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Being Married to Shawn

  • “I love you.”
  • Shawn still taking you out on dates even thought you’re already married
  • Shawn taking you along on tour with him
  • Not having to be apart as much as you did when you were still dating
  • Waking up next to him every morning
  • Good morning kisses
  • Goodnight kisses
  • Shawn getting along with your family
  • And treating your siblings like they’re his own siblings
  • His family loving you
  • Whenever Aaliyah had a break from school
  • You’d convince Shawn to fly her out to wherever you both were
  • And you’d hang out with her and make sure she was safe
  • Shawn having meetings early on a Saturday morning
  • And you being disappointed because you like to cuddle on weekends
  • But he makes up for it by coming home at 11am with Starbucks
  • Spending long nights in the studio with him
  • Shawn surprising you with weekend getaways
  • “I love that you’re my forever.” 
  • Always being Shawn’s plus one to events
  • Getting a cat together shortly after you’re married
  • Buying Shawn clothes
  • Cooking together
  • Him knowing everything about you 
  • All the scary, hard to love, messed up stuff
  • And still loving you anyway
  • Knowing what he’s like at two am when he’s worked hard all day
  • And what he’s like at two pm on a lazy Sunday
  • Knowing everything about him
  • Choosing to love each other daily
  • Choosing to love each other through all the gritty and hard stuff
  • Knowing that ring on his ring finger is for you
  • And that whenever he sees it he thinks of you
  • Having a sign that was a wedding gift: “The Mendes Family, est. 20__”
  • Wedding pictures in your living room
  • Pictures of the two of you and your families all over your house
  • Your house full of cute decorations that Shawn let you be in charge of 
  • Playfully arguing about who’s turn it was to clean the cat’s litter box
  • Sitting on your kitchen floor eating ice cream at 2am just because
  • Literally just getting to do life with your best friend

Idk have you ever just paused to wonder why people like you? Why people follow and send you nice messages? How out of the billions of people on Earth, someone really thinks your cool. Whether it’s an internet friend or someone in real life, someone out there knows your name. Someone out there knows what kind of topping you like on your pizza. Someone out there will order the exact opposite pizza of what you like just to see your reaction. Someone out there knows and cares for you, whether you know it or not. I like thinking about it.

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Hey. Sorry if you have had this before, but do you have any Peter Parker and Tony Stark mentorship and friendship head canons, or any Hank Pym and Tony Stark Headcanons?

I don’t really know/like Hank Pym much, so I’m focussing more on Peter&Tony. I was going to focus more on their overall relationship but then I babbled about the first time Tony took Peter to his labs… sorry. 

  • When Tony first lets Peter into his lab, the teenager looks around with huge eyes. He’s quiet as Tony sweeps an arm over the broad expanse of the room and continues his long, babbling stream of dialogue, telling Peter about security protocols and new holos and Iron Man suits. He’s quiet as he shuffles in, eyes taking in every detail. He’s quiet as Tony mentions not to touch anything.
  • He’s quiet as he touches absolutely everything
  • “What did I just say?” Tony asks, grabbing Peter by the collar and tugging him away from a half-finished block of tech that angrily whirls and hisses smoke and sparks at them. “Am I talking to myself? Do you think I just like to hear the dullecent tones of my own voice? Am I speaking Spanish?”
  • “I can speak Spanish,” Peter says, the first thing he’s voiced since being lead down the winding steps into the technological candy-land.
  • “No, you can’t, kid. I’ve seen your Spanish scores at school.”
  • “You’re seen my grades?” Peter frowns; Tony has the distinct impression the subject is being changed until he’s the one being scolded. “That’s kind of creepy, dude. Isn’t that, like, illegal? To hack into school systems?”
  • “He says, because he’s done it before,” Tony tells his bot. Dum-E spins in a loose, uneven circle on the floor, one arm waggling like a dog’s tail.
  • Peter rubs at the back of his neck. “Don’t tell Aunt May.”
  • They go through the lab, Tony pointing out things, Peter watching with wide eyes and interjecting sporadically. He keeps touching things. Tony has to stay near him and yank him back, like he’s an untrained puppy, or a sticky fingered toddler, or the little, disobedient shit that Tony remembers being at the age. He wonders, briefly, what he was thinking when he recruited the vigilante. 
  • Dum-E follows them around the lab. He seems hesitant about Peter at first, then grows confident when the teenager only beams at his presence, and coaxes him forward.
  • “Don’t encourage him,” Tony scolds.
  • “I won’t,” Peter promises, and then gets down on one knee, and lets Dum-E sidle up close to him, running one gentle hand down his support strut, like he’s patting a dog, looking awed and excited by the bot’s happy wiggling. 
  • “That right there? That’s you encouraging him.”
  • You peeks out from being a workbench and loops around Tony, zipping to the newcomer now that his brother is receiving pats and attention. Peter pats him, too. 
  • “It’s not my fault they like me more,” Peter says airily, You and Dum-E bucking happily under his hands.
  • “Disrespect,” Tony says, arms crossed, trying to look like the responsible, respect-worthy adult he’s supposed to be. “That’s what this is; disrespect. Child, you should respect your elders, and their spaces, and their rules–”
  • “Can we order pizza?” Peter cuts in.
  • “What did I just say–”
  • “Pizza order placed,” says Friday, his AI sounding clear and unashamed as Peter beams. “It should be here soon, Mr. Parker.”
  • “Mr. Parker,” Peter echoes, pleased. “No one’s ever called me Mister, unless I’m in trouble.”
  • “Oh,” Tony says, frowning at the entire room, at his disobedient bots, at his disobedient protege, “you’re definitely in trouble, Mr. Parker.”

