Niii it’s been a while since I’ve posted things here … but don’t worry; I’m still around; I’ve just been uninspired atm and kind of dealing with other things ; 3 ; … for the moment; I leave little character references of the four main girls of my character roster ( Moni, Yuu, Sih and Pii in that order ; v ; ) … it’s a little old; but I promise to make proper references for all of them soon ; 0 ; ♥ and the others as well; for now; grabbing the inspiration that I need to do what I need to hehe > v < ♥ stay cute and thank you for being so patient with me ; 0 ; ♥

Hoshino: “Damn… the difference between the size
of our bites is too great…”
Allen: *CHOMP*
Tim: *grind grind* (mouth not opening)
Kanda’s golem and Johnny’s golem: pii–

💝 by hoshino1000:
I want to eat chocolate now.
I forgot to buy chocolates for myself this Valentine's. 
I'm really craving chocolate.
Why did I forget to buy it myself...
I want to eat chocolate now.