pixie xmen



I wanted to show you something I’m working on. This weekend I am wearing an old cosplay but I am revamping it to look better. I took my old white wings and wanted them to look more like they do in the comics so I decided to paint them. Because the fabric is sheer I used watercolor paints in blues,pinks, and purples. 

I then outlined the gins and painted the middle yellow (since it will be on top of the suit that is yellow) and then added the inside details. 

Hope you like them!

TLDR Version: 
I watercolor painted my Pixie from X-men Wings 

Your couples Halloween costumes

Charles- Albert Einstein and mileva marić

Eric- James bond and Q

Hank- Frankenstein and his monster

Raven- the twins from the shining

Alex- Indiana Jones and Marion ravenwood

Peter – robin hood and maid Marion

Scott- the blues brothers ( glasses)

Kurt- a pirate and a mermaid. He’d have to carry you because of your tail. Or you could be a parrot and sit proudly on captain bluetail’s shoulders.

Jean- Peter pan and Tinkerbell

Warren- Diablo and maleficent

Ororo- witches

Jubilee- a pair of pixies


So, Pixie, all casual in a jacket.  I always liked how kid-like and open Pixie was so I went for a mascot hoodie to play up that sense of youth.  And what better a mascot than Doop?

I really wanted to include her wings but I logic bombed myself out of it trying to figure out how the jacket and her blouse would have to be cut to allow the wings to come through, then wondering about how pliable they’d have to be to fit underneath the clothes then how they’d be able to support her weight if they were that flimsy and how the hell did Angel wrap his wings around him to wear regular clothes anyway?   And to think, all of these started with a Emma Frost’s going out pompadour and a fur-trimmed jacket.  Think I’ve got Magik and…Juggernaut left in the pipe.
*Doop drawn by Mike Allred  PS > Microns > Graphite