To the one who loves him next:

All he’s ever wanted was a chocolate lab,
Living in Colorado,
With 3 kids;
But one boy as the oldest, the daughter in the middle, and the youngest as a boy,
So the daughter will for sure be protected.
He’s going to be such a great father and he gets insecure about being one all the time.

He eats honey with his pizza crust so it tastes better,
And his favorite thing he’s ever made is Texas Roadhouse Butter.
I’m sure he’s already showed that recipe to you.
When he’s sad, take him to Panda Express. It’s his absolute favorite.
He gets the double teriyaki with white rice.
And he always forgets to grab sugar for his rice, so make sure he gets that.
And if you love midnight cookie dough, then lucky you because it’s almost a daily routine.
Midnight Mac-n-Cheese is also common with him.

He always insists on driving, but that might also be because I’m a terrible driver.
But he’ll let you play your music,
And he’ll say that he loves it even if you have a weird taste.
We shared the same music taste of country and hip hop, but he still listened to my alternative and pretended he loved it.

He always participates in no-shave November,
But he can never grow a full beard,
He has spots that refuse to grow hair.
So make sure every day that you say that you think it looks good so he feels less self-conscious about it.
His hair will grow long and you’ll love it, though.
I recommend playing with it, he’ll even let you braid it if you ask.
Or don’t ask, just do it.
He won’t complain at all.

He never takes off his ring;
The ring from his dad.
He’ll tell you about his dad eventually if he already hasn’t.
If you love him and he hasn’t pushed you away yet, then I’m sure he opened up to you within the first few weeks of talking.
He reads people well and he knows who he can trust.
He says that he’s a person that will put all of their trust in you until you give them a reason not to,
But I saw right through his bullshit.
It takes a little while to get it.

He loves having lazy days;
The days where you order pizza and lay around all day watching movies and cuddling.
He hates crowds and being social,
So maybe that’s why.

He’s the best at cuddling.
His body, not too toned but not fat, makes it so comfortable.
He’s easy to fall asleep on.
He likes to be the little spoon sometimes,
Mostly when he just needs to feel comforted.
He’ll pull you closer in the middle of the night,
And it’s the best feeling in the world.

His favorite season is winter,
Especially when it’s in Colorado.
He loves to snowboard and you’ll see his eyes light up when he talks about it.
He loves the snow, the baking, and seeing his family;
He’s a huge family guy.
Cherish that because it’s amazing.

He’ll always hold the door open for you,
and he’ll always insist on paying.
But he lowkey loves it when you pay for it;
He says it shows independence.
He’ll always make sure you’re warm,
and he’ll cover you up when you fall asleep on the sofa while you’re binge watching Friends.

