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Your Skimmons prompt was so adorable! I loved it! Might I suggest another: Skimmons + 13. stroking hair

Jemma heard the hiss as she passed the open bathroom door, and had no trouble recognizing it. Because of that, she stopped and poked her head through the door.

Evidently still wary, Daisy immediately looked over and immediately relaxed. She was still rosy from a shower, dressed for the day, but her hair lay in tangles down past her shoulders. Wet like that, it was even longer. She really was committed to growing it out, Jemma saw.

“I’m fine,” she said, though Jemma hadn’t said a word. She shook her comb in Jemma’s direction. “Don’t give me that look.”

“Was there a look? I have no ‘look’ on my face.”

“Uh-huh.” Daisy snorted. “Worrywart.”

But she grimaced and hissed out another pained breath as she pulled the comb through her hair. Jemma only needed a brief glance to diagnose that the bullet wound in her shoulder was paining her again. Her left hand remained at her side, useless and purple as a result of her quaking a few Hydra agents. She’d done to it save Jemma’s life, but it still sent a quiet pang of hurt through Jemma that she’d had to do that.

Bringing that up would only lead to an argument, so Jemma put false cheer in her voice. “Why don’t I do that?”

“Do what?”

“I can comb your hair for you.”

“I’ve got it.”

“It’ll go much faster if I do it, though.” Jemma plucked the comb from her hand and jerked her head for Daisy to follow her. Their temporary base had tiny bathrooms (one of the myriad problems, but certainly not as bad as the faint, pervasive odor of day-old fish), so she led the way out to the little lounge area that the woman’s floor afforded. God, it was like living in the SHIELD dorms again.

Daisy settled on the couch, holding her posture stiffly as Jemma gathered up the tangled waves of hair and pulled them off of her neck. “I really can brush my own hair,” she said.

“I know that. But it’s nice to be pampered a little on occasion. I know that much.” Plus, she liked Daisy’s hair. It wasn’t as thick as hers, but whatever shampoo Daisy used kept it silky soft. Jemma did her best to keep the tangles under control as she pulled the comb through it. She was positive she was only half-successful, but Daisy the stoic didn’t even flinch. “I can braid it, too, if you like.”

“That little fishtail thingie you do?” Daisy asked. “It always looks so cute and I have trouble with—“ she gestured “—the fiddly bits, you know?”

“Certainly,” Jemma said, her heart lightening a little. She stroked Daisy’s hair for a second before she began to work, glad for this tiny moment of tranquility in the middle of the chaos of their lives.

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I can't help but imagine Connor wearing a beanie, no reason, but Evan hates it because it covers up his hAIR



“Co-Connor what are you  wearing?” Evan questioned. He and Connor were supposed to be having a movie date at Evan’s place. Connor even picked up the pizza. 

Connor adjusted the beanie on his head and shot his boyfriend a confused look. “Ev, it’s a beanie.” Connor laughed as he moved past him and placed the pizza box on the coffee table.

“No but like why are you wearing it?” Evan asked as he made his way over to the couch. He got situated beside Connor but his eyes never left the beanie.

“My hair is really bad today, worse than normal.” Connor sighed as he flicked through the movies on Netflix. “Why do you not like it?” Connor asked.

“It just-it covers your hair…” Evan trailed off. “I can’t run my fingers through it when you lie down.” Evan muttered. That beanie was the only thing stopping him from playing with his boyfriends hair. 

“A-Are you serious?” Connor laughed as he put on a random movie. Evan blushed and shoved Connor. “Next time I won’t wear a beanie alright?” Connor leaned in and kissed Evan’s cheek.

“Yeah that’s…Wait next time?!” 

“I mean I’m not taking it off now.” Connor laughed.

“I hate you so much.” Evan groaned.

5sos your kids bios: Michael

Sorry this took so long x hope you enjoy others coming soon x

Alex Michael Clifford

As a baby:

Alex wasn’t planned, and the only experience you and Michael had with babies was Luke’s son and some distant cousins, but you were both so excited to be having a baby. Michael was surprisingly so careful with him and although it was hard, raising a tiny baby in a small apartment, you wouldn’t swap it for the world.

As a toddler:

Alex loved being with his father, watching the world from his shoulders as fans adored over him. Him and Michael wore matching band shirts and he sang with his Daddy. He was quite happy to pose for pictures and babble to fans. He loved animals, his family and playing soccer.

As a child:

Growing up, Alex developed his own personality. He was cheeky, funny and he got in trouble a lot in school, which he hated a lot. He preferred being on tour with his Dad, it was where his friends were and he hated being away from his family.

As a teenager:

Alex is definitely a bad boy, but you and Michael try not to be so hard on him, because he has good intentions and he certainly isn’t an asshole. He is one of the popular kids, but he is still surprisingly a family man.

