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The Signs as Supernatural Creatures:

Aries: Werewolf

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Taurus: Shapeshifter

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Gemini: Siren

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Cancer: Pixie

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Leo: Vampires

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Virgo: Fallen Angel

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Libra: Fairies

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Scorpio: Demon 

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Sagittarius: Zombies

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Capricorn: Witch/Wizard 

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Aquarius: Demigods

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Pisces: Mermaids

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🐉 Mythical Creatures as Witches 🐲
  • Mermaids: Water witches who use mostly water in their elemental work, as well as a bit of air. The main use of the earth element is when using rocks, but rarely dirt. In place of dirt, they use sand and salt. They often use light magick, gem magick, and seashells/aquatic fossils in their practice.
  • Werewolves: Witches who keep wolves as their familiar, work with wolves and wolf-based magick, and experience many dreams, astral travel, and visions where a wolf resembles themself. They prefer lunar magick over solar magick.
  • Gnomes: Garden witches with an equal amount of hexing as they do plant/personal magick. They do divination by mushrooms and herbs, and they practice glamour magick more than anverage.
  • Dragons: Fire witches who mostly use fire for energy and elemental work and practice/have pyrokinesis. They are used to smoke and don't react that bad to it.
  • Shapeshifters: Astral Witches who morph and change form via the astral plane, and, when fused correctly, may even be seen as an animal to others on the physical plane (as a spirit).
  • Faeries: Witches that primarily work with spirit and light with their craft. When they hex, they do so creatively and nonorthodox. Their temper easily changes, but they avoid knives and weapons, even in magick.
  • Elves: These witches are naturally psychic and learn magick easily. They tend to have a boost in every psychic ability and are very "mixed" instead of having one to three abilities.
  • Pixie: These witches are strongest in their dark craft, hexing, and cursing. Their anger helps their magick more than their happiness and love do. When they get angry, they get reeaal angry. Because of this, spells charged by their anger are strongest, more so when the anger is directed towards the issue the spell is directed towards, and even MORE so when vengeance is most certainly achieved.
  • Unicorn: These witches are witches who mainly, if not only, use color magick and light magick. They prefer the air element and stay optimistic and refuse to use magick in its darker forms. The only forms of dark magick they will use are spells to reflect the damage down to a person who has done wrong, to reveal the truth, or, at its worse, to hex them for something positive (specific) not to happen to them (not all things positive. Just to take away what they COULD have had).