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I need more Eruri

If you’re an Eruri-centric blog who posts original content, or who reblogs from archives a lot instead of reblogging from your dash only, please let me know (by liking/interacting with this post etc.), I need more content that isn’t my own.

I only post authorized art from pixiv etc. so I won’t follow you if you repost or reblog stolen art, thanks.

This here isn’t my main I follow from @erurin

anonymous asked:

Hello! I feel like either you or another blog posted something relatively recently on how to ask for permission to post someone's art from their pixiv or other website. I don't know if that was you but do you think you could make one? Like, "hey, I'm also a fan of this game/fandom/etc, and would like to know if I could post this on tumblr. Can I do that? How would you like to be credited/sourced if it's okay?" Something like that. Thank you in advance! ありがとう!

I didn’t, but here it is anyway!

Asking For Permission / Reposting

*disclaimer: as with any language, this involves your personal style of language, so this isn’t a one-size-fits-all phrase. This is how Naoto and I would say it. (just putting this here so nobody messages me telling me I’m wrong)

So, I’ll give an example of what you asked for specifically, and then explain the general syntax.

初めまして(よろしく、••) hajimemashite, yoroshiku, konnichiwa, konban wa, ohayou, insert hello here.
Hi, how do you do, nice to meet you, hey, etc.

私もポケモンのファンです。watashi mo pokemon no fan desu.
I’m also a fan of Pokémon. (lit. I am also a fan of Pokemon.) (or whatever you’re a fan of, replace Pokemon with what you like.)

君のアートが大好きです。kimi no aato ga daisuki desu. 
 I love your art. (lit. I love your art.)

tumblrに投稿してもいいですか?tumblr ni toukou shite mo ii desu ka.
Is it okay if I post it to tumblr? (lit. is it good (with you) to contribute to tumblr?)

どうやったら信用されますか? dou yattara shinyou saremasu ka. 
How do you want me to credit you? (lit. How should I serve credit?)

Okay, the last one is kind of weird to explain literally, but you get the idea. Here’s how you ask for permission about anything.


I used polite speech since you’re messaging a stranger, but it’s optional (of course).

Basically, the -te form of a verb with “mo ii” after it (and desu ka if you wish). 

If you want to be more formal or sound softer in tone (like polite, nice, sweet), you can also say 〜もよろしいでしょうか.

本を借りてもいいですか。hon o karite mo ii desu ka.
Is it okay if I borrow your book?

This isn’t a super thorough explanation, but it should enable you to ask to repost art from pixiv.