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stevanyeun  asked:

ok but the here's the real question: do you think victor and yuuri are pro pineapple on pizza or anti?

Yuuri is the type of guy who goes to a pizza place and gets the house special w/o even asking what’s on it, so he’s chill with pineapple on pizza!!!
Victor isn’t about that life–he’s a simple one-topping kind of guy, usually something typical like pepperoni or mushrooms.
When he starts going out to eat with Yuuri though, it makes sense that they share a pizza, and he achieves enlightenment and starts loving pizza w/ a lot of toppings (including pineapple) ❤

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Always wondered this, but how did you even decide on the name 'Cash Money Chiyo'? 😂😂 Heck, how did the name occur to you? ( 11/10 name 👌👌 )

lol we aren’t that creative. we asked for suggestions and cash money chiyo was suggested by kayaille on batoto and all 3 of us loved it! and so we are cashmoneychiyo. the credits for ch 81 has the story of how we got the name!

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anonymous asked:

So today I went to visit my mom and she decided to rant to me about my little brother (7 years old) and this was today's topic: My mom: your brother has had pizza for two days straight and so i decided to make a deal with him and told him no more pizza for at least a week and you know what this kid said? He said 'okay, but I want pizza rolls because they don't count because they're not triangle shape" Thoughts? I personally think he has a point xD

LOLOLOL ok first of all your brother is my hero, second of all he totally has a point – pizza rolls are a completely different experience from pizza imo

Imagine running a cooking/baking blog with Mikey. The two of you post pictures and occasionally videos (you’re the one in front of the camera and he’s filming) of whatever creation you two come up with. Mikey naturally names every dish and you add a little description.

The Midnight Mistake

“We’ve been awake for 18 hours playing video games and decided to make cookies but half-way through realized we didn’t have enough ingredients so we just started throwing things in the batter”

There’s an on-going segment called “Can you pizza it?”. (the answer is usually no but occasionally you surprise yourselves). 

Mikey texts you every time you guys gain a follower and answers every ask as soon as possible. 

Anytime you guys get any positive feedback, Mikey has a permanent grin for the rest of the day.

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What did pineapple pizza do to u

one day i was eating a pizza, having a really good time, and then i bit into a piece that had pineapple hidden under the cheese (i always take the pineapple off my pizza, obviously). i was HEARTBROKEN. i don’t hate pineapple, you know. i think pineapple is fine as long as it’s not on my pizza. and i guess i don’t really mind taking it off my pizza. BUT EVER SINCE THAT DAY, EVER SINCE THAT DAY THE PINEAPPLE WAS HIDING IN MY PIZZA, I’VE SWORN TO FIGHT AGAINST THIS EVIL, THE EVIL THAT IS PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA. i tried to be understanding. i tried, and then pineapple had to go and do something like this.

  • Me after every episode of Steven Universe: Okay yes.. but what about Lapis Lazuli?

oracleborn  asked:

can i request that cor be drawn with the wicked sideburns as well, is that allowed

{ @oracleborn }


i must confess tho

i genuinely thought it said SADDEST and imagined cor immediately taking the deliveries saying “ah. my time to shine.”


lewanei  asked:

Everyone (including me) gave him such horrible dreams let's give him something nice in exchange xD Dream about winning a free pizza for the rest of his life?

Send my muse a dream (source)

The excitement is palpable, especially when he saw the first golden brown crust of his newly won first free pizza. He could smell the delicious aroma wafting around him, and feel the fresh-from-the-oven heat. He rubbed his hands together but something snapped when a dog barked nearby.

Arthur was almost disappointed when he opened his eyes, hearing Mystery whining at the door. He grumbled, that he hadn’t really won a lifetime’s supply of surf’s up, but now that he thought about it….he had some leftover pizza in the fridge, from ordering one after a weird pizza dream a few days before. 

After walking Mystery, he could come back and have some! Especially now that he was having a mighty need.

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I’m gonna get me some pizza now and answer all the hc requests I have in my inbox tonight so send in whatever you want
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