pixote hunt



Directed by: Pixote Hunt & Joe Johnston

Written by: David Casci, David Kirschner, & Ernie Contreras

Music by James Horner

Starring: Macaulay Culkin, Christopher Lloyd, Patrick Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg, Leonard Nimoy, Ed Begley Jr., Frank Welker, Phil Hartman, Jim Cummings, B.J. Ward

A Story: My Father took me to see this when it came out originally in 1994. We didn’t normally see movie in theaters because there was more than enough options at home or by renting older features. But the trailers looked too good to pass up and I begged someone in my house to come and see it with me. So my Dad wound up sitting next to me in a mostly empty theater watching Macaulay Culkin get into a fantastic adventure involving books and cartoons. Well when I say ‘watch’ I actually mean ‘fall asleep with his mouth wide open for the full seventy-eight minutes’. To this day he still claims it was a dreadful movie although he acknowledges he couldn’t keep his eyes open after a few minutes.

That last part surprises me because the opening sequence is the best part. It opens slow but then all of a sudden Culkin’s character looks up (after taking a nasty spill) to see this massive canvas melt before his eyes. To this day it still looks pretty good, although a bit dated admittedly, and it at least keeps you hooked for a few more minutes. The overall product we get here might not be as fantastic but the opening still wraps around my brain from time to time. Whenever I become a Father I cannot wait to show this to my children while hopefully beating my Dad’s record for staying up.