!

- Close-up of a large commission I just finished after wayyy too long. Portrait of a resident firehouse’s dog, Murphy.

- Sketch of lettering I’m doing to finish up the wedding invitation to go with the Save the Date magnets I made for my friends’s wedding!

- I’m working on my piece for the Green Zine, being put together by foxingquarterly!

- I’m also putting together a project to pitch as a Children’s book. I’d like it to be about global mythology, and at the moment I’m focusing on creation myths. I love how certain visuals crop up across the globe (the world egg, the cosmic turtle, blood, the ocean) and will hopefully be able to show how similar and beautiful they all are. 

Also on the books

- Annie Stoll and I are putting together a project called One Thousand and One Knights. It’s gonna be flipping awesome. More details to follow. 

- Secret tiny zine that I’ll be giving someone at SPX! It might be die-cut!

- Finally getting around to my Bartkira pages!

- Sketched out some bookmark designs to potentially make and sell. I wanna test it out first before showing them!

I dunno, there’s probably a lot more in there too, haha. Thanks for reading if you’ve made it this far!

How is Abbie handling this separation differently than her time in Purgatory?

“Well, she’s handling it the best way you can. There’s not a lot of answers. There’s just a profound loneliness, and a need to look inside herself. I’m not that familiar with the psychology of the writers’ room when they put together the Purgatory version of being separated. I know this one was, to some extent, much more threatening because of the isolation, the loneliness. Being where she’s at, there’s a sensory overload in absolute isolation. I think she starts to question what’s real at all. It doesn’t end with where she’s at; it reframes our own perceptions of time and space and reality. I don’t want to be that vague, but I have to be that vague in order for the audience to enjoy what we’re about to show everybody.” (via TV Insider)