Brooklyn Water Tower Art

Seen on a cloudy day down in Brooklyn Bridge Park. A misty Manhattan in the background

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Philippa Eloise for @pixielated‘s bachelorette challenge

                           My submission for @pixielated‘s Bachelorette Challenge! 
                                                       (unedited photo and headshot here)

Philippa Eloise is the only daughter of George and Samantha Eloise. Growing up without any siblings, she managed perfectly fine by throwing herself at art at a young age. Even though her parents weren’t very fond of her hobby, they supported her, probably thinking it was just a phase she would get over eventually. 
Philippa is always described as the kind one that never picked any fights, but she is also described as distant and dreamy. When she was young, she befriended a few people from her school, but rather spent time by herself walking in the park, taking inspiration from the beautiful nature for her paintings, or collecting bugs and frogs she would secretly keep in her room without her parents finding it out.
Even though Philippa managed perfectly fine by herself, when she got older there was something missing in her life. It wasn’t like she felt lonely, but she wanted someone she could share her passion for the beauty of life with. Someone she could talk to whenever, even in the middle of the night, someone who would support her, comfort her, laugh at her stupid jokes and praise her cooking skills, even if she burned half the casserole. Signing up for a dating show is maybe one of the things nobody would ever imagine Philippa doing, and even Philippa herself gets nervous every time she thinks about it, but she took the risk anyway. Because who knows what it will bring?

          Aspiration:  Painter Extraordinaire | Traits: Art Lover, Clumsy, Familiy-Oriented

CC: Skin 1 - Skin 2 - Eyeshine remover - Hair (pulled back hair) - Eyes - Eyelashes - Eyeliner (04) - Everyday Top - Everyday Jeans - Everyday Shoes - Party Top (1) - Party Jeans (Ms. Believer)

                                                       Philippa is a private download.

Central Park Snowstorm

I returned to Central Park during the recent snow storms and had some great times photographing in the snow. Here I was looking across the duck pond from west to east with Fifth Avenue in the distance

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pixielou  asked:

The average size of women doesn't mean that's the healthy size! I am completely on your side though, no one should be able to tell you you're healthy/unhealthy based on how you look or your size. A size 6 woman may be healthier than a size 20 woman. Or, vice versa. Health is not always correlated to size anon! Despite what you learn on tumblr anon, there are many other important factors which contribute to ones health. A lot of these ~shock horror~ have NOTHING to do with the way someone appear!

<3 <3 <3 Thankyou.

pixielou  asked:

So I was just going through my 'liked' items and this made me laugh and I needed to bring it back up.
'fatty vibe' omg hahaha I swear that was the best ask I've seen

such a beautiful anon they were! :’-)))))

Washington Street, Brooklyn

Another shot I made while enjoying the Worldwide Photowalk this year.This classic view, taken around sunset, of the Manhattan Bridge shows the Empire State Building through the arch of the bridge supports.

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