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Stuff I’ve heard psychology students say

“When I die I’ll ask someone to fill me up with popcorn, so when they cremate me I’ll cause a fucking rave-up” 

“Dude, I swear to God, you either shut up or I’ll shove my Sacks Manual up your ass”

“Someone help me study!” “the exam is in five…” “I don’t give a fuck, tell me all you know!”

“Mention the 3 types of small neurons” “the small, the tiny, and the very small”

*after reading the exam 3 times* “That’s it, I’m dropping out to become a sports mascot”

“This is 50% of our grade, don’t Foucault ‘round!”

“I’m hungry…” “want pizza?” *pulls pizza straight out of backpack*

“what are we doing now?” “Friend, I haven’t had idea since the semester began”

"Marked" RPNAU Omegaverse HiJack Fic - Chapter 6

Okay so I have a lot of free time on my hands and the inclination to write a lot the last couple of days… THEREFORE, SURPRISE! HAVE ANOTHER CHAPTER ALREADY! ALSO HAVE A HIRO! This is my first time writing Hiro but hopefully I did alright. :D

This one is 100% SFW, no smut at all! XD No worries, I have another fic to post after this that’s porny for you, so you’ll get your NSFW anyway lol.

Warnings: [this whole fic is top!Hic]

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Chapter 6
By Senashenta

“You should have heard everyone talk. It was like a gossip grenade exploded all over the walls of the school. Word shrapnel everywhere, man. Seriously, I think there might have been some actual, legit casualties involved. We’re talking bomb-squad level stuff, here.”

“And thanks for that stunning imagery. Really, Hiro. Thanks so very much.”

“Hey, I’m just saying. If you wanted to avoid rampant rumors you probably shouldn’t have fucked the top alpha in our school in the nurse’s office. Literally everyone in the building could scent it. Every single person.”

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