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Playlists for the signs. A playlist based on your zodiac sign, enjoy. 


01. Welcome Home - Radical Face // 02. Where Is My Mind? - Pixies // 03. Are You What You Want To Be? - Foster The People // 04. Everlasting Light - The Black Keys // 05. Fireside - Arctic Monkeys // 06. Soundtrack 2 My Life - Kid Cudi // 07. Junk Of The Heart (Happy) - The Kooks // 08. The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie - Red Hot Chili Peppers // 09. Big City Lights - Lazer Cake // 10. Don’t - Ed Sheeran


01. Car Radio - Twenty One Pilots // 02. Skinny Love - Bon Iver // 03. Always Love - Nada Surf // 04. Let It Be Me - Ray LaMontagne // 05. My Heart - The Perishers // 06. Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer // 07. Glamorous Indie Rock And Roll - The Killers // 08. Come Around Again - Jet // 09. Jealous - Nick Jonas // 10. The Most Beautiful Things - Jimmy Eat World 


01. Weekend - Priory // 02. Bubbles - Biffy Clyro // 03. Heart Of A Lion - The Griswolds // 04. Immortals - Fall Out Boy // 05. Breathe, Desperately - From Indian Lakes // 06. September - Earth, Wind & Fire // 07. Two Hearts - The Features // 08. La La - The Cab // 09. Clique - Kanye West // 10. Perfect Blue Buildings - Counting Crows


01. Hunger - Sam Sure // 02. Inside Out - Eve 6 // 03. Paper Trails - Darkside // 04. My House - Pvris // 05. Missing - The xx // 06. Cry - The Used // 07. Over My Head (Cable Car) - The Fray // 08. Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers // 09. Numb - Nick Jonas // 10. Get Down On Your Knees and Tell Me You Love Me - All Time Low


01. Habits Of My Heart - Jaymes Young // 02. What You Know - Two Door Cinema Club // 03. Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros // 04. Your Graduation - Modern Baseball // 05. Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran // 06. Arcadia - The Kite String Tangle // 07. Crossfire - Brandon Flowers // 08. Disconnect - Man Overboard // 09. Take A Walk - Passion Pit // 10. What Your Mother Taught You - Kingsfoil


01. Don’t Wait - Mapei // 02. Red Dust - James Vincent McMorrow // 03. Into The Ocean - Blue October // 04. Brooklyn Baby - Lana Del Rey // 05. Summer Vibe - Walk Off The Earth // 06. Youth - Daughter // 07. If You Run - The Boxer Rebellion // 08. Touch - Troye Sivan // 09. Walk On - Young Rebel Set // 10. Warrior//Worrier - Outlandish


01. Two Fingers - Jake Bugg // 02. Boom Clap - Charli XCX // 03. All The Way - Timeflies // 04. Young & Foolish - Alex Aiono // 05. Cherry Wine - Hozier // 06. Chasing Hearts - Breathe Carolina // 07.  Bonfire Heart - James Blunt // 08. Let’s Go - Matt And Kim // 09. 19 You + Me - Dan + Shay // 10. Tell Her - Rizzle Kicks


01. Forceful Bliss - Onskeoen // 02. Cough Syrup - Young The Giant // 03. Madness - Muse // 04. Unfuckwittable - Kid Cudi // 05. Drowning - Banks // 06. Teenagers - My Chemical Romance // 07. Tiptoe - Imagine Dragons // 08. Young And Beautiful - Lana Del Rey // 09. Wicked Games - The Weeknd // 10. Kangaroo Court - Capital Cities


01. Lost Kid - The Apache Relay // 02. Paint Or Pollen - Blind Pilot // 03. Someday - The Strokes // 04. Life In Technicolor ii - Coldplay // 05. Black Leaf - The Cave Singers // 06. Follow - Crystal Fighters // 07. Stubborn Love - The Lumineers // 08. Are You Gonna Go My Way - Lenny Kravitz // 09. Can We Dance - The Vamps // 10. Little Talks - Of Monsters & Men


01. Kids - Mikky Ekko // 02. No Light, No Light - Florence + The Machine // 03. Shut Up And Dance - Walk The Moon // 04. You’re The Best - Wet // 05. Hanging On - Active Child // 06. Firestone - Kygo // 07. Bones - MS MR // 08. I’m Into You - Chet Faker // 09. Retrograde - James Blake // 10. Sugar - Maroon 5