Birthday: September 3

Nickname: N/a

Twitter: @alexMcliff

Physical Appearance: He is fairly tall and muscular, he has blonde hair and blue/green eyes. He has a really cute smile and a floppy fringe which drives girls crazy. He looks a lot like his Dad did, and he has his ears pierced and matching music note tattoos with his girlfriend.

Interests: He likes music a lot, all kinds, he’s good at sports, but not good enough to get on the school team. He’s not the smartest, but he knows how to treat people fairly. He spends most of his spare time hanging out in the basement with his friends, and he loves going to parties and unfortunately for you, hosting them.

Style: Skater

Personality: Funny, likeable, a little bit vain, cheek, flirty and kind.

Relation with parents: He seems to respect your rules most of the time, because you respect his requests, so you get along fairly. You do argue because maybe his decisions aren’t always for the good of other people, but you teach him that sometimes, you have to put your friends and their lives first.

Relationship with siblings: Alex and Ryan are only 11 months apart, so they have literally been inseparable from birth, but they grow apart a lot in their early teens. Thankfully, they become closer though, once Alex realises that his little brother actually is cool. He is 7 years older than Lilia, and he would do anything to protect her since she was born. Even in his teens, if his little sister wanted him to, he would stay at home and play dress up with her instead of going out with his friends.

Best friends: Andrew Hemmings is a little older than him, but they are the two oldest of the bands kids. They are poles apart but they were best friends from the start. Although Alex would push Luke’s little son over in school, they were best friends on a tour bus and grew up together. Aria Hemmings and Alex are just over a month apart in age and they get each other, and it is the two of they that bunk off school the most in the group. Sienna Hood is two years younger but they have been friends since before either of them could remember. They both like the same things, and it is blandly obvious to everyone but them that they are both completely in love with each other.

Likes/Dislikes: He likes parties, indie bands, skate boarding, beanies and pizza. He dislikes when people treat other people bad, when people flirt with his sister, school and vegetables.

Strenghts/weaknesses: His biggest strength is even though he is an uber-popular bad boy, he is still so kind and although he is vain, he knows the world doesn’t revolve around him. His weaknesses he is unsuccessful in school, sometimes he can’t see the bad in people but Sienna Hood is his biggest weakness by far.

Life goals: To make a difference , to have a career other than Youtube and to prove to Calum he is a good boyfriend.

Pets: Family dogs called Alfie and Molly and a goldfish called Bob

Best/Worst Day of his life: The best day was in Disneyland quite embarrassingly, because you and Michael renewed your vows, he won a giant teddy for Lilia on the first try, everyone was having such a good day and no one got sunburned, and he finally kissed Sienna. The worst is when he got suspended and he got loads of his friends in trouble and Michael wouldn’t talk to him.

Ryan Oliver CliffordAs a baby:

Just like Alex, your second son Ryan wasn’t planned but Michael was so excited to have another baby. Ryan is the giggliest baby ever. He has all of your friends and family cooing over his cuteness. He hardly ever cries and smile when ever he sees anyone. As soon he can toddle he is trying to get fans to pick him up if you are out in public.

As a toddler:

Ryan is just like his older brother as a toddler, cheerful, cute and a mini-Michael. He loves elephants, bananas and Arctic Monkeys.He is fairly easy to take care of, and since he was literally born on the road, the tour bus is his home and he hates being away from Michael and his uncles.

As a child:

He is just as cheeky his brother and even more charming. He has had a girlfriend at age 4, his first kiss at age 5 and he is engaged by age 7. From a young age both your boys slack off on homework a lot and figure out ways to prank you and Mikey instead. Ryan is constantly begging to dye his hair (and you eventually gave in!)

As a teenager:

Surprisingly, Ryan was bullied when he started secondary school. Maybe it was because he had baby pink hair, maybe it was because of his over powering personality or maybe because he was Michael Clifford’s son, (there had been some “events” in the media at the time - although Ryan was to popular to be destroyed by his Dad’s imagine, Ryan was just the skinny looser who likes rock bands). It stops eventually, but he wasn’t that happy guy he used to be.

Birthday: August 12

Nickname: Ri-ri (Lilia and cousins)

Twitter: @ririclifford

Physical Appearance: He is really tall and skinny, he has natural dirty blonde hair, but he dyes it brown a lot, he has three tattoos (all song lyrics) he has his ears, septum and eyebrow pierced.

Interests: He really likes rock music, skateboarding and although he likes partying, he would be quite happy to stay in all night. He would prefer to go out in a small group of friends. He doesn’t like sports, or books or science. He really likes girls.

Style: Punk/skater

Personality: Funny, shy, insecure (being bullied knocked his confidence a lot) but generally happy.

Relation with parents: He had always been his Dad’s little shadow, but got really annoyed with him all the time when he was bullied, and because of what he did to you. You didn’t realise he was such a Mummy’s boy until then. Although you knew he did things with his friends that you preferred not to think about, he made up for it at home.

