pixiv original art

Pixiv Artist Permission

to post their arts


Around this week I work out in getting permission of posting pixiv artist arts which mainly consists of my fav

Samurai Love Ballad Party
Ikemen Sengoku
Sengoku Night Blood
Some otome and manga/anime related

I manage to hook some, and they are so happy for their arts to be introduced and being asked for permission ^^

I’ll link their pixiv blog/twitter, the original art and of course the permission (which I would translate) in every art I post later (once or twice a week).

The tag would be #pwgbta (permission was given by the artist).

I would say this in every post too, but -

please don’t repost or edit their arts that I’ll post.

They give permission to my blog name and you should ask their permission the same if you want to post your favorite artist arts in your blog whether they are from any social networking - which are not limited to illustration arts, but any forms of creativity (fanfics, edits, etc). I know the importance of this as I’m learning from past mistakes too :)

Link: Why we need to get permission

All in all, thank you for enjoying my stuff in a lot of form! ^^ 

Much appreciated!

Thank You For 200 Followers!

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