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Ok like we have Yuri being seen as cute by Otabek but like… what if Yuri found subtle things that Otabek does as sorta cute?

For example Otabek in practice successfully does a jump and does that little baby fist bump. Otabek is so stoic but Yuri can see his happiness and think it’s pure.

Or Otabek gets super excited about something but doesn’t want to show too much of it. Though Yuri can see right through and just sees how endearing it is. He loves that sorta childish excitement from Otabek.

/crawls back to the world of the living

Hajime Saito      Smoking night by Saito_Hajime27 aka @mr-fujita

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Don't You Worry Child
Swedish House Mafia - For A Season Cover
Don't You Worry Child

~Ferriswheelshipping Song of the Week~

Don’t You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia - For A Season Cover 

-This is it! This was the the song I HEAVILY associated with ferriswheelshipping back in 2013-


~~The long tale of uploading translations of old works continues~~

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This was my birthday drawing for Mahiru back on her birthday lmao /runs away