He’s beyond grateful for anything that you do for him,
and he’ll never take something for granted.
He’s definitely the most kind, understanding, forgiving, positive guy I’ve ever met and for that,
He’s not worth letting go of.
He’ll always have a place in your heart whether you want him to or not.

Love him, take care of him, show him how much you care.
Make him be the best he can be and push him ahead in life.
Never forget how truly blessed you are for having him,
Because he won’t ever do the same to you.

And lastly, make him happy.
Give him a reason to smile,
Give him a reason to laugh.
Maybe tell a good joke, because he loves jokes.
He once told me that “humor is the way to his heart,”
and he didn’t lie.

And once you find the way to his heart,
Never let it go.

—  the one who loved him first // 12.13.15

Zuhair Murad Haute Couture Fall 2013

On my way to steal your man, your woman, your dog and your pizza 

Request: If you aren't too busy, could you maybe do a body swap one? Where Dean gets put in Reader's body, Reader in Cas, Cas in Sam, and Sam in Dean? Thanks a million and four!

You were laying on the couch, curled into the fetal position, urging your uterus to stop killing itself. You were having the worst period cramps of your life. You were just lucky you didn’t have to go on any hunts. 

“Y/N, what are you doing?” Cas asked, appearing next to you.

Dying. You wanted to say, but stopped yourself. “Laying around. Why?”

“I am bored and-”

“Woah, wait! Baby brother Cas is bored? Something is wrong here!” A cheerful voice exclaimed, appearing in the room. Gabriel stood before you, his hazel eyes sparkling mischievously. 

“Did I hear Gabriel?” Dean groaned, entering the room with Sam at his heels.

“Whatever you have planned, can you not do it? This is the first stress free day we’ve had in a long time.” Sam said.

“But I want to have some fun!” Gabriel pouted.

“Y/N, what’s wrong with you? Kick his ass.” Dean ordered.

“What am I? your guard dog? You do it.” You replied, your words taking on a bit more edge than you meant. 

“Oh. Um. Okay.” Dean said, obviously offended. 

“You guys need a family meeting.” Gabriel commented, then smirked. “I have just the idea!”

“No!” You, Sam, Dean, and Cas all shouted in unison, but it didn’t stop Gabe from snapping his fingers. Your body tingled for a moment, then your head felt dizzy. 

“What the Hell was that?” You asked, your voice sounding much deeper than usual.

“Oh my God, he’s killing me!” A female voice, your female voice, screamed. But you didn’t say anything. 

“What’s happening?” Sam asked, staring at you. 

“I don’t know, my body tingled and my head got dizzy, but now I feel fine.” You said.

“I’m not! I’m dying!” Your body yelled. 

“Who the Hell are you!?” You shouted, looking at your body.

“What are you talking about, Cas? It’s Dean! Heal me!” You- Dean? -screamed. 

“I’m not Cas, I"m Y/N.” You said.

“I’m Cas.” Sam said.

“And I’m Sam.” Dean said.

“What the Hell?” You muttered.

“I thought you could all walk a day in each other’s shoes!” Gabriel exclaimed, reappearing next to Sam. “I’ll return by the end of the day…. Maybe.” Then he was gone again.

“Shit.” You muttered. But then you watched your body writhe in pain, and realized you felt fine. “This is actually amazing!” You said.

“For you! What the Hell is happening to me?” Dean cried.

“Oh, I’m on my period.” You answered.

“Sam, why do you have so much hair?” Cas whined, pushing the hair out of his face repeatedly. 

“I like it.” Sam- Dean -said a little self consciously. 

“But if you cut it-” Cas started.

“Don’t even say that!” Sam shouted.

“Do you think I have access to Cas’ angel powers?” You asked.

“Y/N, please be serious about this.” Cas said. 

“I might as well have some fun!” You exclaimed. “Alright, I’m gonna try and teleport.” You closed your eyes, and tried teleporting. You stuck your tongue out, but nothing happened. “What the Hell?” You whined.

“You have to think about where you want to go.” Cas explained. 

“Alright, I’ll start easy.” You muttered. You thought about going into your room. You thought about how it looked, where your bed was and all the clothes on your floor. When you opened your eyes, you were no longer in the living room! But you weren’t in your room either. 

