Star Days Sim Date Cheats

ifdup: restarts relationships, money, etc
herecomesthemoney: max money
warpdrive: warp to the constellations
whenyouwishuponastar: infinite energy
thriftshop: max items
itstimetoduel: max relationship with Cil
jenny: max all relationships

copypaperbox: max relationship with quoto
eyedrops: max relationship with ry
unitzero: max relationship with magazine
piyopiyo: max relationship with vanni glassslipper: max relationship with forah papervillage: max relationship with pavervill heroine: max relationship with erameni

N: From Sanshoku kare no sorano-san.
K: Thank you.
N: When you leave breadcrumbs on the veranda or the yard, sometimes birds come to them and when you watch them, it looks fun.
N: That’s so annoying.
N: That’s not right…
N: That’s not right at all…
N: If Kotori was a bird, it’ll be like she’s kinda fat…
K: Eh? CHUN CHUUN. If you hear this while you’re eating, you won’t be lonely.
N: That’s true.
N: I certainly won’t be lonely, but I can’t imagine what I’ll feel about it.
K: Ehh… No way… It’ll be fun, right?
N: I wonder~

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2015-05-09 23:54:47 Takayanagi Akane’s Ameba Blog

Takayanagi Akane*Piyo time! Thank you for the solo photobook, and on the last day

(T/N: Piyo = 755 watching)

Long time no see m(_ _)m

I came back from 755(°д°)!!!

In these two weeks, for the solo photobook competition
that was held in the talk app 755

I’ve been heaped up in constant attendance in 755…

Every SKE’s fan, the former kennin NMB’s fans,
the members as well as my family and relatives

A lot of people rushed and gave me a lot of supports.

As the result…
After 7 years joining in SKE48
I got a chance to get a solo photobook (゚´Д`゚)゚。

Really and truly
It thanks to everyone(´;ω;`)

I’m full of gratitude.

I’m looking forward to the shooting now..♪

I don’t know when the shooting will begin
But in order to be able everytime
I should be ready

Let’s diet, let’s diet… (´・ω・`)lol

I definitely want to have a nice work.

I want to work in order to repay the members as well as the fans

Through this time, I thought strongly that
If another member also need everyone’s support, if there is member seeking this support
This time, as everyone did previously, I’ll support with all my power.

Through this project, I’ve seen a lot, the bonds with everyone.

Really and truly, thank you very much(´;ω;`)

By the way…

Yesterday, on the final day,
To be honest…I rested.

However, spending time alone on the final day when the final result comes out is really lonely…

I found someone who, while spending time together with me, a person could stand me who “piyo piyo” with one hand
That “won’t get mad” person

To be honest, I spent with this person in Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens until evening (lol)

The place that we can spend our own time carefree, “piyopiyo” all the time and heal all tense feelings
…It’s the zoo. (lol)

With giraffe-san (´∀`)



With peacock-san (´∀`)



(This is the truth of that girl’s post on twitter yesterday. lol)

Even while having fun
I didn’t forget to piyopiyo even once (lol)

Thank you for spending time together with me! (T/N: SO KYUUUUUUU)

Thank you for piyopiyo for me too! (T/N: THAT’S TOO MUCH)

After saying goodbye in the evening
I persisted the 755 race in constant attendance with all the fans the whole time at home

Even there are things that make chest hurt, that smash the stomach
Even there are several times like that, I can have wonderful memories with all of you!!!

Thank you very much
for always being with me until the last minute!!!!

(鳥 T y To)っ゛Churi


And this is just too lovely…..

Fan: I’ll call Churi-chan as Akane-chan. According to the rumors…You will get embarrassed if you’re called as Akane, right? So cute, Akane-chan ☺

Churi: It’s not like that.

It only works with Airi.

Sometimes in handshake meeting, there are people who come and saying
“Akane… Are you embarrassed?”

Because that person calls me as “Churi”

When she suddenly calls me as my name
Isn’t it suspicious? ←

I just used that weird Kansai dialect
Shuu-chan (Yabushita Shu) and Haru-chan (Kinoshita Haruna) will get mad←