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Size: 3,54 inches high (9 cm), wingspan 5,51 inches (14 cm)
Made of polimer clay, faux fur, digitally printed and texturized acetate (wings) and glass eyes.
OOAK - one of a kind.
Arms and legs are poseable.

Spring flying sleepy head. He wakes up only when spring come all over the Northern Forest. Very lively and funny they brings forest to life after cold, cold winter

I found some very cool paint-splatter socks in Poundland yesterday, so I decided to make some cool trousers for Porter. They’re perfect, though I might make a second pair that aren’t as tight.

We also definitely need to do something about your hair, my boy. Damn deglued floof.

(Also, I have no idea who those manacle bracelets actually belong to, I just bought them in a bundle from someone on Facebook. Any info would be awesome.)

Get to know a little more about Ever After High’s Forest Pixies!

- Clever and lucky, Harelow™ protects the bunnies of the Enchanted Forest. A fan of burrowing underground, she loves creating fun tunnel mazes where all the bunny children can play. Harelow is also famous for her magical vegetable gardens, which are popular for rabbit picnics.

- Graceful and doe-eyed, Deerla™ protects the deer of the Enchanted Forest. She loves to explore, and is always in search of the tastiest tree leaves for nibbling snacks. Deerla holds the Forest Pixie record in running, and is the coach of the deer league track team.

- Bright and swift, Featherly™ protects the birds of the Enchanted Forest. When she takes flight, she gets a sky-high view of the best nesting spots. Featherly also leads the enchanted all-bird choir, which is why all the chirping in the forest sounds so pitch perfect.

Thanks to Darlene M. for sharing the picture with us!

a chill mix for when you feel content and creative

is there somewhere -  halsey // pressure - the 1975 // about a girl - nirvana // west coast - lana del rey // where is my mind? - the pixies // valley of the dolls - marina & the diamonds // lost - frank ocean // collar full - panic! at the disco // runaway - ed sheeran // american - lana del rey // knee socks - arctic monkeys // give me novacaine - green day // come as you are - nirvana // i blame myself - sky ferreira // ghost - halsey // novacane - frank ocean // she’s thunderstorms - arctic monkeys // radioactive - marina & the diamonds // someone else - miley cyrus // robbers - the 1975