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Okay, I felt bad that I didn’t write anything last time so here I am with a celebratory/making-up-for-last-time fic! 

“Who’s up for pizza?” Scott calls from the kitchen as he shuffles through Derek’s drawer of take-out menus. The response is a resounding groan as the pack files in through the front door.

“We’ve had pizza for the past three days,” Isaac whines as Lydia drags him to the dining room table where she has notebooks and textbooks spread. Isaac had asked for the tutoring when his Pre-Calculus grade had been threatening his position on the lacrosse team.

“Every pizza place in town recognizes us by now,” Erica adds, dropping her soccer cleats by the door as Boyd follows behind her with both their backpacks.

“Pizza Hut, Poppa John’s and Pizza Man Dan’s all know me by name now, and that isn’t something I’m proud of, buddy,” Stiles agrees, walking in with Jackson in tow. They prop their lacrosse gear next to the hall closet earning them a good dose of Derek Hale Sarcasm™.

“It must be so hard to actually put the stuff in the closet and use the hooks I bought specifically for this purpose,” Derek sighs as he closes the door behind them all, “I didn’t build it took pretty.”

“Well, I painted it to look pretty and I’ve got to say it looks great,” Stiles grins from where he’s flopped down on the couch, smiling wider as he watches his alpha roll his eyes. Before Derek can retort back Scott enters the living room with a handful of menus.

“There looks like there’s a few Thai places open.” Another pack wide groan of disapproval. Clearly they exhausted their love of Thai food as well.

“I heard there’s a new Hawaiian place on 5th,” Erica suggests from where she and Boyd sit on the opposite end of the couch from Stiles.

“No, Danny says it’s a horrible insult to the culture,” Lydia pipes up helpfully, “And I quote ‘cultural appropriation at its worst’.”

“Danny’s coming over?” Isaac asks, shooting for casual and missing by a mile.

“Yeah,” Scott smiles knowingly at the rest of the pack with his back to Isaac, “He’s just picking up Allison from her MMA class.”

“How about Chinese? I hear Chester’s is good,” Boyd offers. The pack makes various noises of agreement but Stiles stiffens up.

“No.” He realizes too late that he sounds almost panicked and quickly attempts to cover it up, “I don’t like Chinese.” The amendment is easily accepted and the pack moves on in their discussion so Stiles lets out a little breath of relief. That is until he spots Derek looking at him in concern. He just knows the alpha heard the (with lots of practice) near imperceptible uptick in his heart beat but the rest of the night seems to go off without a hitch so Stiles lets it go.The pack orders from a delivery pasta place and watches The Return of the King before slowly filing out and to their own homes. Stiles ends up the last to leave as per usual, helping Derek clear away trash and put away dishes.

“I still have a hard time eating eggrolls because they were Laura’s favorite.” Stiles freezes where he’s bent over from having put a dish in the dishwasher. “And my mom really liked pickles. My dad only ever ate peanut butter and honey sandwiches because he said jelly wasn’t sweet enough so that’s hard for me too eat too and -”

“Woah, woah, woah, Derek, slow down. What’s going on?”

“I just, I know that it’s hard to have things that you strongly connect to someone you lose so -”

“Are you trying to comfort me?” Stiles turns to fully face Derek, turning to look where’s he’s standing, ringing the cleaning rag he was just using between his hands.

“You lied about not liking Chinese food,” Derek says with a shrug.

“And you thought …” Stiles prompts when it’s obvious Derek won’t continue on his own. The werewolf sighs, looking put upon, but Stiles sees right through that act and to the discomfort underneath. He feels a little bad for putting Derek on the spot like this but he’s too curious to let his compassion for a fellow awkward soul to win out.

“I just thought, maybe you didn’t want Chinese because it was too personal,” Derek says, voice practically a mumble but Stiles hears him perfectly, caught on every word. And, damn, do those words make his heart just melt.

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Stuff I’ve heard psychology students say

“When I die I’ll ask someone to fill me up with popcorn, so when they cremate me I’ll cause a fucking rave-up” 

“Dude, I swear to God, you either shut up or I’ll shove my Sacks Manual up your ass”

“Someone help me study!” “the exam is in five…” “I don’t give a fuck, tell me all you know!”

“Mention the 3 types of small neurons” “the small, the tiny, and the very small”

*after reading the exam 3 times* “That’s it, I’m dropping out to become a sports mascot”

“This is 50% of our grade, don’t Foucault ‘round!”

“I’m hungry…” “want pizza?” *pulls pizza straight out of backpack*

“what are we doing now?” “Friend, I haven’t had idea since the semester began”

concept: I am on the train home from Harvard. My backpack contains two (2) cannoli from Mike’s Pastry, three (3) books purchased secondhand from Harvard Bookstore (two old friends, one new one), and one copy of Sherman Alexie’s new book which he signed for me and which I heard him read from earlier this evening. I step into the summer evening air at Park Street–it’s after 9 but the air is still that warmly blue, just after sunset color (the solstice was this week, these are the longest days of the year). I am carrying, in addition to the embarrassment of riches in my backpack, a pizza box with two slices of Pinocchio’s which I’ll eat for dinner. I feel perfectly free and content.

"Marked" RPNAU Omegaverse HiJack Fic - Chapter 6

Okay so I have a lot of free time on my hands and the inclination to write a lot the last couple of days… THEREFORE, SURPRISE! HAVE ANOTHER CHAPTER ALREADY! ALSO HAVE A HIRO! This is my first time writing Hiro but hopefully I did alright. :D

This one is 100% SFW, no smut at all! XD No worries, I have another fic to post after this that’s porny for you, so you’ll get your NSFW anyway lol.

Warnings: [this whole fic is top!Hic]

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Chapter 6
By Senashenta

“You should have heard everyone talk. It was like a gossip grenade exploded all over the walls of the school. Word shrapnel everywhere, man. Seriously, I think there might have been some actual, legit casualties involved. We’re talking bomb-squad level stuff, here.”

“And thanks for that stunning imagery. Really, Hiro. Thanks so very much.”

“Hey, I’m just saying. If you wanted to avoid rampant rumors you probably shouldn’t have fucked the top alpha in our school in the nurse’s office. Literally everyone in the building could scent it. Every single person.”

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Tag Game

Hi guys! I was tagged by eilamona


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Name: Avery

Birthday: January 10th

Gender: Female

Height: 169 cm 

Favorite color: Red, dark purple

Time and date at current moment: 12/27/14 3:01 PM

Average hours of sleep: Varies

Lucky number: 4 I suppose

Last thing I Googled: I’m pretty sure it was how to obtain serum from blood

First word that comes to mind: Paralian 

One place that makes me happy: 798 Art District

How many blankets I sleep under: 1 or 2

Favorite fictional character:

  • Fred and George (Harry Potter)
  • Bucky Barnes (Captain America/ Winter Soldier)
  • Veronica Sawyer (Heathers)

Favorite book(s):

  • Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
  • The Odyssey
  • Dragon Rider
  • The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes

Favorite TV show(s): Political Animals, Parks and Recreation, How to Get Away With Murder

Favorite beverage: Any flavor of Sparkling Ice

Favorite food: Pizza probably

Dream holiday: Backpacking in Asia

Dream wedding: In a forest maybe? I haven’t given it much thought.

Dream job: Chemical engineer, inventor, musician, anything that lets me travel, translator, cosmetic chemist

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