[Alpacasso] Rainbow Alpacasso detail shot

This is my new Alpacasso!!!! 

Standard size of rainbow Alpacasso.

The pastel tone colours are so beautiful. 

It is quite small as you can grab by a hand. 

The motif of Alpacasso doll is the animal Alpaca from south America (exactly Andes mountain…. LOL) That’s why doll Alpacasso has shorter neck than other alpaca….!!!

Its fur is really really soft. Also I can put it in my handbag…. 

So So So Lovely…. 

External image




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Here goes my very last deer goblin and pixie dolls. This designs are no longer available (i will never make dolls with those parts again). All three of them are on their way to their new loving owners.
Thank you so much, guys! I appreciate your support and so incredibly happy to make one very last batch for you! <3
These are the last dolls I made before the holidays and my departure. More monsters next year!

This is OC 91! Her name is Shuri, and she’s a Puffin!

She’s very jolly and carefree. She’s sometimes flirty, and seems to have interest in a seal. She also loves to bully a wolverine, as she poisons him quite often. And she loves to assist others when they are sick or injured, she never complains about it.


[Puchimaru] happy aquarium - Sea horse and Dolphin

My smallest friends, Puchimaru Sea horse and Dolphin!!!!! 

When I saw “sea horse” at the first time, I could not stand laughing…!!! LOL 

It is so cute and bizarre!!!!!! OMG 

Dolphin is the cutest ever than others….

However, I prefer Sea horse….. XD When I stare it, I feel something strange….. such as titillation…… or little excitement….

They make me to laugh. I Love them!!! 

External image

When you’re interested in other Puchimaru happy aquarium friends:




This is a pinecone pixie. He lives between the roots of the biggest pine tree in his forest. This pixie is really kind and usually helps chipmunks and squirrels to gather pinecones from his tree before the cold season.

20cm (8 inches) tall. Details are cast in resin and the body is soft (no joints or skeleton armature inside), he has some plastic pellets in his belly to give him good balance and realistic weight. His necklace is made of raw Baltic ember chunk, tigers eye, carnelian, moss agate and shungite beads.

Attention! This is a piece of art. Not a toy for small children. Completely handmade, one of a kind. SOLD.

Fab.com Flash Sale. Pixie 3" Resin Doll, 53% off
Momiji’s friendship dolls are based on Japanese folk art figurines called Kokeshi—and its Pixie version (in hand-painted resin) has a secret. Turn it upside down and take a peek: inside there’s a tiny folded card for you to write your own secret message on. There’s no more adorable way to let someone know how much you care.


Took Pixie completely apart yesteday for the first time. Before I’d only taken her legs off.

Hubby was home so I had him do the base coats on her torso, chest, long nail hands and alternate head and then got to blushing. He also did another layer of sealant for me once I was done with what is pictured at the bottom (+the head and hands). I’ve still got more work to do on the body but Pixie finally has the start to some body blushing!

I also bought some more stuff I need to complete her outfit and hopefully she’ll be nearly complete before I pop this kid out.

and as always… potato quality cell phone pictures.. god I need a proper camera..


[Fancier] introduce my new friends!

I let you know a new that I have received the package from Pixie toy shop this morning!
Here, I show you which product I’ve got.

1. Fuwamofu Pometan  $34.99 (Big)

size: H30 * W29 * D36 cm


2. Puchimaru happy aquarium $4.99

size: H3 * W4 * D5 cm


3. Alpacasso $16.99 (Standard)

size: H17 * W9.5 * D13 cm


4. Korohamu Koron $10.99 (Moru chan)

size: H9 * W8 * D7.5 cm



!!! trudging through the rain for today’s mail was totally worth it, because of Pixie’s adorable new outfit from @anekochansdollies! It’s so damn cute and both of the pieces match really well with other stuff she wears so she’s sure to get a lot of use from them. There was an adorable free flower headband in there too, which Celias immediately ran off with and I forgot to take a picture of but which is lovely. Thanks so much, Anekochan!


things from Michale’s.

random blue iridecent crystal things that I honestly have no idea what im going to do with but holy crap they are pretty! I’m thinking some sort of little crystal prop for the DC Alberta i’m still working on.

Little skull beads. I only actually needed one and it’ll be painted black, then get mounted on pixie’s collar.

Pixie’s vampire head is finished!! these are in the process of drying pictures, the gloss on her eyes plus the lash glue was still wet. I’ve got her horn magnets mounted on the inside of the head cap already and she’ll be finished once USPS decides they want to deliver her wig.

Pixie’s vampire head is an SID fantasy (vampire version) Claude