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PIYE Issue #2 available to order now!

The mag has been sent to print and you can now order your copy by emailing us at PIYEHUB@GMAIL.COM! We expect them to be ready to post in a week.
Copies cost just £4 each and include a badge, sticker and free P&P to the UK.

Spread the word friends!


Luke and Ionie


To all of the following writers -

Beckie Jordan - Drink Poison Desires (Poetry)

Charlie Benson - Andy’s Angel Awakens (Prose)

Chris Parvin - Carnival (Prose)

Claire Walker - Haunted (Poetry)

Eva Marie Wilshere - Trust (Poetry)

Fikayo Francisca Balogun - The Boy That Cried Wolf (Poetry)/Red Christmas (Poetry)

Frankie Lewis - Nightmare (Prose)

Gavin J R - Dirty Fingernails (Poetry)

Ireti Odugbesan - Heavy Elements (Poetry)

Jack Oughton - Haiku x3 (Poetry)

James Rice - Nine (Prose)

Jamie Bunting - Untitled (Prose)

Katherina Maria Malinowski - Lake (Prose)

Michael Holloway - They Were All Ridiculous (Prose)

Nick Sadler - Hands (Prose)

Nicola Hawcroft-Heighway - Tory In A Yellow Tie (Poetry)

Rachel Betteridge - Severed Souls Part Three

Robyn Donaldson - B (Poetry)

Sarah Crewe - this pony will self-destruct (Poetry)

Indigo River - Butterflies and Hurricanes (Prose)/Belonging (Prose)

Simon Armstrong - The Zombie Whores (Prose)

Terry Naylor - Impact In: (Prose)

Zakk Appleyard - Rock Talk With God (Poetry)

You will be published in the third issue of PIYE Magazine. We will be in contact in the next few days to discuss editing and illustrations.

We received excellent submissions from all of you and to those who didn’t make it into this issue - don’t despair! There’s always next time.

Congratulations Indigo River!

You are our Halloween contest winner, expect some goodies in the post this week and your winning short story Butterflies and Hurricanes will be illustrated and published on our sites along with the following runners up.

The runners up, in no particular order, are;

  • Christopher Parvin - Carnival
  • Frankie Lewis - Nightmare
  • James Rice - Nine
  • Ben Dunham - No Purpose Here
  • Matt Creswell - The Tidelings
  • Sharmay Mitchell - The Camera Never Lies

Thank you to all who entered, we were stunned at the quality of the entries and we hope you’ll participate in our future competitions.

Keep writing!


Ionie and Luke


To all of the following writers -

Annwen Bates - Now Here’s Something To Marvel At (Prose)

Caitlin Mclarty - The Radioactive Rod-Doll (Poem)

Charley Packham - Eve’s Canvas (Prose)

Chris Gray - Lewis And The Spider (Prose)

Christopher Parvin - Hope (Prose)

Conor Boyd - 2013 (Prose)

Fikayo Francisca Balogun - The Chosen Mate (Poem)

Georgia Ball - The Piano (Poem)

Hannah Watts - The Best Medicine (Prose)

James Rice - Sink (Prose)

Jennifer Brough - Marbles (Poem)

Joe Woodhouse - Assassin’s Birthday Bash (Prose)

Katherina Maria Malinowski - Slipped Away (Poem)

Kathryn Lamble - Acid and Ingest (Poem)

Mark Cockshutt - A Cloth In One Hand And A Plate In The Other (Prose)

Mark Howson - Our Hero Addresses Us Directly (Prose)

Matt Scully - The Tele-pad (Prose)

Max Cummins - Untitled (Prose)

Michael Holloway - Man Smoking On A Wall (Prose)

Miles Alexander - American’t (Poem)

Nick Sadler - The Listening Cloud (Prose)

Owen Townend - MATE Compliant #37 (Prose)

Rachael McGowan - Untitled (Poem)

Rachel Betteridge - Severed Souls: Part Two (Prose)

Raegan Sealy - The Girl With Red Lipstick (Poem/Prose)

Riley Duvel - Thoughts Before A Tea Party (Prose)

Ruthie Kennedy - We Imagined A Ghost As Big As God (Poem)

Indigo River - The Dog (Prose)

Shell Keeley - High Hopes For My Inevitable Death (Poem)

You will all be published in the second issue of PIYE Magazine. We will be in contact in the next few days to discuss editing and illustrations.

We received excellent submissions from all of you and to those who didn’t make it into this issue - don’t despair! There’s always next time.


