@lynnettessilhouettes Learn to have fun with your natural hair, no matter the length, don’t let anything stop you from enjoying and loving your journey. I stay switching it up,( I didn’t realize how much I changed up my TWA in the past 4 months) I ❤ my #naturalhair! And because of that, it ❤s me back! 5yrs natural and I wouldn’t have it any other way! #mynaturalsistas #twa #pixiechic #selflove #proudblackwoman

Used a new product to do my coils, and mmmmm I don’t know y'all, I’m kiiinda liiiiking it, heeeey! Lol! Using the same technique as in my finger coil tutorial, instead of using ole faithful Ic Fantasia Gel, I used #Cantu Shea Butter “for natural hair” Define and Shine Custard. I was curious, and I’m diggin the results! Winning with hold,shine, dry time is quick, not as hard as the gel, just waiting to see how long it will last and if it will flake up.New makeup vid. coming soon.#july4th @lynnettessilhouettes #naturalhair #twa #pixiechic

Blue?purple? green, or maybe pink ombre highlights up top???? Just kidding…..or nah 😆! Trying to patiently wait this year out without coloring…as far as cutting, I’ll just get it tapered in the back somewhere in the near future..I like the wild top length. @lynnettessilhouettes #naturalhair #pixiechic