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変わらずほぼシンジャです 不定期で主従にウワーッてなる時がきて苦しい

This a stack of 23 gorgeous pictures from an artist with several art blogs, put isn’t interested in directly posting them on Tumblr. If you like what you see please rate the work and share it with the social sharing buttons on the page if you have a twitter, Facebook, or google+ account. DO NOT REPOST ON TUMBLR. The artist has specifically forbidden uploading it directly to Tumblr.

FYI some of the pictures feature OTPish SinJa. The photo set has a wide variety of subject matter (including Mystras X Pipirika!) but if you’re a a strict anti-shipper that can’t bear to look at SinJa, I’m just letting you know maybe 5 out of the 23 images feature the ship. No I didn’t literally count. One of them is a SFW SinJa comic so whatever.

There’s a little bit of everything for everyone: Serendine, Kougyoku, Yamato, Muu, smol Ja’far, grown up Jaffybeefcake, the works.

Also Vepar is Best Girl.™