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{PART 1} Unexpected // Im Jaebum and Kim Yugyeom

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader x Yugyeom

Genre: Smut-ish, Three-way kiss

Summary; Jaebum and Yugyeom convince you to play the dreaded ‘Truth of Dare’ game with them. But things go from 0-100 real quick when Jaebum gets his turn.

Authors Note: Not relating to the story in any way, but our beautiful leader Im Jaebum is currently in hospital with a herniated disk in his back and I really hope he will recover soon and get better because I literally love that man with all my heart <3 Enjoy the scenario!

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If there was one game that you hated more than anything in the entire world; it was truth or dare. Pointless questions and overly sexual dares that made you feel embarrassed and cringy beyond belief. You always tried to avoid getting into such situations, especially when there was alcohol involved. Which is why you were questioning how you got yourself into your current predicament.

Saturday nights were usually uneventful and typically involved you sitting at home and catching up on TV dramas. But tonight was different as your 2 friends Jaebum and Yugyeom showed up at your door unexpectedly with take-out and beer. Not that it was unlike them to make an appearance, but the fact that they showed up out of the blue caught you unaware as you answered the door in your pyjama shorts causing them both to tease you to hell and back.

After you quickly went and changed into your sweatpants and hoping they didn’t notice that fact you were braless underneath your oversized t-shirt, you rejoined them in your living room as they made themselves at home, spread out on the couch and getting ready to pick a movie on Netflix to put on in the background.

“Hey pyjama shorts” Jaebum teased as you walked back in. You glared at him, swiping for his head playfully with your hand but not actually hitting him as you slumped into the chair to the left of the sofa in front of the T.V. Yugyeom looked at you, pouting a little before speaking up.

“Do we smell? Why you all the way over there?” Jaebum looked at him out of the corner of his eye before looking over to you with the same sappy expression as Yugyeom. You laughed, looking at the small space between them thinking how it might be slightly awkward for you to slip in, especially since you didn’t even bother to put your bra on.

“There’s just more room for me over here, you know I love you both, dorks.” You said in a sing song voice as you grabbed a slice of pizza and opened up a can of beer before scrolling through Netflix, deciding with the boys on what to watch.

A few hours had passed. The pizza had long since been devoured and none of you were paying attention to the TV at all as you talked about random topics. It was safe to say that the three of you were pretty tipsy at this point, your face glowing a pretty shade of pink as it always did when you consumed alcohol.

“Alright, I have an amazing idea!” Jaebum exclaimed as he got up and went to your kitchen. You and Yugyeom both looked at each other with confused but amused faces, wondering what this so called ‘amazing idea’ was. You both giggled in your drunken splendour, before Jaebum returned with a bemused look on his face with an empty glass bottle in his hand and began clearing the coffee table before placing it on its side in the middle. “You can’t be serious…” you groaned inwardly, as you know what was coming next.

“Let’s have some fun. We can play truth or dare; whaddya say Gyeomie?” Jaebum winked at him, making you flinch slightly. Yugyeom giggled as he nodded his head and sat up, crossing his legs like an eager schoolboy. You rolled your eyes at their childish antics.

“Seriously? Are we 14? I’m not playing this stupid game. You two can play, I’m heading to bed. Make sure you don’t make too much noise.” you scoffed, getting up to retire to your bedroom, before Yugyeom caught your arm and pulled you back slightly.

“Oh come on (Y/N), don’t be like that! Play with us~” he whined into your face, pouting as cutely as he possibly could; in turn making you laugh. As much as you wanted to resist playing this dumb game, you couldn’t help but think Yugyeom was adorable when he whined like a child in an attempt to pull at your heartstrings.

“Yeah, what’s the deal? This game is always fun as long as you don’t have anything to hide. You don’t have anything to hide, right (Y/N)?” Jaebum chuckled darkly from the other side of the sofa, his eyes never leaving the contact of skin between you and Yugyeom. You glared into Jaebum’s face. If looks could kill, you would have been tried for murder right then and there. You sighed, giving in to their game and walked around to the other side of the small coffee table before sitting down on the ground. Jaebum smirked as he and Yugyeom positioned themselves at an even angle around the table, all three of your entities forming a sort of triangle.

“Ladies first~” Jaebum cooed at you. You smirked at him coyly, “Oh don’t even bother with that, we all know you’re not a gentleman” you teased, making him look at you in shock. “I can be a gentleman if I want to, you know. You just haven’t been granted the pleasure of seeing that side of me, yet.” He said darkly, making you scoff before putting your hand on the bottle and spinning it gently.

Round and round it went, before it landed on Yugyeom.

“Okay Gyeomie, truth or dare?” you sighed.

“Hmmm…truth” he giggled nervously.

“Umm…what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?” you asked, to which Jaebum and Yugyeom whined in response.

“That’s the dumbest question ever…come on (Y/N) you can do better than that. There seriously isn’t anything you wanna know about Yugyeom? That’s the only thing you wanna know?” Jaebum complained into your face before swigging the last of his beer. You knew what he was getting at and you weren’t going to give into him.

“If you don’t like my questions, you can both play together and I can go to bed~ it’s as simple as that” you said very matter-of-factly. Yugyeom giggled before answering you. “Well, I guess the weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten was some dish in Thailand when we went there with BamBam, but I can’t remember what it was. It was nice, but it had a really weird aftertaste…” he said honestly, surprising both you and Jaebum that he took the question as seriously as he did. You all smiled at each other, before Yugyeom then flicked the bottle around, taking his turn. You were silently begging for it not to land on you, sighing a breath of relief when it landed on Jaebum instead. He didn’t even wait for Yugyeom to ask him ‘truth or dare’ before he opened his mouth and shouted “Dare!” making you laugh nervously. It’s not that you didn’t like Jaebum, you loved him to the moon and back, but there was always a slight tension between you both. You could never quite put your finger on as to why, but things always seemed to get heavy between you both where talking was concerned. The way he would look at you intensely, not breaking eye contact. It made you feel uneasy.

