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List 5 facts about your most favorite sim, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ♥

You’re so sweet ;-;♥!

I’ll do Noraa ^^

  • Nora’s Parents kicked her out of her house when she like hmm I wanna say when she was 17 because they were against the idea that she may be gay.
  • When she was 15 her and Marcie had a sleepover and she misread what was happening and kissed her. But they’re cool now. It’s there little secret.
  • She really loves to play the piano but hasn’t since she’s was kicked out of her house.
  • She loves vegetarian foods despite the fact she’s not vegetarian 
  • Her Favourite colour is black!

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Birthday: November 16th.

Gender: Female

Relationship Status: Single

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Siblings: Two Sisters - Same age cause I’m a triplet ^^

Pet: three cats, Boots, Dottie & Sottie c;

Wake up time: School days - 6:30am, anyother day.. probably ranges from around 10am-1am.

Lemonade vs ice tea: D:< I cannot choose

Day or night: Day

Text or call: Call

Ever met a celebrity?: Nahh

Smile or eyes: Smile

Light or dark hair: Sort of a dark blonde?

Short or tall: Lol I’m like 5″3-5″4, I’m not really that tall

City or country: Country

Last song listened to: Daugther - Medicine

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*Birthday* April 10
*Gender* Male

*Relationship Status* Single
*Zodiac sign* Aries

*Siblings* 6
*Pet* 1 dog, the best dog in the history of ever
*Wake up time* Usually at 5:30 during the weekdays and 10 to 11 on weekends

*Lemonade vs. ice tea* ice tea
*Day/night* I’m a night person

*Text vs. call* Both but Text

*Ever met a celebrity?* Yup 
*Smile vs. eyes* eyes

*Light or dark hair* dark

*Short/tall* 6′1″
*City/country* Both

*Last song listened to* “Breathe” Breaking Benjamin 

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