Somehow you teleported to another family room. And a family was sitting there. They all screamed when they saw you. “I’m sorrry! I’’m still learning how to do this!” You exclaimed, then thought about going back to the living room.

When you opened your eyes you were back in the bunker! But you weren’t standing, and you realized you were falling. You crashed on top of Dean- or Sam -and stayed down for a moment, regaining your breath. “That’s hard.” You muttered, getting off Sam.

“Well, it’s good to see you’re acting like Cas.” He joked. “I thought you were going to kiss me.”

“Holy shit! I have an idea! Get your phone out!” You ordered. Sam quickly obeyed and you started videoing yourself. “I, Castiel, Angel of the Lord, love Dean Winchester.” Then you gave Sam the phone, who had a devilish smirk on his face.

“And I, Dean Winchester, am in love with Castiel. He’s so dreamy!” Sam exclaimed, then angled the phone so you were both in the shot. Sam raised his hand and stroked your face. 

“Guys! Stop! I’m dying over here, and you’re making porn in my body!” Dean cried. 

You sighed and walked over to him. “I deal with this once a month, seriously, stop whining.”

“Can’t I take drugs, or something?” Dean asked, whimpering slightly.

“Alright, but I’m not sure it’ll help.” You sighed. You turned around to get some Advil, but Sam’s body was already walking towards Dean with the Advil in his hand.

“You’re awesome.” Dean sighed, grabbing the pills and taking three of them. 

You watched as Dean squirmed in pain, and decided to take pity on him. “Alright, sit on the floor.” You ordered. Dean gave you a weird look, but obeyed nonetheless. 

You sat behind him, so that your back was against your chest. You leaned back slightly, and Dean sighed in relief. Then you started massaging your stomach. “How the Hell does that feel so good?” Dean asked, leaning his head back on your shoulder.

“My back and uterus always hurt when I have my period. Sometimes I just need a massge.” You explained.

You saw Dean’s body come into view with an amused smirk on his face. Sam had his phone out. “Wave to the camera!” Sam said in Dean’s deep voice. You smiled at the camera, not caring how you looked. 

“Do we have any food?” Dean asked suddenly. 

“I’m kinda hungry too.” Sam added.

“Hey, Cas, can you order us a pizza?” You asked and he nodded.

Cas started towards the coffee table where Dean’s phone was, but tripped on his own feet and fell halfway there. “Sam! You’re legs are too long!” He grumbled, getting back to his feet. 

“Just don’t get me killed.” Sam sighed, shaking his head. 

Cas managed to get to the phone without hurting himself, then ordered a plain pizza and pepperoni pizza. You all sat around, you kept massaging your body, and Dean seemed to feel a little better. The doorbell rang and you all jumped up to answer it.

“Dean, you get it.” You ordered.

Grumbling, Dean grabbed the money and opened the door. Five minutes later, Dean returned, a distrubed look on his face. “You okay?” Sam asked.

“Y/N, you’re never answering the door again.” Dean replied. 

You burst out laughing and shook your head. “What? Did the pizza guy hit on you?”

“He said his brother owned a hotel and he could get us a room.” Dean stated. 

You laughed even harder. “I’ve dealt with worse." 

Dean shook his head and put the pizas down. You all ate, Cas kept pushing his new hair back, trying to keep it out of the pizza. "Um, Y/N.” Dean said, getting your attention.


“I have to pee.” He said, fear in his eyes.

“Would… Would you like help?” You asked, trying not to laugh. 

“Yes!” He exclaimed.

“Okay. Let’s go.” You sighed.

“I have to go too!” Sam said. “And Dean, no offense, but I really don’t want to see you. So, I’ll need you to help me after." 

"Sam, I’m also feeling the urge to pee.” Cas added.

“Alright! We’ll all help each other pee.” You announced. “Man, Cas, I’m lucky angels don’t pee." 

You dragged Dean to the bathroom and pulled down your pants. Dean closed his eyes and sat on the toilet. "Oh! I should probably change the tampon too.” You commented. 

“What!” Dean screamed. 

You burst out laughing. “Relax! I’ll pull the tampon out, then just put a pad on.” You assured him. 

“Wait, wait, how’s that gonna fee-” Dean was interrupted because you pulled the tampon out. He yelped in surprise. “THAT WAS THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE THING I’VE EVER BEEN THROUGH!” He screamed.

