pizza! we like pizza!


Graves: We are not moving to Chicago for like a million reasons
Credence: But Percy, pizza.
Graves: There’s pizza in New York
Credence: Right. Thanks, Percy, you’re so good at reminding me where pizza is

(Parks and Recreation; season 6, episode 21: Moving Up) 

A little something from Chapter 13 of We Will Be for dearest @latias-likes-pizza​ I was commissioned to work on!

Here’s a little message from them:

Wishing a Happy New Year and all the best to one of my favorite writers across the pond! No matter what happens, know that you are loved and appreciated by people all over the world. We got your back!

A Faithful Reader

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what this is referencing to, I highly recommend reading our fates twist like a river series! Kia’s done a mindblowing job at working with and expanding the Fateswap AU in a much more concrete manner that I could ever dream to draw. ♥

Domestic Boyfriend! Kang Daniel

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disclaimer: as always this format & moodboard is mine but the photos, au & quote are NOT! 
requested: domestic boyfriend Daniel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
genre(s): domestic boyfriend! au, established relationship! au // fluff
a/n: this only has 1% of crack (for the first time!) wow im proud :’) make sure to leave me some feedback on this ^^

“You were two halves of one soul, one beautiful entity that was constructed of the irrevocable bond between you.”

First Step: Moving In

  • Daniel has been the first to offered you his place when your landlord told you that the entire building was to be renovated in two weeks
  • Moving out was the only option and you had to find a place to live as soon as possible
  • Your boyfriend didn’t hesitate in urging you to move into his place, seeing how his previous roommates, Seongwoo, had just started an exchange program in London
  • Initially, you did not want to be a bother but the knowledge that you didn’t have to pay any rent except the usual bills was way too tempting to turn him down
  • Daniel’s family own that apartment so it was free and you were pretty much accustomed to his place, having done plenty of sleepovers when exams were ongoing
  • You knew all about the small nook and crannies of the place
  • Like the small mark in the corner where Daniel had first taken his height and another one, 3 years later when he officially moved in
  • Daniel had been ecstatic when you texted him ‘yes’ as he claimed that the  apartment had been far too lonely
  • It didn’t take long for all your boxes to arrived at the place while Daniel greeted you with a bright smile and seeing the twinkle in his eyes made you glad that you accepted the offer
  • “Welcome home, love.”
  • He moved all your boxes from the elevator and immediately asked you if you wanted anything to eat
  • Daniel wasn’t the best cook so you weren’t sure what to expect
  • But when he pulled out a bowl of ramen with cooked rice, you couldn’t help but smile as he suddenly became shy about his cooking abilities he once liked to brag
  • Both of you didn’t hesitate to dig in and Daniel’s cat joined you as each one chose one of your laps to rest
  • They began to purred when you stroked them on their head
  • Daniel enjoyed looking at you, grinning at his cats and along with the fact that his cats adored you
  • It didn’t help that you look like you belonged in his place with him, while you sat cross-legged on the couch
  • “Rooney and Luna, that’s your mum.”
  • This ambience and atmosphere; you could really get used to this

Step Two: Sleeping

  • Seeing a thunderstorm approaching, you immediately rushed home from work
  • Just a few minutes later, you were already wrapped in blankets as trembled in the bed
  • Raindrops fell in quick formation, drawing lines and racing down windowsills
  • You always hated the rain as someone dear to you had passed away during the period of time
  • It was a moment where you felt weak as if everyone had given up on you
  • “Lover?”
  • Daniel saw you, looking vulnerable and fragile
  • Voice as soft as the clouds, he gently approached in a manner that practically radiated familiarity
  • “Hey, come here.”
  • His thin grey sweater was soft against your cheek, you can hear it rustle as you clutch your hand into the fabric and dug into his chest
  • The warmth you felt was incredibly welcoming - like the way hot chocolate melts on one tongue after a cold day
  • His hands run soothing strokes up and down your back, lulling you into a state of peaceful bliss
  • Your body curled up next to him while your legs entwined with his
  • Like a puzzle piece, you fit perfectly with him
  • Daniel’s arm wrapped around yours, bringing you a peace you never knew before, a calming of the storms in your heart
  • He was your antidote to sleep and the outside surroundings as you wished moments like this with him would never end
  • Daniel watched you fall asleep, your breath a steady rhythm before he closed his eyes
  • If only he could extend the night long just so he could stay close to you to make you feel safe
  • When the morning approached, you stirred awake while gently removing his arm that was slung across your chest
  • Seeing the sunlight, you realized you had a double date with Woojin and the person he was seeing
  • Looking at the time, you two were clearly running off schedule
  • “Daniel wake up! We are late!”
  • His morning voice was deeper than usual and you would be lying to yourself if you didn’t admit that it sends shivers down your spine
  • You heard him grumble, his words incoherent
  • Before you knew it, his arms had pulled you back into the bed again
  • The feather soft bed welcomed your presence as he pulled you into his chest
  • His aroma was so inviting as he held you tightly, not letting you escape his favourite morning activity
  • “Five more minutes.”

