pixie's cosplay


♡✧ I usually don’t post my cosplays here, but felt like sharing my Periwinkle cosplay nonetheless! ✧♡

Riddler as the Jolly Green Giant.

Suggested by anonymous and @prismdiscord

No, that isn’t Alfred getting picked up

Pretend the street is of decent perspective

And also that riddle is from that one comic where Rids lets loose a semi with a giant corn. lol.

Also, why do all these characters i’m drawing Ed as have pointed ears and pixie shoes??

And now that i think about it, silver age poison ivy kinda looks like the green giant. with the whole outfit made of leaves thing he had going on. She could be his wife or like a gender bent version. lol.


Marauders: Early Childhood

Following the last potion-making disaster, Sirius and James decide to try to make the desired potion again.
But putting children’s candy into their potion definitely did not give the desired effect. And this time, Remus is the one who gets the short end of the stick!


Anime North Saturday (2/3)

Genji [Overwatch] - Anniversary Genji [Overwatch]

Zero & Euphemia Li Britannia [Code Geass]

Voltron Paladins [Voltron: Legendary Defender] - Judge Dredd [Dredd]

Dot Pixis [Attack on Titan]

Tsunade Senju [Naruto] - Jiraiya [Naruto]

Pein & Naruto [Naruto] 

Sexy no Jutsu & Naruto [Naruto]

If anyone knows who these cosplayers are, please let me know so I can credit them!