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Here goes my very last deer goblin and pixie dolls. This designs are no longer available (i will never make dolls with those parts again). All three of them are on their way to their new loving owners.
Thank you so much, guys! I appreciate your support and so incredibly happy to make one very last batch for you! <3
These are the last dolls I made before the holidays and my departure. More monsters next year!

I found some very cool paint-splatter socks in Poundland yesterday, so I decided to make some cool trousers for Porter. They’re perfect, though I might make a second pair that aren’t as tight.

We also definitely need to do something about your hair, my boy. Damn deglued floof.

(Also, I have no idea who those manacle bracelets actually belong to, I just bought them in a bundle from someone on Facebook. Any info would be awesome.)


Took Pixie completely apart yesteday for the first time. Before I’d only taken her legs off.

Hubby was home so I had him do the base coats on her torso, chest, long nail hands and alternate head and then got to blushing. He also did another layer of sealant for me once I was done with what is pictured at the bottom (+the head and hands). I’ve still got more work to do on the body but Pixie finally has the start to some body blushing!

I also bought some more stuff I need to complete her outfit and hopefully she’ll be nearly complete before I pop this kid out.

and as always… potato quality cell phone pictures.. god I need a proper camera..



This is a pinecone pixie. He lives between the roots of the biggest pine tree in his forest. This pixie is really kind and usually helps chipmunks and squirrels to gather pinecones from his tree before the cold season.

20cm (8 inches) tall. Details are cast in resin and the body is soft (no joints or skeleton armature inside), he has some plastic pellets in his belly to give him good balance and realistic weight. His necklace is made of raw Baltic ember chunk, tigers eye, carnelian, moss agate and shungite beads.

Attention! This is a piece of art. Not a toy for small children. Completely handmade, one of a kind. SOLD.

Fab.com Flash Sale. Pixie 3" Resin Doll, 53% off
Momiji’s friendship dolls are based on Japanese folk art figurines called Kokeshi—and its Pixie version (in hand-painted resin) has a secret. Turn it upside down and take a peek: inside there’s a tiny folded card for you to write your own secret message on. There’s no more adorable way to let someone know how much you care.

Thoughts on the New Dolls

(Kind of rant-y)


The new basics: Farrah and Melody are gorgeous. Courtly is not my type, but I love the detail in her. Yay for more POC in Justine. Glad she wasn’t Amber.

Dragon Games: Stunning. Detailed, beautiful and AMAZINGLY BADASS!!!!! I love them. But why is Apple with a dragon and not Raven? Also that dragon doesn’t look like a dragon…

Book Party: I don’t know what a Book Party is, but they’re cute! I ADORE all of them, but will only (probably) buy Lizzie, and maybe Kitty’s stock…

Forest Pixies: Adorable! I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that they’re Barbie-Little-Sister-Sized, because then I’d get Deerla and Harelow, because I would have the space for them and they’re cuteness!!!!

Super Budget Dolls: I don’t remember what they’re called. I like the durability for small kids, but won’t be buying them.

Royally Ever After: That Apple is stunning! Love the post-destiny style dolls they’re releasing! Won’t be buying her, though.

Heartstruck: That Cupid is AMAZING!!!!!! I might buy that version of her and sell my TTW Cupid.

Tricastleon: Lizzie’s shoes look good (if they’re those taobao ones). The other two, I’ll pass. Wish they weren’t a three-pack, though.


Super Budget Dolls: Cute, but not gonna buy them. Maybe their dresses if they aren’t attached like the EAH ones.

Great Scarrier Reef: Lionfish Toralei isn’t awful. I like Lagoona’s hair. I hate glow-in-the-dark toys, though. WHY ARE THEY MERMAIDS??? It’s a cheap Barbie-type plot that I will have NONE OF.

Ghoul’s Getaway: Yay Meowlody’s solo release! Yay more Jinafires! That Spectra is stunning!

Frightmares pt 2: Oh god… Why? Fashion packs would be a better way to spend that money! Although I don’t dislike Fawntime Fallowheart…

I think that’s it… Sorry this is long…