Yugyeom thought to himself for a few seconds. “I dare you to ask (Y/N) any type of question you like” he beamed at you both, making you open your mouth in shock. “What?! That’s not how the game works, come on you can’t be serious…” you whined, about to get up and leave.

“Ah ah ah, not so fast, I have to complete my dare. Then you can leave, ok?” Jaebum reached over and gripped his hand on your shoulder, making you slump back down on the floor. You exhaled sharply, rolling your eyes impatiently as you waited for him to come up with a question.

“Okay, I have a question. Have you ever thought about kissing either of us before?” he asked, slightly slurring his words from his alcohol intake. You burst out laughing in disbelief at how forward he was. “Liquid courage…” you convinced yourself.

“Well, no. But of course I’m thinking about it now. You tell someone not to think about pink elephants and then their gonna think about pink elephants. Can I go to bed now?”

“Wait, so thinking about kissing us makes you think about pink elephants…what?” Yugyeom asked, confused; causing you and Jaebum to howl with laughter at his drunken question.

“Hold up, so in your head, who do you think is the better kisser?” Jaebum leaned closer to you, his eyes practically burning into your soul. You squinted at him, giving him evils at his pestering. “Why do you wanna know so badly? And why do you care who I think is the better kisser?” you asked, seriously.

“Yugyeom fancies himself as a better kisser than me, and I totally disagree.” Jaebum said bluntly, looking to Yugyeom who was smiling like an idiot at you. You looked between them both, finally catching on as the penny dropped.

“Oh no. No, no, no, no. No way. Uh uh. Not happening. Goodnight boys.” You blurted out. Jaebum put his hands on you again, holding you in place as he moved closer to you. You tried to wriggle away from him, giggling as you did so but he was just too strong against you.

“Don’t you wanna know who the better kisser is? Come on (Y/N)…don’t you wanna kiss me?” he asked humourlessly, his face inching closer to yours making you burn crimson from his close proximity.  “Jaebum…” you whispered. Half of you wanted to push him away, but the other half was burning to kiss him. You didn’t know why, so instead you began to blame your intoxication.

Jaebum pressed his lips to yours, slowly at first. You held your breath as he began moving his body closer, making you feel hotter by the second. He placed his hand on your neck, pulling you in closer to him as you closed your eyes and just submitted to the kiss. He traced his tongue along your lips, demanding entrance, to which you gave him as he moved his soft muscle inside your mouth, massaging you tongue with his. His kisses were rough, but somewhat gentle at the same time. You gasped for air in between kisses, making him smirk against your mouth as he opened his eyes slightly to observe your slightly aroused expression. He broke the kiss and pulled you up gently as he shimmied back to the sofa, motioning for Yugyeom to sit on the other side of you. Yugyeom swallowed hard, watching the both of you as he felt himself becoming more aroused by the second.

“Give some attention to poor Yugyeom, I think he’s feeling lonely…” Jaebum purred into you ear before littering the soft skin of your neck with gentle kisses, every so often nibbling with his teeth that made your hair stand on end. You turned your head towards Yugyeom who was licking his lips in anticipation, as he met you halfway and began kissing you. Unlike Jaebum’s kisses, Yugyeom’s were soft and timid, with a notion of neediness as he pushed his mouth into yours. You sucked on his lip, making him moan slightly as he let you inside, your tongues intertwining . Jaebum looked up with envious eyes at the sight of you both, before taking his hand and pulling your head towards him before crashing his lips against yours once again. This time he easily dominated the kiss, while Yugyeom began nibbling gently on your ear. Both of them moved their bodies against you, the feeling of both their attentions on you making you pant and mewl softly; much to their delight. Yugyeom whined, obviously feeling left out as you opened your eyes and looked to him with a cute, sad expression on his face. Jaebum chuckled before leaning over, pulling Yugyeoms head closer to his.

“You’re not getting any attention?” he said, his voice just a fraction above as whisper as he began roughly kissing the younger boy, grabbing a fistful of his hair, making him moan in response. You stared at the sight before you as you felt your panties become wet. You pinched your legs together upon noticing the obvious tent in Yugyeoms pants. Jaebum had a little more self control, as his were completely normal. You huffed, hating him for being so unaffected, making them both look at you out of the corner of your eyes.

You took Jaebums hand suddenly before pressing it against your breast through your shirt. You saw his eyes widen as he realised then that you didn’t have a bra on. You smirked at his response as he broke the kiss with Yugyeom immediately, giving you his full and undivided attention as he kneaded and massaged your breasts through the thin fabric and began kissing you once again. Yugyeom, noticing also, snaked his hand underneath your shirt, your skin burning at the contact as he ghosted over your hardened nipple with his finger, making you gasp. Jaebum and Yugyeom smirked at each other.

“Such a naughty girl, not wearing a bra when two boys come to her house…” Jaebum purred into your ear, his voice deep and soft like silk, making you moan in response.

Yugyeom pulled at your shirt, obviously wanting it off to grant him more access.

“Bedroom…” you replied softly, noticing their positive reactions as they both sprang up like spring daises to their feet, taking you with them, as all three of you stumbled towards the hallway

“I hope you’re ready for this” Yugyeom breathed against the nape of your neck, as Jaebum pulled you behind him, leading you both to your bedroom for what was proving to be a long and interesting night ahead of you all.

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I need more headcanons about the fahc ryan and meg being bffs thing! please!

