pizza cain

anticlimaxman  asked:

What would the batfam's reaction be to pineapple pizza?

Bruce: finds it repulsing but would at least try it

Dick: this dude has probably eaten every seemingly disgusting food combination on the planet (and some on other worlds) just for the hell of it, so I don’t think he would mind it

Jason: loves it, especially with ham or pepperoni 

Tim: doesn’t realise what he’s eating most of the time, so probably doesn’t have a strong opinion either way

Damian: has a very strong opinion that it is a crime to have such a combination (will fight those who say otherwise)

Cass: isn’t a very picky eater, so she will eat it if need be, but it’s not her first pick

Steph: one of the few things she and Damian agree on, she will plainly judge Jason when he eats it in front of her

Duke: used to not like it (the concept sounds pretty gross) but Jason introduced him to it and now they’re pineapple pizza buddies

Things I’ve Heard The Waynes (and co.) Say

Bruce (over the phone): No, Damian, just - [sighs] - yes, I understand that he touched your cat without permission, but that doesn’t mean you can strangle him -

Tim: I only got, like, three hours of sleep last night.
Conner: Tim, that’s really not healthy -
Tim: I was just too busy to sleep, you know? I reordered everything I own according to color, then I learnt the Russian alphabet -
Conner: Tim.
Tim: - and then I started learning Russian, too, because I’d already learnt the alphabet, but I had this sudden idea for this incredible book, so I had to start writing it immediately - 
Conner: Tim.

Bruce: Hey, Tim, can you stay out of trouble for a bit? I have to quickly head out.
Tim: I guess - what’s up?
Bruce (sighs, rubs his temples): Damian tried to insult a school teacher but picked the one who also speaks Arabic.

Damian (to an office worker who accidentally stepped in his way): Had it not been for the laws of this land, I would have slaughtered you.
Tim: I didn’t know you knew that meme.
Damian: What’s a meme?

Bruce: Who ate the last donut?
Dick (muffled voice, powdered sugar all over his face): Not me

Dick: Tim, when was the last time you got a full night’s sleep?
Tim (starting to back away): Well, uh, the thing is I have a lot of stuff to do in my life, and, well -
Dick: Tim, you aren’t answering the question.
Tim (backing away faster): No, but I’ve got it all worked out, see, and I know how much sleep I should be getting, and I have this sleep schedule worked out for when I need to sleep -
Dick: Tim, answer the question.
Tim: [turns and runs]

Cass: Have you seen Damian?
Tim: Uh, no, but I don’t, like, keep track of him or anything. Why?
Cass: He ate the last piece of pizza this morning, so I have to kill him.
Damian (muffled, from somewhere nearby): That was my pizza, Cain!