01. Riptide - Vance Joy // 02. By The Way - Red Hot Chili Peppers // 03. Welcome To The Sky - Slow Kids At Play // 04. Often - The Weeknd // 05. Young & Set - Dylan Reynolds // 06. Geronimo - Sheppard // 07. Photograph - Ed Sheeran // 08. Honest - Kodaline // 09. Gimme Something Good - Ryan Adams // 10. Karaoke -  Smallpools


01. Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs // 02. Help Me Lose My Mind - Disclosure // 03. Her Favorite Song - Mayer Hawthorne // 04. The Kids Aren’t Alright - Fall Out Boy // 05. Change - Banks // 06. Nirvana - Sam Smith // 07. Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap // 08. Sunday - The Bloc Party // 09. Don’t Look Back - Born Cages // 10. One Day Like This - Elbow

I Saw You Once [P. 1] (Newt Scamander x Reader)

✩ prompt: from a lovey anon asking for a story about meeting newt in jacobs bakery! 

✩ word count: somebody pls tell me to stop adding this in i never ever do it 

✩ warnings: none :) please enjoy

✩ extra notes: tumblr app is being v annoying rn and messing up my gifs :’) sorry about the lack of a cute newt gif :(

I Saw You Once [P. 1]
One dreary morning in the middle of spring, Y/N found herself walking through a part of New York City she had never been to before.

Of course she has explored the city before, but it seems to her as if this street, more specifically, this shop had bloomed out of the pavement- fresh and untouched.

She walks across the street, the heavy mist fogging her peripheral vision, sticking to her clothes and frizzing her hair. 

As she nears the shop, her eye catches something- a perfect pastry replica of a demiguise.

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so i've been re-reading I had Rather (tbh i read it like once a month because im obsessed) and then i found ur tag with like extra stuff and you mentioned a WEDDING and i've been filling my mind with so many happy thoughts of them sorting their shit out and being together forever but Question: who proposes cause like both of them seem to have the same paranoia for being turned down i cant imagine it would be easy

I think it would be Louis. It’s Louis who is spectacularly cheesy and likes to do big blow out romantic gestures, and I think he’ll get to a point in that verse where he’s like, okay, this is who I want to spend the rest of my life with, and this is how that happens in relationships: you get married. He’s quite rigid in his understanding of those kinds of things, I think. It’s Nick who’s already accepted a long time ago that the chances of him ever falling out of love with Louis are fairly spectacularly slim, and he knows that this is the long term for him. He’s cautious of mentioning it to Louis, because Louis can be so terribly scared of what he’s feeling, but he’s in this for the very, very long haul. So Louis knows that it has to be him, that he has to be the one to ask, because he knows from bitter (and perfect) experience that Nick is terribly, terribly careful with him when it comes to things like this.

So it’s Louis who has to ask, and it’s Louis who has to have conversations with Harry about whether he thinks Nick will say yes or not, because nobody makes Louis more scared than Nick, Nick who he’s so desperately in love with that sometimes it makes his chest hurt. But they’re still so careful with each other in front of other people; sometimes people have to ask if they’re still together because they can be together and barely touch each other, barely talk. To other people their relationship still seems fragile, even if in private it’s got the kind of roots that will take a lifetime to untangle, they’re so fiercely entwined.

Louis knows that Nick loves a party, and loves having everyone he loves together, but he can’t imagine being brave enough to declare how he feels in front of everyone. He’s still fucked up, even though he tries not to be. He buys a ring anyway, and makes sure that Nick has the evening free after his birthday, the night after his party, and studies recipes so that he knows what he’s cooking for Nick’s birthday meal.

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Not Dead Yet (Part 13)

*Development! If not a little rushed. If you don’t like it then you can sincerely stuff a bag of pixie dust in your cake hole and stay in the corner. (I am a salty kitty today apparently.) Love to those who love! <3 *

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: mild language

“Why couldn’t I have been rescued by a fairy?” I grumbled, “Or maybe some elves? Why did I have to get taken in by a vile imp that struts around this ungodly humid jungle like a ruthless tyrant? Just my luck, I suppose.”

I tripped over some gnarled tree roots and fell against the ground. I hate this part of the jungle. It’s so overgrown that it’s impossible to tell what direction you’re heading. I need to get higher.

I started to climb up the highest tree I could find. The higher I went the thinner the branches became and worse was even with how tall the tree was it did little to stretch above the others. “How am I supposed to find the camp like this?”

“AH!” the tree suddenly shot upwards far towards the clouds. I clung onto the trunk as it continued to soar higher until it finally stopped. I didn’t dare look down. If I did I was sure it would make me nauseous.

“This better?” a tree next to me had been growing as well and on top of it stood Pan smug and smiling.

“It’s not funny!” I barked at him.