You want more? I’ll give you more!

Meg starts to hang around the penthouse after the guys meet her.

She shows up at the weirdest times looking peculiar. Sometimes she’ll buzz the intercom at 3am, dressed as a videogame character and saying she brought food for everybody. Sometimes she shows up at 2pm, dressed in all black, only to pass out on their sofa for 5 hours.

One night Geoff comes back from dinner to find Meg sleeping face down on the sofa again, so he wakes her up and tells her to use one of the guest rooms. She kinda sticks to the place after that. Someone (Geoff heavily suspects Ryan) gives her the keycode so she can let herself in, and sooner rather than later she has her own section of the fridge and somehow the best bathroom is now known as “Meg’s bathroom”. Geoff is angry at himself for picking up another stray.

The more she hangs out at the penthouse, the more the others see Ryan change. At first he’s quiet and reserved, but slowly, oh so slowly, he starts to come out of his shell.

It starts with him not wearing the mask all the time, because Meg keeps taking it off because “Ryan stop being ridiculous.”. Then Meg drags him from his room on pizza, beer, and Netflix night. He doesn’t speak a lot, but he does eat a lot of pizza and a he laughs the loudest at the terrible movie.

The small everyday things change the most. Geoff walks in to the kitchen to find Meg and Ryan cooking them dinner one evening, and Ryan smiles when he greets them. Michael watches as Meg very patiently teaches Ryan how to use the Xbox in the living room to watch YouTube. Gavin is half horrified half amused to find Meg painting Ryan’s nails because she needs to see all the shades on a nail to find the right one. Jeremy feels warm fuzzy feelings when he runs into Ryan at the door at 2am, the other on his way out to buy Meg Tylenol because she can’t sleep due to a headache. Jack wanders around the shops for 3 hours with him trying to find a good birthday gift for her.

On Meg’s birthday, after the presents have been opened and the rest of the crew is mingling with Meg’s other friends, Geoff can’t help himself and reads the card attached to the silver necklace Ryan gave Meg.

“Thank you for showing me that people can be kind.”

If Geoff tears up it’s definitely just the booze. 

slow and steady.

we’ve been together for seven years, married for two and a half. we’ve had ups and downs, we’ve had times where we feel super close and in love and so on our marriage game, and we’ve had times where we feel distant and so tired of fighting.

we’ve learned that we need to make space for each other to thrive. we need to continue making goals, personally and in our marriage. we’ve got to make our own sacrifices, to help each other with those goals. always working towards something, always moving forward.

we’ve learned that it’s ok to have bad days, it’s ok if every day isn’t a fairy tale, it’s ok to be boring married people. it’s ok to stay home and eat pizza and drink beer and do laundry together and watch Friends on Netflix for two hours before falling asleep. it’s ok to skip the party and use the kid as an excuse. it’s ok if everyday isn’t exciting, because life is hard work and marriage is hard work and parenting is hard work. real life can be mundane and boring and super lame sometimes.

but our love is never mundane, it moves slow and steady and strong. I choose him everyday, and he chooses me. there is always a basic understanding that, no matter how hard it gets, no matter how big the fight, no matter how helpless the situation, we are on the same team and we will work everything out, together, eventually.

so my relationship advice to you is this: find someone who you want to work hard with. someone who you want to work out the big fights with. someone who you can go through the mundane everyday of life with and still be so happy at the end of the day. someone you could be poor with, someone you could figure out money and adult life stuff with. someone who loves your quirks and pushes you towards your goals. someone who balances you out and compliments your strengths and fills in your weaknesses. someone you can always laugh with, someone who eases your mind, someone who keeps you safe. someone who chooses you, and who you want to choose everyday for forever. someone who still excites you even after seven years or twenty years or fifty five years. find that person and you’ll be golden.

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Hi Cap, I know you already wrote something a bit like this but I tend to crawl back into my shell when I'm upset and sometimes I'm scared nobody will ever make the effort to crawl in there with me when I need them the most... Does that make sense? Sorry for burdening you!

Tagging @smolsawyer​ just for like… a fun sense of spite ;)

She doesn’t like talking about herself.

Alex knows this.

Anyone who’s ever met her knows this.

And when she withdraws – which, especially these days, is pretty often – Alex will crawl right in after her.

Alex finds her each time she runs.

Sometimes, she literally runs.

All across National City, in her jogging gear, in the pouring rain. Alex will follow close behind, watching her, caring for her, making sure she runs safe, making sure she runs careful.

Sometimes, she drives.

Drives her motorcycle all the way out of National City, all the way into the desert, and she rips off her helmet, and she tosses her head back, and she screams.

She doesn’t know how Alex knows, but she’s always waiting up at home with a steaming mug of healing tea and warm, warm arms to crash down into.

Sometimes, she runs without actually going anywhere.

Sometimes, they’re on the couch and they’re watching some old movie or other, and Maggie just… goes away. Alex can’t articulate how she knows – maybe it’s something about the pattern of Maggie’s breath, or maybe it’s something about the way her body stiffens, the way she forgets to laugh at her favorite parts of the film, the way her eyes are staring at the screen without seeing it at all – but she knows. She always knows. 

And she’ll whisper to her and she’ll ask if she can put her arms around her and she’ll tell her she’s beautiful and she’ll tell her she’s worth it and she’ll tell her she doesn’t have to run, because she’s right here, right here, right here, and she’s not going anywhere.

So usually, it’s Alex that finds her, that puts in the effort to know when she’s depressed. To know when she’s anxious. To know when she’s on the edge of breaking down.

But then Alex is away in Geneva, and she calls every night, and she texts every couple of hours, but it’s not the same.