“Oh shut up and pee.” You replied, putting a pad on your underwear. 

Dean sighed and held his eyes shut tighter. You heard the familiar sound of liquid hitting liquid, and eventually Dean sighed in relief. Once Dean was done you left the bathroom, and Sam walked in. “Wash my hands when you’re done!” You shouted through the door.


Once everybody was done peeing, you sat in the living room. “I miss my body.” Dean whined.

“Oh like you haven’t been playing with my breasts since you got in there.” You replied.

“It’s a bonus, sure, but I feel like I’m wearing a diaper!” Dean said.

“I miss being able to see.” Cas sighed. You noticed that Sam’s hair was in front of his eyes; apparently Cas had stopped trying to tame it.

“And I miss when none of you complained.” Sam said.

“Well good news Sammy! I’m here to switch you back!” Gabriel announced, appearing next to you.

“Oh thank God.” Dean sighed.

“God? I’m doing all the work!” Gabe said.

“Thank you, Gabriel.” You said sarcastically.

The angel huffed, then snapped his fingers. Just like before, your body tingled and your head felt dizzy. When you felt normal again, the familiar pain was in the pit of your stomach. 

“Thank God!” Dean screamed, jumping up. to your surprise, he hugged Gabriel. 

“Thanks guys, you really entertained me.” Gabe said, then left the room. 

You curled into a small ball, and applied pressure to your stomach. “Y/N, do you want me to massage your back?” Dean offered.

“I’d love that.” You agreed, rolling on your stomach. 

“Shit, Cas. How many times did you fall?” Sam asked, rubbing his knees where bruises were no doubt forming.

“I couldn’t see past your hair.” He stated, then disappeared.

You sighed in relief as Dean started to rub your back, and Sam sat down then put the TV on. You were all happy to be back in your own bodies, and tried to forget how awkward peeing was earlier.

(I hope you like it!)

5SOS preference: Fights

Ashton:  „Go away...“- you whispered when Ashton walked into the room . „It‘s our bedroom, not yours‘‘ .THEN I‘M LEAVING‘‘-you yelled before standing up. „No‘‘- he blocked the door. „MOVE OUT OF MY WAY“. Ashton walked up to you slowly. „Don‘t leave me‘‘- you saw tears in his eyes. Seeing Ash cry was the hardest thing for you. „You‘re lucky that I love you“-you mumbled after hugging him tightly. 

Michael:  1 hour..2 hours..3 hours..That’s it, you’re leaving. Michael promised that he’ll get back earlier but he left you alone again. You were about to walk out the door when you heard a weird noise in the hallway. ‘’Y/N?’’- Michael yelled. ‘’Fuck it’’ – you thought and left.

*2 hours later*

‘’Call me when you’ll actually have time for your girlfriend’’- you texted him.

Calum:  A mess. That’s all you could say when you got back home. Beer bottles, pizza boxes, dirty laundry all around the place. ‘’CALUM, WHAT THE HELL’’- you lost control. “Hey, babe’’- he mumbled. ‘’You know what..I’m so done with your shit. I go to school, I have a job, I clean up your mess every day..I’M TIRED, OKAY?  I CAN’T HANDLE THIS’’ – you felt frustrated.  Then you went to your room and started packing. ‘’What are you doing?”- Calum seemed clueless. ‘’What does it look like, I’m leaving you’’- you tried to hold up the tears. ‘’No…’’. Calum took your hand and pulled you closer to him. ‘’I’m sorry…I’ll do anything you want, just stay with me. I can’t lose you, okay? You’re mine forever, remember?’’- he kissed your cheek.

Luke: ‘’We shouldn’t do this”. ‘’Luke, it’s just weed. Don’t be such a pussy’’- you laughed. Luke seemed uncomfortable. “It’s illegal, Y/N. Just leave it’’. You just wanted to have a good time with your boyfriend and he’s just acting like a child. ‘’Okay, mister ‘’I’m a good boy and I don’t do bad things or my mom will ground me’’, just chill and have some fun’’- you seemed pissed. ‘’Y/N, shut up’’. ‘’Okay, I’m done. You can go watch cartoons or whatever and I’m going to my friends house. Grow some balls, Hemmings’’. 