Relationship with siblings: Although him and Alex are really close in age, he had always been his role model, and he looked up to him from day one. They grew apart in their teens, but they would still consider themselves best friends. Ryan was so happy to have a baby sister and although he was only 6 when Lilia arrived he was so careful with her and always looked out for her. He wouldn’t dream of ever letting anyone near his baby sister.

Best friends: He was friends with Andrew Hemmings when they were little,but they never became close, Amelia Iriwn is basically is second little sister, and him and Sienna Hood have shared the same group of friends since forever, and they become really close. But it’s is Aria Hemmings who is really his best friend, they hung out when they were young, but ignored each other in secondary school until they realise that they were being stupid, and they were meant to be best friends. Maybe even more.

Likes/Dislikes: He likes music, drinking, skating, boobs, and surprisingly, Disney movies. He dislikes fruit, when people say “You’re Michael Clifford’s son”, assholes and screaming fans.

Strenghts/weaknesses: His biggest weakness is that he was so used to being complimented that he was so insecure when people started to target him and he took everything to heart, but he managed to turn his biggest weakness into his greatest strength.

Life goals: To go to as many concerts as he pleases, and to make you proud.

Pets: Family dogs called Alfie and Molly.

Best/Worst Day of his life: The worst day is when it seemed like everyone hated him and that nothing would ever get better. The Best day was the first day he bunked off school with Aria Hemmings.

Lilia Karen Clifford

As a baby:

Michael loved his sons, but he really wanted a daughter and he was over the moon when he found out you were having a girl. He was his little princess and he brought her expensive little outfits and the whole world knew not to mess with her.

As a toddler:

Lilia, just like her brothers, is a happy giggly toddlers who has the whole random obsessed over her. She really likes animals and dressing up in your clothes and her Dad’s band. Her best friend is Harry Irwin and she loved going to the beach with him and Amelia. Disney movies were the best thing in the world to her.

As a child:

Lilia was totally spoiled by Michael. She had more girly dresses and dainty pairs of shoes then she could count. She was definitely Michael’s daughter, she loves music, and every day she would come home from school covered in paint. She didn’t really care what people though of her and she was really laid back even as a child. She was really talented and so beautiful.

As a teen:

As Lilia grows up she has a hard time finding out who she wants to be. She loves beauty and fashion, but she also loves soccer and rock concerts. She’s really girly, but she loves getting messy with animals, or painting. She is really innocent and she kind of lets guys take advantage of her. She is still a Daddy’s girl, and Michael would do anything for her.She still loves watching Disney movies with her brothers and baking cookies with her mum. She may be a beautiful grown up lady, but she was definitely a child at heart.

Birthday: June 25

Nickname: Lily (everyone), Lily-pie (Family) & Lily-poo (her dad)



p>Physical Appearance: She is tall and slender like the rest of her family, and a butt that does more harm to her than good, she is pale and has long blonde (well usually) hair. She has your eyes. She has her ears and cartilage pierced and a guitar pic tattoo that you have yet to find out about.

Style: Girly/retro/punk/preppy (sometimes all at once)

Personality: Laid-back, sweet, friendly, smart, confident, really down to earth, she is very random.

Relation with parents: She has always been her Dad’s princess and hardly ever fights with him and everyone knows that Michael would go to the moon and back for his daughter. But she doesn’t have a favorite parent, she demands she loves you both the same, she is all about equality no matter what it is.

Relationship with siblings: Alex and Ryan have always been really protective of her and they read to her and collected her from school and despite their age gaps, she got on really well with them. She knew she could tell them anything, and that they would whip any guys ass, (especial one that touched hers.)

Best friends: Her and Harry Irwin have been best friends since they were little, and love to go swimming and play soccer together. In their teens they like to make covers for Youtube while they pretend to do homework, they are both very chill. His sister Lia Irwin although 3 years older is still friends with Lilia, they bond over Disney movies and makeup. Her and Ethan Hood have always been close, and he is in her year at school. She is also close with Noah Horan and Kaylee Payne but they don’t see each other as much as they would like to. Cody Hemmings is way to old for her, but he can’t deny his huge crush her. And Lilia has to admit that he is everything she wants in a boyfriend.

Likes/Dislikes: She likes makeup, sport, art, chocolate, animals, Disney and grapes. She hates when her Dad is annoyed with her, airports, being sad, when animals are abandoned and everything unfair and wrong in the world.

Strenghts/weaknesses: She is very chill, she always does the right thing and she has a loving heart, but sometimes, she doesn’t know what she’s doing with her life, and she doesn’t know how to say no.

Life goals: To set up an animal rescue center, to find her true self and make the world a better place.

Pets: When she was young she ued to carry two “Pet mice” in her pocket and cried for hours when they went missing, she has a hedgehog called Zeus, a snake called Gromit and a kitten called Felix Thunder Paws.

Best/Worst Day of her life: The worst was when you and Michael briefly spit when she was only 5 and the best was her 16th birthday.