It’s not the same, and Alex’s friends have invited Maggie out with them, and she agreed before Alex left, but now? Now, the idea of going out just seems funny.

So she bails.

Bails on James and Winn and Kara.

Bails because her couch is comfortable, and her couch is safe, and her couch doesn’t expect her to laugh and be in a good mood and be clever and be sociable. Her couch just wants her presence, and she can barely even give that.

She doesn’t know that James and Winn and Kara also don’t expect anything from her.

She doesn’t know, because – aside from Alex, and she’s still getting used to that, still trying to believe in that – no one has ever demanded… nothing… from her before.

But when she sends them the text that she’s gonna stay in tonight, she doesn’t expect them to care.

Doesn’t expect them to notice, because it was sweet of them to invite her, really, but it was probably just as a favor to Alex.

It was probably a relief to them that she wasn’t coming.

She didn’t really fit in with them, anyway.

She didn’t really fit in with anyone, anyway.

So she’s startled when there’s a soft knock at her door. 

Startled when she opens it and it’s James bearing DVDs and Winn bearing root beer and Kara bearing box upon box upon box of pizza.

“We texted you back when you said you weren’t coming, but you didn’t answer,” Kara says by way of greeting.

“And if you don’t want us here, we can totally take all this delicious pizza and root beer and all these vintage, can’t-find-em-on-Netflix DVDs and go to Kara’s place,” Winn offers.

“But if you do want us here, you don’t have to say anything, and you don’t have to laugh at Winn’s terrible jokes. Heck, you could even just go to sleep. But we thought it might be nice to not… be alone,” James tells her, soft, studying her face like it’s a work of art. Because, to him, it is.

She fights down tears because she is still getting somewhat comfortable – somewhat – with crying in front of Alex. But in front of her sister and their friends?

She fights the tears back down. Hard.

“Did Alex send you or something?” she asks, and Kara shakes her head.

“No, we just… we wanted to make sure you were okay. And we wanted to spend time with you. But if you don’t want – “

But Maggie is stepping back and Maggie’s heart is swelling and Maggie’s face still doesn’t remember how to smile, but she thinks her heart might be, slowly, figuring it out.

“Get in here and quit letting the pizza get cold, Little Danvers,” she says, and though she can’t return any of their three brilliant smiles, they don’t seem to mind.

They just seem to want… her.

No matter what state she’s in, no matter how solid her shell is, no matter how hard she’s made it for them to connect with her.

And it makes her think that maybe, just maybe, she might be worth the effort after all.

Waltz #2, Part 1

Castiel x Reader

A/N: A reboot of this series. I’m changing a few things and giving it the TLC it deserves.  Waltz #2 by Elliott Smith

Summary: You were finally slipping into a comfortable routine with the Winchesters, finding life in the bunker to be damn near perfect. That is until the day you met their angel friend, Castiel. Something is wrong, you feel an invisible pull toward the angel and you aren’t sure why. But are some questions better left unanswered? 

“I’m never gonna know you now, but I’m gonna love you anyhow.”

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Apollo Pt.2

Part 1 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Writer blocks can be really frustrating, and sometimes having a “muse” doesn’t really help either. - Specially when your inspiration might not be there with you forever. ModernAU!

Warnings: Mostly fluff at first, angst. Mentions of drug use (as a joke), swearing.

Words: 2644

A/N: Instead of referring the reader as “She” I’ll change the pronoun to “you”, since the last one is neutral and can be used for both genders. 

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Bucky bit his lower lip as he tried to find a proper answer, answer that he himself didn’t even know. When he was thinking about a new life in Europe, he forgot he would have to deal with losing boundaries, saying goodbye, and kick them from his life. You found yourself static and stiff, trying to process the idea of him grabbing a suitcase and escaping from your life. You laughed at the idea, because he was not yours; he wasn’t an object you could own. Yet, not only was he your inspiration, but also your anchor to the real world, since, as a writer, you’re likely to spend more time dissociating yourself from the real world than actually living in it.

“I guess I’d have to do sacrifices.” He gave (y/n) a tight smile, trying to find an instant solution to a problem that hadn’t happened yet. He pulled you closer and hid his nose where your neck and shoulder connected, just to take a deep breath and mumble “don’t think about that right now, I’d never leave your side even if you punched me in the face multiple times while begging me to get my ass out of your appartment.” He squeezed you in his arms. “We’re like those conjoined twins. You’re like my sister.” That declaration made you feel a pit in your stomach.

“Man, that’s the creepiest and weirdest comparison you’ve ever made.” The wrinkles in your nose showed up, trying to distract yourself from that bad feeling “remember that time you were so high you asked me that if someone was killed in a living room wouldn’t it be called dying room afterwards?” you scoffed, grinning as you could see embarrassment reflected in his eyes.

“Oh god shut up.” he retired himself as he thrown you the crust of the last slice, while you tried to hide a smirk by taking a sip from your beer. “I’m never smoking pot while drinking again. I’m not a college student anymore.” James complained.

“I still can’t believe you did that to impress that girl… Molly? Mary?”

“Mindy.” He remembered “I had a thing for young bad girls during a short period of time…” He covered his eyes while biting his lip.

“Short?” You lifted your brows “Buck, you dated her for a year and after splitting with her you hanged out with her best friend for like, 2 years more? If it wasn’t because I wanted to steal wifi from your house your car would have “Motherfucker” writt…”

“Okay, okay, you’re right. Just… Stop reminding me that phase.” Bucky shook his head, trying to get rid of those memories.

“Welp, that tattoo you got does the job for me” You teased as he groaned, lifting up his shirt.