James Herbert , OBE (8th April 1943 - 20th March 2013) R.I.P.
By now many of you will have heard the sad news that James Herbert has passed away. It’s a huge blow, he was one of the best British horror writers of all time and will be sorely missed. I can still remember fondly the first time I read The Rats as a kid which terrified me and got me hooked. To celebrate the life of the late, great James Herbert we’re giving you the chance to win copies of our favourite book of his; The Rats, The Magic Cottage and Ash
To win all you have to do is send us a short 500 word horror story, the best will win the books and runners up will be published on our site with a chance to be included in a special anthology.
Please email all entries to piyehub@gmail.com by 1st May 2013.
R.I.P Mr Herbert, horror won’t be the same without you.

PIYE Magazine now available from Rare & Racy, Sheffield!

If you’re in the area we definitely recommend a visit, it’s brimming with books and the guys who run the place are pretty cool.

Keep writing!


Ionie and Luke

Only 3 copies of Issue #1 left!

If you want one, better get your skates on. Once they’re gone we won’t be printing any more!

Copies are £4 and included a badge, sticker and P&P.

To order simply email PIYEHUB@GMAIL.COM

In other news, Issue #2 is well under way - expect copies to be available in the next few weeks.

So you lot liked the snaps then?

PIYE is rather pretty isn’t it? You could have you work in our second issue, which promises to be just as aesthetically pleasing, if you get your submissions sent in by the 31st May 2012.

Get on it.

Greetings followers!

We are not dead, though i’m sure you’d started to wonder… We trust you all had an excellent Xmas and are looking forward to the new year?

We’ll be publishing our next issue of PIYE Magazine in January, at long last, and will be announcing the writers that will be included in it shortly. Thank you to everyone who submitted, they have been a pleasure to read as usual.

Keep writing!


Ionie and Luke

Hello writers!

Less than a week to go until the deadline for issue #2 so get your work sent in ASAP to be in with a chance of getting published in our quirky little anthology.

Remember -

  • Submissions must be within the word limits unless cleared with the editor (me) so that’s 300 words of prose and 30 lines of poetry.
  • Work must fit in with our sci-fi/horror/fantasy or generally quirky theme. 
  • Please included a submission form with your work. Email PIYEHUB@gmail.com and i’ll send you one.
  • Read through our T&C’s here and let me know if you have any questions.


Send your submissions to PIYEHUB@gmail.com 

Hello writers!

Only nine days to go until the deadline for issue two so keep your submissions coming!

We thought we’d take a break from reading submissions and emails to have a chat. If you have something to say just send us an ask, we don’t bite =]

Question - do any of you have a bookish tattoo? 

I have a Dark Mark on my forearm. Any other magical folks among the muggles?


PIYE Magazine Issue #1 promo video.

Deadline for issue #2 is the 31st May 2012.

Full T&C’s and guidelines can be found on our site.

Important update!

Hello writers, sorry for our prolonged absence but our jobs have been ever so demanding of late. Here’s all you need to know about what we’re up to at the moment…

  • Due to our work loads, we have decided to reduce the number of issues we produce per year. Instead of the four we planned on, we’ll only be releasing three. Therefore an issue will be released every four months, with one being released at the end of August and the other in December. The final touches are being put to the current issue, thank you for your patience. 
  • Though we haven’t started to advertise for submissions, we will accept them all year round. As usual, submissions should be sent to PIYEHUB@gmail.com. For more details, email us or check our site.
  • Halloween is our favourite time of year so we will be running a competition to celebrate. The best short horror story will win a goody bag; including our favourite horror film, sweeties and other creepy bits for a spooktacular Halloween. The competition will be open to UK residents only. More details to follow.
  • We have an exciting new project running alongside PIYE Magazine which will be open to everyone, not just UK writers. Our YouTube channel will play host to a collection of poetry and prose readings, including recordings of pieces featured in PIYE Magazine. Guidelines will be going up soon but I suggest you get thinking of pieces that you’d be happy to record for us. We’re looking for quirky and innovative ways of using spoken word so be sure to experiment.
  • Assembling a street team is still ongoing, we’ve managed to cajole friends into helping us but will be uploading print ready posters soon. If you send a picture of one of our posters up in a local bookshop/library/college/uni, along with your postal address then we will reward you with a PIYE badge and sticker. Who doesn’t love a free badge?? If you would like to get more involved then you will be able to request a promo pack from us (flyers, posters and business cards along with the badge and sticker) very soon.
  • Site submissions will also be starting next month for our ‘One-Line-Wonders’, a series of stories in a sentence which will be posted on our sites. More info to come.
  • Lastly, as we can’t have a physical poetry meet-up we’re looking into hosting an online hangout using YouTube. This will run as a bit of a workshop/Q&A session with writers being able to send us questions and ask for advice on their work. Luke and I are always happy to help with any of your writing or design queries so feel free to drop us a line.

This promises to be an exciting time for PIYE and we’re thankful for your support so far, we hope you’ll stick with us.

Luke and I will be celebrating our birthday this weekend but, as always, our ask box will be open if you want to contact us. 

Keep writing.


Luke and Ionie.