I was just looking at San Jose on Google Maps for fic writing purposes and apparently there’s a pizza place there called Pizza My Heart (apparently Pizza My Heart is all around the Bay Area) and oh boy

During the summer Farmer works as a waitress/counter staff at a Pizza My Heart in San Jose and Chowder absolutely LOVES making jokes about it like Farmer has lost count of how many times he’s walked in and proclaimed, “Farmer, you’re a Pizza My Heart” like the dork he is before ordering food

He actually ends up just calling her “Pizza My Heart”

One day before Farmer has two days off he walks in like ten minutes before her shift ends because he was going to pick her up anyway and he goes, “Cait, Caitlin, Farmer, Pizza My Heart, we’re going on a road trip” before he orders them some slices and buffalo wings and waits for her shift to end and he doesn’t tell her where they’re going because he loves surprising her

They eat and then they stop at Ricky’s Mini Mart to get drinks and snacks right before they get on the freeway and they drive out to Manresa State Beach in Chowder’s old hand-me-down Jeep Wrangler with the top and doors off and they blast Blink-182 (California) and Weezer (White Album) the whole way there

Chowder (like my friend) keeps a tent and blankets and pillows and extra clothes for both himself and Farmer in his car at all times “for emergency camping situations” and Farmer knows this so when they check into a campground the only thing she’s surprised about is the fact that he actually reserved and paid for a campsite and so they spend Farmer’s weekend on the beach and Chowder makes campfires at night and they’re just young and happy and in love

Amazing Cana never Fails (part II)

Pairing: Gruvia

“I don’t come here from long ago so maybe it will be a total mess, please don’t scream when you see my house!”
Gray said turning the key of his front door. He knew well she was a neat freak.

“Gray sama’s house will be perfect just like him and besides Juvia already knows how messy you are, Juvia always collected your clothes after you throw them around in our house”

For a strange reason the mention of “their” house made both of them blush and averted their gaze from each other.

“So” He was the first to speak “you can sleep in my bed”

Juvia’s face flushed dark red

“I mean, i Will take the couch!” Gray said passing the hand in his hair

“Gray sama doesn’t have to worry about Juvia, Gray sama was enough kind to let Juvia stay here so she will take the couch!” She said putting her bag on the sofa but Gray suddenly took it.

“Juvia!” His voice was serious “can you stop please?”

“Stop what Gray sama?”

“Being this…nice to me! It is right my duty to be worried about you! I want to! And why the hell am i kind for letting you stay here? Do you really think i would leave you alone?” He said going closer

Juvia smiled “you are right Gray sama! Juvia knows how much you care for all of your friends! Please excuse Juvia if she gave you the impression that she thinks poorly about you. Juvia would never!”

“Seriously? All of my… Friends??” He yelled the word friends a bit too much. It was so damn frustratin! He closed his eyes to regain his composure. This girl.

“Juvia will find another place as soon as possible!” She said taking her bag from Gray’s hand “good night Gray sama” she tipped on her heels and kissed him on his cheek going in his bedroom.

He remained stood as a dried fish and he couldn’t say nothing more to her. He would yell it in her face: that he didn’t want her to go and that she was not one of his friends but right now she Probably would not believe him.

He could even kiss her again and there was the high possibility she would think he was doing it out of duty or pity or because he is nice enough to Kiss all of his friends or whatever crap she was able to think about. Her mind surely worked in a strange way! He knew her!
He then started to hit his head on his cuschion. Repeteantly.
Stubborn. Impossible. Amazing girl!

Gray woke up. Someone during the night must have brought him in the wood because there was a smell of.. fresh morning dew in the air and his house never smelled this good.
The Sun was high in the sky.
Maybe that vodka he had drunk the night before really was shitty, because his head ached for the light.
But wait, he didn’t remember his house to be this luminous. Usually he could wake up in the middle of the night or at lunch time without notice the difference.

He grunted as he sat on the couch. He had a sheet around his hips and Obviously was naked under it. But he didn’t remember he had that on, the night before..
A name popped out in his mind and everything made sense all of a sudden.


