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i think i have a suit kink

what kind of suit kink

the dishevelled suit

or the classy suit

maybe the business suit

maybe its a waistcoat kink tho

or is it special suits??

do you have a colour preference? red?


what about bowties

sorry my friend, i think this kink is here to stay

and honestly it breaks my heart how sana has been friends with these girls for over a year now, her girl squad, but yet there are still so many important aspects of her that they don’t seem to be aware of? like the meat on the pizza yesterday, being asked to go get wasted, being told she’s been in a relationship before. and sana…doesn’t say anything, like perhaps she’s afraid it’s going to establish a division between her and the girls, like she’s afraid she’s going to annoy them or be a burden. but true friends who love and want to understand her would never think of her expressing her thoughts and emotions as her being annoying and a burden. sana is so worthy of being known and understood


1. What’s your favourite band?
2. What was your first gig?
3. Favourite pizza topping?
4. Name a band you haven’t seen but really want to.
5. Favourite live band?
6. Put your music player on shuffle and name the first 5 songs.
7. What do you hate about your town?
8. What is your opinion on Sheep/posers?
9. Neck deep or The Story So Far?
10. If you had a band, what would you name it?
11. How do you tell a girl you want to kiss her?
12. How many times a week do you feel navy blue?
13. Do your parents understand you?
14. How many band shirts do you own?
15. Chuck Taylors or Vans?
16. Ever experienced a time you met a band? What happened?
17. How many picks/drumsticks have you caught?
18. Throw down or punk jumps?
19. How many gigs have you been to?
20. Knuckle Puck tho?

Made a little questionnaire game thing.
Get on it homies ✌