How to check if the art you’re reblogging are posted by original artist or not

1.) Go to that poster’s tumblr account

2.)Look at other arts they posted, if it CLEARLY looks like they’ve been posting all other people’s arts, it’s most likely not that person’s arts.

3.)Also most Japanese/Korean/Chinese/Pixiv artists who are not familiar with tumblr are likely to use their languages on the post, OR didn’t really “reblog” anything else other than their arts

4.) If the poster’s ID says something about pixiv/shipping art or that kind of stuff OR if the picture is posted with just x as a source, that’s most likely NOT that person’s art. (Example: poster’s ID is something like ARC V ART/ Pixivart)

5.)If the picture is clearly not that person’s art but has “permission” link and tag with it that art is probably safe to reblog since that means that poster got permission to repost that art

Any other cases, PLEASE Don’T REBLOG THOSE ARTS, don’t encourage this. Artists are really getting tired of these. They would be HAPPY to answer any questions even if they don’t know our languages rather than just SILENTLY posting their art somewhere else without them knowing.

Seriously guys. I know I’m not an artist but I’m friends with so many artists on pixiv and I’ve been hearing their agonies days and nights. They REALLY would appreciate it if we ask their permissions(even if it’s crappy google translator)

Some people on twitter are discussing about just blocking all foreigners no questions asked but that’d be sad right. Let’s try to stop that before that happens. PLEASE ASK ARTIST’S PERMISSION BEFORE REPOSTING