He shut his eyes wide opened and stood, being sure to put the tissue around his..jewels.
Wait was he really in his house?
The night before it was a total mess. There were pizza’s containers and bottles, one year old pizzas and bottles, all around, his Windows were shut and dusty and everything smelled bad, while now it was all, perfect.
No pizza, no bottles, no dust! The air smelled just fine, the Windows were spread opened and a refreshing breeze came in together with the warm rays of the sun.

For the first time in his life his house seemed, beautiful! Like the ones you find on magazines. He didn’t even know it was this Big.
This was just a Juvia thing: taking something shattered and broken and bring it to life again. He had seen her do it with almost dead plants, old objects, broken clothes, a sick squirrel and above all, himself.
A known parfum came from the kitchen.
He yawn and went in.
On the table there was his favourite breakfast. Scrumble eggs and crusty bacon. His stomach rumbled but something else stole his attention. He recognized Juvia’s handwriting on a paper. She always put little Hearts on the i! It was a bit childish and plain cute.

“Juvia will go with the girls looking for another place where we can live until Fairy hills is back. Don’t worry Juvia will keep a secret that she is at your place.
P.s.There’s orange juice and something for lunch in the fridge, eat it! Gray sama has to take care of his health! :)”

Gray wanted to eat that paper instead!! Seriously!! What the hell!! “Juvia would keep a secret that she was with him??” This was becoming redicoulous!

Ok she was stubborn! But if she wanted war she would have it! He won’t lose at this Game!

Gray met Juvia at the tavern that was replacing the guild, in the afternoon. She was deadly tired apparently, but obviusly she didn’t know if she could come back at his house without asking him first. Can you believe it?

“Juvia is sorry” she wispered when noone was at their table
“Hu?” He glared at her “we haven’t find anything Today so if it is not a bother Juvia would came again at your place tonight.. Can Juvia?” She asked shily

He just shrug his shoulder and kept playing with the ice in his drink smirking internally. His plan was settled. She would see!

They spent the rest of the day organizing their work: They had to choose a master, rebuild the guild, keep working obviously, because they all needed money.

The evening went smooth. They all laugh listening Levy complaints about Gajeel, apparently he sang all day long, in the shower, in the kitchen, he even sang while he trained.

Then it was Lucy turn to complain about Natsu being overexiting over everything and that he wanted to fight endlessy, even if Happy version was different and he said Lucy’s too was wild as Natsu and that they kept playing around like childrens all night long. Obviously because they liked each other!
When Cana asked Juvia about her previous night, she smiled and said she had slept very well.
Gray throw her a glance, expecting something, a comment about him sleeping naked or being a mess, but she just blushed without saying a word about him.

At night Gray was watching Juvia from afar while she was chatting and laughing with Lucy. Something warm enveloped his stomach and suddenly he just wanted to go there, put her on his shoulder and bring her home but his plan was still at the beginnings and he didn’t want Juvia to just be with him. He wanted all. He had to prove her his intentions.

He went closer. It was becoming an habit for him, after his return,to find himself close to where she was. Like she was a sort of a planet and he could only gravitate aroud her space. Never too far but not yet too close.

He decided that he could add a bit of tease to his plan so when it was time to go he went close to Juvia’s ear and he, casually, brushed a strand of hair from her shoulder “can we go home now?” He wispered only for her to listen and being sure of making a single second eye contact.

She was there to faint and he smiled.

“Excuse Juvia, but she is very tired so she will go..” She said to her friends.

“I will walk you, i’m tired too” Gray said wAlking to the door.

“Thank you Gray sama!” She said waving goodbye

Out of the pub Gray put his hand on his pocket being sure of leaving his arm spread at his side. Even unconsciously she would clung on him. She did.

“You know Gray sama, maybe next time we have to organize better our exit because i think this one was a bit obvious..”

“You say?”

“Juvia is sure she will find another place soon so it won’t be for too long”


He opened the door letting Juvia in.

Juvia looked around. Something was different..

Gray went to the couch and started nonchalantly to leave his shoes.

Juvia walked around the room. She smelled something, familiar, in the air: Vanilla and coconut.
This was exactly the same fragrance she used to buy in the convenience store of their village.

“Did you sprayed some essence Gray sama?”

He said nothing, he just look at her, playing dumb and kept his task of make himself confortable.