With grey lines which were supposed to be black years ago, a pin-up style girl with a pork head showed up on his hip. It was the clear representation of why you shouldn’t get a tattoo drunk and mostly, for a girl. You dared to press your fingertips against his firm skin, feeling goosebumps as you could feel this eyes staring down at you and his warm touch. 

His sight scanned your face, searching for some expression while he felt like he was craving for your touch somehow. Maybe he was just turned on, impatient for seeing his new girlfriend again this night.

“Like what you see?” James teased this time with that cocky smile, making you feel overwhelmed. Of course, you wouldn’t let your nervousness take over your behaviour. 

“In fact, you need to lose some weight.” (y/n) tapped his abs. Bucky, open-mouthed looked at you like you just offended his ancestors, pushing you to burst into a laugh. “Now get out of here, miss inspiration is knocking on my door and I need to answer.” You stood up, grabbing his arm as he moaned and complained. “Stop being childish, and go with Hope. I know she’s waiting for you.” You added, seeing with sadness how his eyes turned bright as you mentioned her.

And with your daily dose of Bucky Barnes, you started to type again.

Months passed and your book improved, at the same time James improved his relationship with Hope. Nonetheless, your inspiration issue was the same. You still needed him by your side, and the seriousness of his relationship with his girlfriend didn’t help. You could feel how his time with you was starting to be reduced, and how his attention was escaping from your fingertips. Stress and sadness was taking over your life and in consequence you spent more time daydreaming and using those lapses for your book in development. The quality of your work, however, decreased.

“Honey, you need to take a break. It’s been awhile since you went outside your home.” Advised Wanda. 

“I need to finish this bloody book, I need the money, I’m broke.” That had been your excuse. Economical problems, and deadlines.

“Broke my ass.” You heard Natasha in the background. You saw her putting on her jacket on the screen of your phone. “We’re picking you up in 20 minutes, be ready and don’t you dare to escape, ‘cause we’ll find you.” She threatened while getting close to the camera.

With resignation you throw your phone and decided to fix your aspect a little. They didn’t know how you felt about Bucky, and you were seriously questioning if you should tell them.

The warmth of the coffee was melting your frozen hands, and the smell brought you memories from that happy time when your social life and health were more important than ending a novel. It was surprising how could our jobs absorb what we used to love to do.

“C’mon girls, it’s not like we’re on an intervention.” You said, rolling our eyes.

“In fact.” Natasha took a sip from her coffee. “It is.” Wanda nodded.

“Why are you girls doing this? I’m fine, what’s the problem of being dedicated to your job?”

“(y/n), you’re not dedicated to your job, you’re using it to evade yourself. It feels like years since you’ve been hanging out with us” Wanda took your hands and pressed them together firmly. “Is there something wrong?”

You looked at them, guilt pressing your lungs, and fear crossing your mind. It was not a secret how close you and Bucky were, but there was no need for nobody to know your feelings towards him. It was something really common, and a simple crush like that one could be just temporal. At least that’s what you kept saying to yourself all these years.

“Its- It’s nothing.” You focused on your cup, hoping them to forget about it and start having a good time together, like the good ol’ days.

“(y/n)…” Whispered Wanda.

She knew something was hunting you, she always had this ability of looking inside your mind, and you knew it. It wouldn’t be a surprise if she figured out your crush on Buck by just staring at you.

“I- I think I started developing feelings towards someone I shoudn’t.” You summarised. 

At that moment, you could see how Nat and Wanda shared an understanding look. You frowned. 

“She fell for Buck.” Added Natasha, giving you a mother-like glance. “Oh dear.”

“It’s… It’s nothing like that.” You sighed. “It’s just that somehow he helps me to write easily, and I need him so I can do my job.” You justified, trying not to lose it in the Need Him. “It’s been awhile since we’ve spent time together. Hope is such a great person, and they’re going serious in the couple thing. It’s getting more complicated for me to keep on going with the chapters when he’s not here, but that’s not something I can tell to my editor and expect some deadline delay.”

“(Y/N/N), spit it out.” Demanded Wanda, getting impatience.

At some point, your walls started to crack and, slowly, you felt weight falling on your shoulders, and how a lump was forming in your throat.

“I miss him.” You finally declared, not being able to look at your friends in the eye. “I- Okay I fell for him, long time ago.” Something warm was rolling down your cheek, but you refused to believe you were crying for him. You couldn’t. You had no right for being sad. “Months ago when he told me about his new girl he said he would leave the country for her. He would leave all behind for her.”

Your words tasted bitter in your tongue, because saying it out loud made you realise. He was in love. Hell no, he was crazy in love. With Hope. He found his soulmate, and you were the one who was always represented as the girl left behind, the one who would find her home in him, but not being corresponded.

“Honey, don’t think about that. He’s still here, only a phone call away. Call him, tell him to come around, let his vibes help you on your writing, enjoy some time with him again.” They encouraged. “It might be hard, but If his presence is all you need, you should do it.”

And with that, you three started to talk about other issues, making you forget for a moment you were in love.

“Pizzaman is here!” You heard him say like a record. You closed your eyes, relieved, after not hearing his voice for a long time.

“I Missed you so much!” You repeated. But this time was different. This time your body was searching for him, avid to press your chest against James’.

“(y/n) I swear to god if you’re saying that to the pi… Oh” He mumbled, surprised that your arms wrapped around him first. He smiled, pressing his nose against your hair and smelling your scent. God, he felt like home. “Missed you too little marshmallow.” He kept you hugged around him. He had no problems with it.

Time was irrelevant for you both. It felt like it was yesterday when you had a long night talk, eating pizza, drinking beers, binge watching Netflix. It felt like it was yesterday you two found out you were that close together.