“Maybe to you. I thought you wanted a better view of the jungle.” he gestured to the open air.

“Well yes but I don’t need to be this high up.” Keep calm. If I get anxious then I’m going to aggravate my breathing problems even more.

“You have to admit that it is a nice view though. You can see all of the island from up here.” I turned my head to look in the direction he was staring.

“Oh my…” I gasped as I took in the sight. You really could see the whole island from up here. The acres of lush greenery, the rivers that crossed through and spilt back into the sea, the rocky peaks, the Dark Jungle, the mermaid’s lagoon, and even Pan’s enormous Thinking Tree.

I was able to spot the clearing where I knew the camp was. I squinted back at Pan. “What?” he asked when he caught my gaze.

“How do you always know where I am?”

“I’m tied to the island. I can tell when someone comes or goes from this realm and if I need to find someone then I need only to stretch my powers and search for their presence.” he shrugged. “One of the perks of being me.”

“Joy” I made the mistake of looking down and my vision tunneled. I drove my fingernails into the bark. “Can we go back down now?”

“I didn’t think you were scared of heights.”

“I’m not but there’s a limit!” I squeezed my eyes shut. “Just put the tree down…please.”

“I’ll do you one better.” An arm wrapped around my waist and I popped my eyes back open.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I pushed him off. I lost my balance and almost slipped off the branch I was sitting on.

“Whoa there!” Pan grabbed me before I could fall off completely. He rolled his eyes and pulled me back upright. “I was trying to avoid that.”

“Why are you grabbing me in the first place? I told you to just put down the tree!” I growled at him.

“If you just gave me a second to explain and not throw me off then you’d know that I was just going to teleport us out of the tree unless you’d rather take the long way down.” he loosened his grip on me and I started to fall back off the tree again.

“Pan!” I grabbed back onto him. “Okay, teleporting good. Get me out of here.”

There was a rush of wind and we were standing back in the camp. “Better?”

“Yes…” I let go of him, “Here’s your stupid dreamshade.” I shoved the jar at him.

“Thanks.” he tucked the jar away in his pocket. “Where are you going?”

“To catch the last of training.” I went back to my tent and grabbed my club.

“Can I talk to you first?”

“When do you not need to talk to me?” I turned back around. “What now? You don’t need me to get more dreamshade do you?”

“No, nothing like that. The opposite actually.” he sat down with a sigh and motioned for me to do the same. “When someone comes to the island I demand their respect. I have to as the leader. Obviously intimidation is not working with you like it has everyone else. Like someone once told me, fear is the only way to gain some people’s respect.”

“Some being the operative word.” I muttered.

“Exactly. So, while you do still infuriate me beyond reason I have come to realize that in order for this to work, there needs to be some level of tolerance between us.”

“Oh for the love of–would you make up your mind?” I shot at him, “Are you kind or mean?”

He shrugged, “I am both.”

“You are confusing is what you are.”

“As are you.”

“What have I done now?”

“If only I knew.” he gave me this sort of lopsided grin, “So, if you stop trying to pry into my personal business I will not lock you in underground caverns, dangle you over cliffs or hide snakes in your tent.”

“Yeah, that sounds–wait snakes! When did you put snakes in my tent?”

His eyes widened a fraction as he leaned away from me, “Obviously you never noticed them so let’s move on shall we? Do we have a deal?”

“I’m still on the snake thing. We’re they poisonous? Did you hope they would strangle me in my sleep?”

“They are gone. That is what matters now.” he placed a calming hand on my shoulder, “You keep your curiosity to yourself and I will not consider killing you. Deal?”

“If you answer me just one question.” his gaze hardened, “No, I swear it isn’t what you think.” I reached into my other pocket and pulled out the little red feather I had found pinned to the child’s hat back in the cavern. “What bird did this come from?”

“Where did you get that?” he asked, his voice quiet.

“I found it in the cavern.” I shrugged, “Didn’t think it was worth anything, you said you only kept junk in there anyways. So what bird did it come from?”

“It was uh… a phoenix. Phoenix feather.”

“Phoenix feather? You mean the mythical bird that bursts into flames when it gets too old?” I tilted the feather in the light, “I can see that. How’d you get it?”

He was silent for a long time. “Pan? How’d you get the feather?”

“I…I don’t remember.”

“How can you not remember? Surely it must have been an amazing story. Phoenixes are extremely rare.” I scooted closer to him.

“I told you I don’t remember.” he said in a terse tone. “I’ve lived for hundreds of years, you think I can remember everything? If you were to die tonight I’d probably forget you were ever here in a week.”

