School Year End.

Final examination ended today and so this was the last day. After the exams, we gathered up for the year end liturgical thingy. Well, it took so long but it’s alright coz it’s the last thing we could do for the last day. After that assembly, we (my classmates) also gathered up in the classroom for our surprise for our dear adviser. Everything was prepared well.. the foods, the song to be played, our simple gift for our teacher. The surprise went well, we even played with the icing (my uniform got so dirty and I looked like shit when I was walking in the quadrangle and outside the school) other than that, something fishy happened but let’s just not talk about that. 

Actually, I don’t like this school year. Why? Everyone got cocky and inside the room we’re all like competing with each other (probably). But that’s what I think and for me, the issue here is FAVORITISM. Many things happened this year, that misunderstanding with my ex-best friend, when I met T.S <3 and everything.

Hmmm, yeap. After I get my discipline, MAPEH & T.L.E subject signed..everything ends here. I’m gonna be a Junior next school year and I hope that it’d be a great one. 

And yeah for special mentions, I’m glad that we became close with the CHU-BAHM :) haha we were the ones who were together even though everything seems unfair inside the classroom especially to our dear Mayor Conejos :) he’s the lawyer and the mvp of the group, hahaha :)

/ Hmmmmmmm, It’s been a while tumblr since I posted a text post. Hahaha :)<3 :*