“You gotta be kidding me (y/n)” He said, completely surprised and honoured. “Don’t play with my feelings like that, you know I’m sensitive.” He acted like he was wiping tears from his face while you grinned like a little kid finding out how handsome boys were for the first time. In fact, he loved the idea of you finding a story behing his existence, because he felt like he was art for you.

“I swear it’s like my brain refuses to work if you’re not around.” You gestured, exaggerating your moves. “It’s like you’re my muse.” You joked, hiding a little bit of truth in every word.

“Muses are only for women darling.” Bucky corrected. “I’d be like Apollo or something like that.” His cocky smile appeared.

“Don’t attribute yourself all the effort.” You punched him sightly on his arm. “I’m the writer, remember?” You two laughed until a comfortable silence settled in the room.

“(y/n)…” James called. You looked at him. “Hope is coming here in a few minutes, we want to tell you something important.” Your smile faded, your chest felt heavy with every breath you were taking.

“Is she pregnant?” You asked, feeling partially relieved as you saw him shake his head.

“No, not yet.” That yet. He wanted to. “Remember when I told you I would move to The UK if she had to… Leave?”

You wished time had some effort on you again. Make the moment faster, emotionless. You wished every damn second to be minutes so time could pass faster and leave this situation behind. With all your will, you nodded.

“Her visa ends in a week and… I think I’m moving with her.” You could see his lips curving up a little bit at the idea. Of course, it was difficult for him to tell you that either. She’s your best and closest friend, of couse you’re feeling like shit leaving her here. He mumbled to himself.

“Bu- Bucky, I just told you you’re the one who’s actually helping me to end this shitty novel.” You stuttered, without any idea of how to act anymore. With a frowned face, he looked at you confused.

“What are you trying to say?” He felt a little bit annoyed. He wanted your support and your approval, only to get a nonsense mumble about your job.

“I mean, It’s my job, I need to keep going and earn a little bit of…”

“I can’t believe what you’re saying.” He stood up, without breaking eye contact. “I came here to tell you that I’m starting a new life in somewhere new, and all you care about is your fucking job?” He gestured showing indignation. 

“I can’t do anything about it Buck, It’s a job!” This was your way for asking him to stay. You were new at showing strong emotions, and you didn’t know how to deal with it.

“I am not an amulet, (y/n)! Stop being so selfish, all I needed was your support!” He shouted at you. “You’re acting like a spoiled brat!”

“Do you think I like my creativity to be bounded to you like this? Do you think I’m happy with the idea of my closest friend leaving to an island?” You stood up next to him.


“DO YOU THINK I HAVEN’T TRIED THAT CRAP?” You screamed, tears running down your cheeks like waterfalls “ HAVEN’T YOU THOUGHT THAT MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU, ASSHOLE?”

You froze. He froze. You were scared, he was surprised. You wanted some reaction from him, but he didn’t move for what it felt like hours. And then, you finally got it. He moved. He walked towards the door. He opened it, ready to leave, only to find Hope standing still in the corridor. You gasped when you saw him wrapping his arms around her the way he used to do to you, whispering something to her ear, and kissing her lips shortly after leaving you with his girlfriend. 

You couldn’t find any strength to keep yourself up, so you let your body hit the couch, tired. Hope walked and sat next to you, resting her hand in your thigh, rubbing it, trying to comfort you. You looked at her, confusion dripping from your eyes.

“Have you…?” You didn’t need to complete the question, she just nodded. “I’m sorry.” You apologised.

“Don’t be, dear.” She smiled at you, showing empathy. “We can’t control our feelings, It’s not your fault.” You kept yourself quiet, still impressed by the way she was treating you. “It happened to me once, too.” She confessed, staring at the white wall. “But the feeling fades. And we move on.” She took your hand. “Right now Bucky and I are in love. Well, at least I am.” She laughed softly. Even her laugh was something angelical. “He’s the type of person you would fall easily in love with.” You agreed at that, even though it took you years to realize how much you loved him. “That doesn’t mean you can’t find someone out there. I’m saying this because I don’t want to be the type of woman pictured as a bitch anywhere. I understand how you feel, and I know the pain.” You closed you eyes, drowning a gasp. “I don’t really know you, (y/n), but I feel like you’re an incredible woman, and finding another man won’t be difficult to you. And, I truly hope you find one as good as Bucky is for me.” With that, she took her purse, gave you a warm look, and left.

"Did you just fart?" - Dean Ambrose

This is a prompt drabble requested by anon.

You can find my other writings here: Masterlist

Dean was home and you were having a quite night in with him. This rarely happens, even if he’s home for a couple of days, your schedule is filled with family and friends. You really needed a night to yourself and you were very happy that the plans for tonight got canceled.

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Things I love about the signs

ARIES: THE most LOYAL individual you will ever meet, they won’t play old Taylor Swift songs because they know it reminds you of that time an evil cat bit you.

TAURUS: HELPFUL. Taurus is always willing to lend a hand when you need it, no questions asked, even that time you showed up at their house in a cop car.

GEMINI: THOUGHTFUL. Gemini’s are constantly thinking of others, which is why they took away your phone so you wouldn’t call your boss high again.

CANCER: LOVING. Cancer will always let you know that you are loved. Even if it means waking up to 600 texts about how you shine like an angel.

LEO: CONFIDENT. Leo’s are great at reminding you that you are fierce, by forcing you to get off the couch and getting your hand out of the bowl of Fritos.

VIRGO: NURTURING. Virgo’s look out for people like they are their ducklings, If the mom was a Raccoon. 

LIBRA: COMFORTING. Libra’s have a way of making others feel good again. Whether that means pizza and beer or netflix and chill.