Step Three: Breaking Borders

  • When Daniel used to live with Seongwoo, he was always shirtless
  • But that habit stopped when you had come over and seen Seongwoo
  • Daniel: *covers your eyes* Seongwoo …… go put on a shirt
  • Seongwoo pretty much said if he was not allowed shirtless, so was Daniel
  • That habit had stuck with him despite his friend being 24 hours apart from him
  • However, it only took a drunk night for you to start everything again
  • You were a hot mess after having a little too many shots at your friend’s graduation party
  • When he picked you up, you started giggling, telling him how much you love him and how you wanted to be his best friend too
  • It was the usual things you said when you were drunk including you were his one and true best friend while Seongwoo was just … Seongwoo lol
  • He just ruffled your head and told you to sleep, not before laying a hangover drink next to you and painkillers
  • But you started to chuckled and confessed that you sort of miss him being shirtless, saying that it’s fine if he did it again
  • The next day, after your hangover was cleared from the drink
  • You limped out to the room and there was Kang Daniel, in all his glory
  • You nearly choked your lungs out when you saw him shirtless and giving what was the most smouldering look you had ever seen in your entire life
  • “SoooOOooo I look good huh best friend?”

Step Four: Cooking

  • Canned and frozen food was a must have in the kitchen
  • You two mostly stick to meal prepping on the weekend, making a week batch of food since your schedule didn’t allow you to cook daily
  • But the only exception was breakfast on the weekends
  • Maybe it was the amount of GBBO you two watched but baking together was something that happened way too often
  • im still salty over liam being eliminated in the semis
  • A calm, soothing song was playing in the background when the time for the oven went up
  • Daniel looked at you adoringly, admiring your figure as you pulled the baking tray up, your hair in a messy bun while he finished the protein drink he had
  • Cinnamon rained down from the sieve onto the freshly baked cookies
  • Daniel hugged you from the back before sneakingly steal a cookie from the cooling rack
  • Pushing him away playfully, you scolded him that he wasn’t going to get anymore from you
  • Seeing your expression, he instantly became more playful as words of praises rolled off his tongue in a timbre of warmth, along with the handful of winks and ‘finger guns’
  • “That’s enough, just come and eat them.”
  • “You know babe, you are the cookies to my milk. We make an amazing pair”
  • “…. do you want me to take them away again?”
  • A smile ghosted your lips at his cheekiness as you saw him stuffing his face with the decadent creation you two made
  • Your boyfriend was one of a kind and you absolutely loved him because of that
  • When he saw you only glancing at him than joining the fun, he lifted his head and kissed you
  • His forehead rest on yours and the world fell away, his thumb caressing your cheek and your breaths mingled
  • You pulled him closer to you as you tasted the sweet icing until you there was no space left between both of you and you could feel the beating of his chest against yours
  • A strong burst of love travelled through your veins, sparking your blood up in heated pricks
  • “Thank you for loving me.”

Final Step: Routine

  • It wasn’t because you both can’t cook but pizza night became a thing
  • Every Tuesday evening, there was always a delivery for pizza at 7pm sharp
  • Tuesdays were the only time where both of you had the evenings to yourself other than weekends
  • Cooking just seemed like a hassle and it’s pizza we are talking about here
  • The pizza boxes seemed to be piling up and it didn’t help when your neighbours would offer you their voucher instead, insisting that they could never find the time to use
  • In the end, it doesn’t matter if you are a couple or not, you still refused to give Daniel the last slice of pizza
  • Pizza night will then lead to long, deep talks at the balcony
  • You two talk about everything - from work to friends and even the weather
  • Daniel liked to used the opportunity to be fancy by drinking wine like those scenes in the 90s British drama
  • But neither you like drinking wine so it was soju
  • …… served in a wine glass from the set that Jaehwan had given to him two months back on his birthday
  • Daniel couldn’t deny that his favourite place with you was still the living room
  • Every weekend, you two would play his XBOX
  • You had been a clear rookie at first when your boyfriend showed you the controls
  • It took a few tries but once you got the hang of it, you could even beat Daniel in his favourite game
  • Although he pouted and insisted that he was being a good boyfriend by letting you win
  • Charming as he was, you still like to shove in his face by making comments whenever he refused to help
  • He will always have the game set up while you went to buy groceries on Sundays morning
  • Once you returned, there he was on the floor, waiting for you to sit in between his legs and to wrapped his arms around you
  • His gaze would then flickered to you and his eyes always remind you of seasons changing, a little bit of everything, but none the less beautiful
  • “I was waiting for you, love.”

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