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Hi! I was trying to use the QR code for that black dress and white collar you made but it wasn't working because I think it was too pixilated. Would you be able to make the codes bigger? Thank you very much, I love your blog!! (:

I’m sorry it wasn’t working for you! Here are the raw pictures for ya, which should work fine. Thanks so much! : 3

The client asked me to add headshots of their board of directors to their website.

Me: The headshots are poor quality. They are too low res to use on a professional site.

Client: Are you sure? They are from a high res photo.

Me: What do you mean they are from a high res photo? They are very small files and are very pixilated. Do you have the original high res photos?
The client sends over a high res photo featuring a group shot of the board of directors.

Client: We cropped the headshots from this high res photo we took at our last meeting. They are definitely high res.

Me: The original photo was high res, yes. But when you crop it down to a hundred pixels or so, it can hardly be considered “high res.”

Client: That doesn’t make any sense. They came from a high res photo. 


Paint. by CheesyBricks

Me: I’ll be making your 8'x8’ banner. Do you have any original files for the logos you sent over? Jpeg images will look blurry when scaled larger.

Client: I sent over the logos!

Me: Yes, those are jpeg images: when they’re scaled, they become pixilated. What I need is the original vector format. The original designer might be able to help.

Client: I’m the original designer and I made those in jpeg!

Me: Jpeg is the image format, I need the original format, like the Illustrator file.

Client: I did my research. You can just take a jpeg image, put it into illustrator, and it becomes the original file.

Me: It’s… not the original vector format. What did you make these logos in?

Client: I made them in jpeg!

Me: No, I mean what tool did you use to create these images?

Client: Oh, MS Paint!


SupaSupa Teaser by Bounty Banana

What could be more useful a superpower than cleaning your room in Pixi-Vision right before a date ? 

A client couldn’t understand why I could not take their low resolution and full color jpeg logo couldn’t be enlarged, converted to black and white, and made into a 9” x 9” screen print.

I explained that I would need a vector file - or the time to recreate their logo in vector format - as the current logo would print out pixelated. Her reply:

Client: Can’t you just take a black crayon and color it in?


A little promotional vine made for Playstation with Julien Jourdain de Muizon at the helm.