SCORPIO: INSIGHTFUL. Scorpio’s can offer up new points of view, like the reason for your break up wasn’t because he couldn’t commit, you’re just crazy.

SAGITTARIUS: HONEST. Sagittarius will always tell you the truth, even about that time you stole a french fry from them, with your mouth.

CAPRICORN: DEPENDABLE. Capricorn will have your back, keep your secrets, and hide the body.

AQUARIUS: SUPPORTIVE. Aquarius will encourage you to take the twelfth shot of Vodka, and then they will hold your hair back.

PISCES: KIND. Pisces, won’t tell you your dress looks bad, they’ll just recommend a better color.

On Fire

This is my second drabble for @ellen-reincarnated1967 and I’s little Winter Wonders adventure. Our prompt for Dean and Jensen was Candlelight mishab. This is my version for Dean. Find Andi’s Jensen Here.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

The alarms going off in the Bunker cause you to pull your earphones of your head and fly of the bed. You grabbed your gun as you ran out into the hallway, not sure what they were warning you about until you smelled smoke.

You lowered your gun and ran towards the smell. The hallway was getting more and more foggy as you went. You were coughing as you reached the bathroom were flames climbing up the shower curtain. Your boyfriend was desperately trying to put out the fire on the math, beating it with his shirt.

“Dean what the hell?” You screamed at him as your hunter’s instincts immediately took over. You ran across the room grabbing the showerhead and aiming a wall of water at the curtain until it died out. As soon as you were sure it wasn’t coming back to life, you turned the water at the math, soaking your boyfriend in the process as you put out the second fire in the room.

As soon as you were sure, the danger was over you turned off the water and glared at Dean.

“How in the hell does one light a bathroom on fire dude?” You hissed at him. More than a little annoyed with the mess he had forced you to make.

“Sam took Mom on a trip back to Lawrence. Cas is still off with Crowley hunting Lucifer. So we have the place to ourselves for a for a few days. I wanted to surprise you,” Dean tried to explain. Clearly upset over your anger. You frowned and looked around the room, slowly realizing what was going on.

There was a faint smell of lavender hanging in the air beneath all the smoke. Destroyed rose petals were scattered across the room and knock over candles by the full bathtub.

You’re mouth fell open as it suddenly came clear to you, what Dean had tried to do. He had never done something like this for you. He was sweet and attentive, but not really a grand gestures kinda guy.

You didn’t want to laugh at him. You really didn’t. What he had tried to do for you was so incredibly sweet, but the vision of him trying to put out the fire, he had probably started knocking over the bath oil soaked shower curtain, reentered your mind.

“Yeah laugh it up Y/N. Real funny,” Dean pouted looking towards the floor, clearly hurt by your fit of laughter. You instantly regretted your reaction and stopped, slowly walking up to him running your hands up his chest trying to get his attention.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean too. It’s just…” You stopped trying to explain when Dean still wouldn’t look at you. He didn’t shy away from your touch, but his lack of eye contact meant he was hurting and you hated yourself for it.

“Dean you know, you didn’t have to do something like this to make me happy right?” You asked desperately trying to get him to look at you, but he still didn’t.

“Well good cause I failed, just like with everything else,” he mumbled, his words tearing at your heart.

“You don’t fail at everything. You are a great hunter. You are an amazing brother and you are a fantastic boyfriend.” You insisted. Your last words seemed to make him loosen up a bit.

“Yeah?” he asked finally wrapping his arms around your waist and meeting your gaze.

“Yes. What do you say I go out and get some pizza and beers while you clean this up. We can watch netflix and cuddle in your room?” You wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Is cuddle code for chill?” Dean wiggled his eyebrows at you making you laugh and press your lips against his in a chaste kiss.

“Idiot,” you grinned at him. Dean instantly hoisted you into the air and press you against the wall. A small squeal of surprise erupted from your lungs and a satisfied smirk slid across Dean’s face.

“Smartass,” he retorted. Slipping his tongue into your mouth, robbing you of any chance to argue and making your forget all about pizza, netflix and the mess around you.

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Hockey Luke

Hey guys! So sorry I haven’t written in a while. Iv’e been really busy with sports and school. This was written for @lukebitches This isn’t my best writing, but hope you like it!

part 2

The crowd roared as yet another goal was scored by the famous blondie on your college’s hockey team. People stood from their seats, popcorn flying as Hemmings did a victory dance in the middle of the ring, fellow teammates rushing towards him. Your school had won championships for four straight years now, all lead by team captain Luke Hemmings. You smiled, mainly in amusement, as you sat and watched girls screaming at the boy, wearing tight skirts and cropped shirts hoping to get his attention. Luke paid attention to none of them, skimming the crowd. He finally locked eyes with you and you smirked. He winked and blew you a kiss, causing every girl in your section to give you a glare. You sighed and shook your head at the boy, ignoring the stares. People soon started to exit the rink, but you stayed back, waiting for Luke to be finished.

You had gotten to know Luke in your first year at college. He had happened to have every class with you that year, and the two of you soon bonded. He had become one of your closest friends over the years, as well as your biggest crush. Although you flirted with your lanky friend occasionally, you had never tried to make a move. You’re friendship with Luke was too important to risk anything else. On top of that, every girl on campus would wish you were dead. But recently, it seemed like he was flirting back….

“Y/l/n!” You heard Luke call, and you stood up, awoken from your thoughts of Luke. You tried to hide your blush as you walked over, brushing your hair behind your ear. “Hemmings,” you replied, grinning as you approached him. “How’d I do?” He smiled back, pulling you into a hug. You inhaled the smell of his cologne and vanilla shampoo, closing your eyes. “Great, as always,” you smiled, stepping back to look up at him. Luke grinned, dimpled prominent in the bright lights of the hockey arena. “Well what do you say we go get some pizza and go back to my place? We can celebrate another victory together!” He cheered, pulling you by the arm towards the exit and out to his car. You giggled and followed, laughing and singing as he drove.