Juvia looked around, on the table there was a tiny pot with a lily and a sunflower
“Eeh?” She yelled “Why there are Juvia’s favourite flowers?” Juvia used to take them from our garden but Why are they here?“

“Juvia go take a shower first, ok?” Gray said

“Sure!” She said still uncertain about what she had seen.

She went in the bathroom, it was confortable and a shower was right what she needed. Maybe she was too tired and she was seeing things.
She undressed and entered the cabin
She take a look to the shelf in the shower: a strawberry shampoo, Vanilla Conditioner for perfect waved hair, Cocoa body cream and so on. She didn’t expect Gray to use all this products and they were exactly her favourites. All of them.. They were right the ones she used usually.. Strange..

She went out of the cabin. Next to the sink there was a Pink fluffy towel.
She loved fluffy things and she loved pink.

She went in the bedroom to take her clothes. Her bag was on the chair but it was empty.. She looked around and saw her hat hung to a crutch. She opened a drawer and her clothes were all there, not really well folded but.. The think is: she didn’t remember she had unpacked her things the night before but apparently she had, she must have been really tired to forget…

She sat on the bed. Being on Gray sama’s bed brought butterfly in her stomach. She squealed and throw herself on the mattress. There was something under the pillow: it was a book. She took it: it was not one book, it was exactly the book she was reading few months ago and that she never finished because… Because Gray was gone and she had no concentration to even read a line. Why it was there? And exactly in the place she used to leave it after reading at night??

She went out of the bedroom with the book in her hand, really confused and still undressed

“ my turn!” Gray said going in the bathroom and throwing a glance to Juvia’s atonished face.

His plan was working.

He stared a bit too much to Juvia’s legs in that pink towel while she walked wide eyes to the dining room. It was not the first time he saw her like this, after six months of living together, but it never lost his appeal.
“It never will” he thought.
He entered the bathroom and inhaled the strawberry scent of her shampoo. How badly had he missed It!

Juvia get close to the Windows just to be sure about what she was seeing: there was a curtain, a light Blue curtain, like the one she had bought for their house but it wasn’t there yesterday. She had cleaned. She would have noticed..

She went in the kitchen, on the table there were two cups, extraordinary alike with the ones they had,with a heart shaped in the middle. She opened the cupboard, exactly in the lower shelter there was a stock of her favourite earl Gray tea. In the second shelter there was pasta, in the third all the things she used to bake. It was all as it was in their house but it was impossible.

Gray walked out of the bathroom. Juvia was on the couch, still wet in her towel and with her head in her knees

“What’s wrong?” He said worried going close to her

“Gray sama! Juvia thinks she is allucinating! She is seeing things.. All around the house!”

He laugh “Juvia you are not allucinating!”

She looked at him “what do you mean?”

He looked right in her eyes taking her face in his palms “I did it! I want you to feel at home! This is my way to tell you that I don’t want you to go anywhere! If you want we can start all over again, this will be our home and i swear i will never leave you again! I really like how you always try to make me feel loved but it is fair only if you let me do the same! I want you to be happy, Juvia and i will do anything!

Juvia was speachless, she just clutched her fingers in Gray’s chest to take balance. Even if she was sat her mind was blank. Gray smiled and closed the distance brushing his lips on hers.

This was too much for her to take and she fainted in his arms.

After few minutes she opened her eyes. She was in a towel in Gray’s arm on the couch while he caressed lightly her hair and brushed his fingers to her face. She was in heaven.

"Gray sama?” She said

“Yes?” He smiled

“Do you still have that lacrima comunicator?”

“Yeah sure, Why are you asking?”

“Juvia thinks you have to call Polyushka san because Juvia must be stuck in a sort of dream, she sees and listens and feels… things, even right now! There’s no way Gray sama would say what Juvia heard. Maybe some enemy gave Juvia a potion or Juvia is getting Crazy! Call the doctor Gray sama!” She wispered deadly serious with her eyes wide opened

“Seriously?? A potion? You think you are in a dream???” Gray stood up abruptly mumbling and grumbling.
Impossible. Stubborn girl!

“This must be the punishement” “I deserve this!!” He said bumping his head on the wall.
“Well, i only have to work harder to convince you, i guess!”