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♡✧ I usually don’t post my cosplays here, but felt like sharing my Periwinkle cosplay nonetheless! ✧♡


Solid Bronze Scale Mail Armor Cuff/Bracelet 

More than just a simple jewelry piece, this is armor inspired from the Bronze Age. 

Bronze had been a very rare naturally occurring metal before this time, however Alchemists discovered the transmutation process of combining copper with tin alloy to form bronze. Much stronger and easier to work with than other metals, It quickly became widespread through high amounts of metal working and trading. Bronze led to numerous advances in armory, weaponry, artistry, technology and much more.

This scale armor is woven with European 4in1 chain mail, a sturdy long lasting weave that was the standard among chain mail armor. Scale mail was popular among the Romans and usually reserved for higher ranking officers of the Roman army. Many other scale armors used a leather backing due to the time and skill required to weave the metal scales into chainmail. 

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Hope everyone is having a flitterific Friday! I realized I haven’t posted many photos of my Tinkerbell cosplay! I’m super happy with the dress!! Need to adjust the wings but they were in relaxed position for #lbcc, where I met Margaret Kerry, the original model for Tinkerbell (in case you didn’t see my previous post)

I NEED to take this costume to the forest or something!!

I will be back to progress photos of things once everything doesn’t look like a pile on my floor I promise! For now I’m just unloading photos from recent shoots!

📷: Robert T. Photography (Facebook)

Riddler as the Jolly Green Giant.

Suggested by anonymous and @prismdiscord

No, that isn’t Alfred getting picked up

Pretend the street is of decent perspective

And also that riddle is from that one comic where Rids lets loose a semi with a giant corn. lol.

Also, why do all these characters i’m drawing Ed as have pointed ears and pixie shoes??

And now that i think about it, silver age poison ivy kinda looks like the green giant. with the whole outfit made of leaves thing he had going on. She could be his wife or like a gender bent version. lol.