Going to Luke’s house was a normal thing for you two. No matter what the score, you two would end up at his house with a box of pizza and beer, watching some random movie you had never heard of Netflix. It was never weird or awkward, even when you two cuddled. Tonight however, Luke had pulled you all the way onto his lap, hands on your hips as he rested his head on your shoulder. Luke had never been so touchy before, and with his lips touching your neck, you couldn’t help but sit in utter shock, heart beating out of your chest. Half an hour went by, and you couldn’t focus on the movie anymore. “I, uh.. Gonna  get- water,” you mumbled, standing up and rushing towards the kitchen. You washed your face, pacing around the small room before finally calming yourself down. Sighing, you decided to get a glass of water.

“Ugh,” you mumbled. You had never realized how far up the cupboard were in Luke’s apartment, since he had always gotten everything for you. Now that you were trying to get a glass yourself, you were struggling to even touch the handle. You jumped onto the counter, now able to reach up and get a glass. “Yes!” You threw your fist in the air in triumph. “Y/n?” Luke asked from behind you. You turned your head as he walked towards you. “Oh uh, I was just getting a glass,” you replied, answering his question before he could ask. You closed the cupboard, turning around before jumping to the round. However, as you turned your foot slipped, and you started to fall. You gasped, not having time to think and grab onto something. Before you could hit the ground, you felt strong hands wrap around you, catching you inches before the tiled floor.

“I got you,” Luke whispered, helping you up as you collected yourself. You leaned against the kitchen counter. “Thanks,” you whispered, blushing and looking down at the ground. Luke’s feet came into view as he shuffled closer to you, pushing up your chin with his hand, forcing you to stare at his big blue orbs. Luke looked straight at you before breathing out. “Y/n…” he whispered. His eyes trailed to your lips, his hand resting on the side of your neck. You gulped, heart rate speeding up again, not being able to form words. He slowly leaned in, lips ghosting over yours. You stood completely still, not being able to breathe. Before you could formulate words or any thoughts, Luke’s lips were on yours. His callused fingers brought your body closer to his as you placed your hands on his chest. Just as you finally relaxed, your phone rang. You stepped back immediately, realizing what had just happened. “I- that’s my roommate. I have to go,” you mumbled, still trying to catch your breathe and formulate words. And with that, you rushed out the door, leaving a confused Luke behind.

Drink, Drank, Drunk.

Anonymous asked: How about 17? Thanks.

ohladybegood asked: I’m really enjoying your fics. How about skimmons #17?

Thanks for prompting! Okay this involves a lot of tequila, because for some reason I could see Skye drinking a lot of tequila. Anyway. Prompt 17 is Drink, Drank, Drunk. Skye and Jemma unwind after a long day at work. 

“C’mon, Jem. This is a good idea. You’re the one who says you need to unwind after a long day of work.” Skye stands in the doorway with two bottles of tequila in her hands. She moves to set everything down on the coffee table where an arrangement of shot glasses, lemons and salt has already been displayed before Jemma got home. There’s also enough cash to pay for the pizza and Skye’s laptop with the red Netflix screen.

“Yes, with a beer, Skye. Not with two bottles of tequila.” She laughs nonetheless and hops on the couch with Skye, who has slouched down and connected her laptop to the widescreen tv.

“What’s the difference, really. We’ll get drunk in the end anyway, because we’re tired and we’ve started drinking before our pizza got here. So we might as well just drink the tequila.”

“Fine, but you’re not drinking from the bottle. And you’re not opening the door in your bra like last time.”

“Maybe without pants on this time then, maybe?” Skye grins and dodges Jemma’s hand when she wants to shove her.


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refraindrops  asked:

Not sure if this is too late or not (if it is, please ignore and I'm so sorry!) - but if it isn't, could I have some Bellarke, "I'm driving somewhere and you cut me off and it's the last straw because I've had such a shitty day so I'm actually going to get out of my car at the next light to ream you a new one but oh fuck you're gorgeous and super apologetic, now what do I do?"

In general, Bellamy thinks of himself as a fairly controlled person. He can and does lose his temper, on occasion, but the occasions are rare and usually justified. Back in high school and college, he got in some impressive screaming matches, but adulthood has tempered him, and now he tends to wield passion as a tool, instead of letting it control him.

But, fuck, he’s having such a shitty day.

It was a shitty week already. Work has been stressful, he and Octavia are fighting again, and all he wants to do is go home, get a beer, order a pizza, and watch Netflix until he passes out. The ideal Friday, really.

Unfortunately, he has to get through his commute first, and his commute is a minefield of rage. Just getting out of the office parking lot is bad enough, because everyone else is convinced that if they follow posted signage, it will take longer than honking and yelling.

He can’t wait for it to be warm again, when he can ride his bike. Cars are the fucking worst.

Once he’s out of the parking lot, he’s still got traffic lights, construction, and assholes who don’t know how to use their turn signals, all of which build to his least favorite thing: the train tracks. His goal, every Friday, is to get past the tracks before the 6:13 cargo train comes, because if he doesn’t, he will be stuck there for almost ten minutes, waiting for the stupid fucking thing to pass.

Most Fridays, he makes it, but it’s the last stupid, stressful part of his work week, and even when he’s not in a foul mood, he hates it.

So, of course, he gets cut off by some asshole in a rental car just before the tracks, and his only consolation is that they’re going too slowly to beat it either, so both of them get stuck at the tracks, not just him.

As consolations go, it’s pretty shitty.

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