The Importance of Pi

I didn’t see this anywhere else, so here’s my favorite math lesson by Harold Finch. Happy #PiDay!

I’ve been trying to find this cute Pokémon drawing that it looks like the use pastel brushes and it’s a waterfall with different water Pokemon (magikarp, dragonair, and squirtle I believe are in it) if anyone knows which one I’m talking about please let me know! Thank you!


Hello everyone! I can’t believe I just reached 1k followers, and I’m very thankful so that’s the reason why I’m doing my 2nd follow forever list. Thanks for always reblogging my shitty edits and giving me so much love through private messages.

p.s. i edited this in 30 minutes so please forgive me if there are some mistakes. Now i’ll mention some of my favourites blogs and I’m still thinking that I forgot a lot. But anyway, I love you guys!

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ai-pii  asked:

So if the incubi are able to live forever due to being demons then what will they do when their human wives (including MC) die? do they move on or do they end their lives when their wives die?

They don’t live forever, darling.

They live just a couple of years more than humans do (10-20 at max)

MAGI 350 Full Spoiler Translation.

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete spoilers so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!

Source: From Tieba Baidu’s Japanese scans and from Jump.Netabare’s texts ^^

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UPDATE:  I added the jump-Netabare info that was missing. I checked it while looking at the korean scans so i would be able order it as if the texts were the in word balloons ( you can read it that way if you want to, while you look at the pics on the korean scans) ^^

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Alibaba’s capacity goes beyond Sinbad’s imagination… What is destiny’s outcome!?

Ugo: Are you saying we bind an Alliance with the gods that are like Ill Illah?

Ugo: Since the Alma Torran era, God was always the target of worship, although it was a colossal evil thing that was ought to be repelled*.

TN: that should be repelled*

Aladdin: Why hasn’t anyone come up with this until now?

Alibaba: Sinbad-san thought of it! It’s amazing!

Sinbad: ……!

Night 350: The Impossible great business

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[Here is my updated masterlist, I’ll probably do an update every month or two starting now]
Grigg’s PI: X  PII: X
Club Brawl PI: X PII: X
Club Alibi, Reader stands up to Miser J PI: X PII: X
Chemical Wedding: X
Mister J questions your loyalty: X
Breaking pregnancy news to Mister J: X
ReaderxMisterJ have a baby, reader wants to limit crime until the kid is older, Mister J disagrees: X
Reader is HQ and Mister J’s kid, your parents get home when you’re having a bit of… fun: X
Electroshock Therapy: X
Suicide Squad club scene recreation: X
Mister J decides the Reader needs a little discipline: X
Mister J helps the Reader free herself from her abusive mobster father: X
Readers Transformation into the infamous queen of crime: X
Someone made you cry, Mister J wants to know who: X
Camp Mars: X

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