“Thanks. Glad to know I left such a lasting impression.” I stood up. “Goodbye, pal.”

“Don’t make me regret this!” he called after me as I started to walk back into the jungle.

“I’m your Lost Girl, of course I’m going to make you regret this.” I called back with a laugh. I glanced back at his annoyed face and sighed. “Pan, race you to training?”

He grinned back. “Ready…set…”

“GO!” I shouted and took off ahead of him.

“Y/N!” I heard him pounding behind me as he caught up with ease. “You know cheater’s never win!”

“We’ll see about that after I beat you!”

We ran through the jungle jumping over logs and careening out of the way of trees. We’d call each other names and try to trip the other up, huge smiles on our faces the entire time. This was fun! I stole another look back at Pan and found myself smiling harder than I ever had before. I had a feeling this was going to be the beginning of something senseless, delirious and wonderful.


Years that felt like days passed in Neverland. Ever since Pan and I had come to our little truce things were great. I was still overly curious about his past but never pushed it. Okay, maybe not never but he didn’t get ‘throw-me-off-a-cliff’ angry about it.

Days went by much the same as they always had. I’d wake up early for some quiet time alone, sometimes Pan would join me but it was seldom that it happened. I’d train, play, harvest dreamshade, eat, and sit by the bonfire. I had gone exploring the island so much that I could have navigated it blind.

The boys had become my brothers and there were times where new boys would be brought in. While I loved my brothers dearly and I adored the fact that I could say I was ‘The Lost Girl’ I did sort of wish there was another girl on the island. I never had many friends in my old life, especially girl friends, but when you spend every moment of your day surrounded by adolescent testosterone it can get overwhelming. On more than one occasion I may have snapped and a boy may have lost a toe or a finger in the crossfire.

Devin, Nick and Ben were still my three best friends and even Felix had gone from being a sideliner to a confidant of mine. He trusted me and that was something that took much more time to accomplish than it ever did gaining Pan’s respect. Once in a blue moon I could even get the lumbering giant to laugh.

I wish I could say the same about Pan. The thing with Pan was although we had become great friends, I dare say I had earned a rank as his third in command behind Felix, I didn’t see him as a brother like I did the others. Devin, Nick, Ben, Felix, and all the other boys were my brothers, my family. But Pan? He was a friend, my leader, someone I could run with and joke with and have long talks with. There were mornings where we’d just sit out on the beach and not say a word. So comfortable we were in each other’s silence that nothing need be said. It wasn’t a connection I had with anyone else.

One morning came where I was walking along the beach alone. I sensed someone watching me and didn’t need to so much as shift my eyes to know Pan was walking alongside me in the next instant.

“Come to ruin my morning?” I yawned still not quite awake.

“Never.” he quipped. “Geez, you look terrible.”

“Why thank you,” I rubbed my eyes. “Bit of a sleepless night.”

“Nightmares again?”

We kept on walking on in silence. He knew damn well it was because of my nightmares. The nights they happened were infrequent and far between but left me dead and sluggish in the mornings. I had to admit to what was going on after I had woken up screaming one night and gave half the camp heart-attacks for it.

“Are you ever going to tell me what they’re about?” he asked.

“I don’t see how it matters.” I shrugged. We sat down in the sand flicking stones out into the ocean.

“Y/N,” Pan said in a forcefully soft voice, “you probably don’t remember this but a couple years ago when you had just gotten here we were on this beach. You were fighting with me, I was trying to get you mad, then…”

“I remember.” I answered flatly.

“Then you must remember that I never did get an answer to the question I asked.” he said and I felt my heart drop into my stomach.


“Y/N,” he turned towards me, “Who left you? What happened? I know that whatever it is is connected to your nightmares. If you tell me then maybe I can find a way to get rid of them.”

“Why do you care?”

“This is Neverland. You’re supposed to be happy when you’re here and you’re not.” I stole a glance at him, those dark green eyes burning into my soul searching for the truth.

I took in a deep breath. Years ago I would have just gotten up and left. I would have acted a complete hypocrite and told him that it wasn’t any of his business and to just forget anything had ever been said. But then again, that was then. I wasn’t the same person anymore and neither was he.

“You really want to know?” I mumbled under my breath.

“If you’d please.”

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Kill Them All
Brian H. Kim
Kill Them All

From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Pixtopia. Combining the melody from the previous cue (”Shard Mine Chase”), with the “Star kicking butt” theme I use a lot in other episodes (which you may have noticed was also the muzak playing at the Pixie Mirror Office).

Also, Anna Camp plays the pixie princess, so this is basically the closest I’m ever going to get to working on a Pitch Perfect movie.


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