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I GUESS I COULD POST THIS TODAY i actually started drawing these months ago just for fun and im not really planning on using them on rockys blog so hey why not. redraws of rockys ancient 2 year old reaction images (i picked my personal favorites) \o/

p.s: please dont tag this guy with lorax related tags i am begging you he has nothing to do with that stuff anymore and ive been trying to separate him from it for almost two years now


TRIPLE COLLAB WITH SKULLY AND HIME!!! bad kids in formalwear edition

all the pictures are captioned if you click them so you know who did what but in case you cant read them for some reason:

jericho: skullys sketch, himes lineart, my colors
emm: himes sketch, my lineart, skullys colors
notstar: my sketch, skullys lineart, himes colors

ive been trying to keep it cool this whole time but the truth is im very
o|———-< about being able to work on these with hime and skully goshdiddlydang…………………this was so much fun and i cant get enough of their art or these three kids and im hoping we can do something like this again someday maybe :’)