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Character Perfumes!

I have been battling severe depression and creative doldrums lately, but I AM GOING TO FORCE MYSELF TO WRITE A THING TONIGHT. It’s a little silly, but I’m going to make all my characters into BPAL-like perfumes. I did this for a few of them a long time ago, but now I have a better idea about many of them, and a better sense of what certain things smell like. I also have a LOT more characters than I did last time, not all played in-game, but all with their own stories and personalities. So, here we go!

Solarine Fairlight - Holy resins scenting the air of an ancient temple, and a golden shaft of sunlight falling upon the face of a contemplative Priestess, the rest of her shrouded in shadow. Frankincense, myrrh, and holy balsam, golden amber, sweet vanilla cream and honey musk with a touch of white peach, wisps of blackened cacao, and ebony wood.

Aeloren “Lori” Lasthanel - A mischievous, pixie-like warrior woman whose big, loud mouth is only eclipsed by the size of her heart of gold. Soft hay and vanilla-tinged sandalwood with soft white musk, a clatter of oiled steel, the gentle creaking of worn leather, a spicy little drop of cinnamon whiskey, and a foaming tankard of ale. 

Firalaine Lasthanel - A Paladin as mischievous, loudmouthed, and good-hearted as his older sister, and by far the more feminine of the Lasthanel siblings. Golden, honeyed amber over soft white musk, a clatter of oiled steel, the gentle creaking of worn leather, and a spicy carnation acting as the “umbrella” in a coconut rum cocktail. 

Vianthas Nightrunner - Cold and aloof in his ivory tower, far above Dalaran, the Mage pores over arcane tomes. The scent of dusty teak and oak bookshelves, leather bindings, and ancient, brittle paper. An ozonic, nostril-chilling anise-and-mint sparkle of arcane magic, and a cup of jasmine green tea growing cold on a nearby desk. 

Lhys Nightrunner - Housed in plush luxury at home, she nevertheless leaves it behind and eagerly gets her hands dirty as she learns to wield the nature magics that could one day repair the ruin of the Dead Scar. Plush, incensed silks, a sip of pinot noir, and deep red roses grounded by earthy patchouli, smoky vetiver, and the resinous leaves and woods of ancient oaks and pine trees. 

Zarayna Sunwhisper - Hidden away from the outside world in her mist-shrouded manor, the albino makes for a ghostly figure as she peers out the windows, lonely but yet unwilling to risk a return to the outside world. Pale, mist-shrouded moonflower and night-blooming cereus, a veil of vanilla-tinged lace and linen, smoky, singed violets, and the eerie crimson gleam of dragon’s blood resin. 

Hynyssea Blackmoon - Brought into existence by Zarayna, she has no memory of the life led by the previous mind inhabiting her body. A fragment of Zarayna’s soul combined with the base personality half-preserved by previously comatose and memory-erased neurons, but her predilection for Shadow magics seems natural to the body itself. A lush, exotic blend of red roses and black jasmine, nutmeg, cardamom-infused coffee, cocoa liqueur, pipe tobacco, black amber, and aged patchouli.  

Aurelis Duskflame - The wild Huntress sunbathed nude atop the rocks rimming a woodland pond, civilization only distant echoes on the gentle breeze that shivered the leaves of the trees above. Coffee freckles on smooth, rich caramel, teak and ebony wood, aged patchouli, soft brown leather, fuzzy brown musk, and dry bone, and the scent of an ancient forest of pine, oak, birch, and wildflowers wafting upon a warm breeze. 

Saleirin - He claimed to be a pirate, but the only thing more obnoxious than his obvious tall-tale-telling was his carrot-orange hair. They thought he was a he, anyway, but it was hard to be entirely certain if he was a handsome woman or a pretty man. He might have been genuinely charming, if he wasn’t mouthy-drunk. Bright saffron and mandarin orange, cassia, and red musk, deceptively smooth tonka, red leather, flashes of precious metals, and a charmingly obnoxious shot of bay rum. 

Kaiar Ashwind - A broken man, down on his luck, with only fragments of memories of a haunted past that had begun to etch itself into lines on his handsome, tired face. Smoky whiskey and dark beer, cold black coffee dregs, sweet tobacco, clove, grey amber, worn black leather, the memory of polished gold, and blood musk.

Halindis Riftstrider - Once a talented caster, now a talented Demon Hunter. He consumed a succubus, among other things. None of them were ugly demons, because why sacrifice form for function when you can have both? A lilac fougere over black amber, burgundy musk, and red velvet cake.

Islaen - The mysterious, gentle spiritualist and scholar never stayed in one place for too long. His sinister robes and shy mannerisms kept most outsiders from approaching him, though he didn’t mind answering their questions when they gathered enough courage to ask them. Curls of purple incense smoke, a cup of lavender green tea, and soft wisteria flowers blooming under a night sky of indigo musk. 

Andrisia Blazewind - A fiery redheaded Mage, her ongoing battle with depression and alcoholism has taken a toll on her once-promising research and development into magical crystalline technology and weaponry. Fiery clove and cinnamon, saffron, creamy vanilla, and red wine over a base of fireplace ash and charred mahogany. 

Veshai - This Draenei has long wanted to teach the Azerothian natives of the magical healing properties of their elemental waters, but often finds herself sitting in solitude at the edges of the Stormwind canals. Cool, pure water, a splash of salty sea spray, hyacinth blossoms, ambergris, and crystalline blue musk. 

Kiréa - Her engineering accomplishments–including acting as the Warp-Engineer for various Draenic ships–and razor-sharp accuracy with projectile weapons are often lost in translation, due to her thick accent and imperfect grasp of the colloquialisms and dialectical nuances of spoken Common. Gunpowder and magically-charged ozone, oil-spotted leather, blueberry musk, and a comically out of place whiff of Fizzy Faire Drink (cola). 

Yaaru - Rendered psychologically unstable by the disaster that killed most of her fellow Auchenai, this odd Draenei relies on her lover, Kiréa, to provide stability in this strange, alien world. A puff of white snow, luminous white musk, smooth coconut and vanilla, and a wide-eyed shock of blueberry-tinged mint. 

Elechia Sin’alar - Beautiful, statuesque, and stoic, this man strives to be a picture-perfect and just-hearted Champion of the Argent Crusade. Soothing myrrh and clove streaked with rich amber and copal, white-hot steel, and the righteous fury of spicy dragon’s blood and smoldering ashes. 

Lydal Omarus - Cultured and poised at first glance, he is a vicious and skilled martial artist, having learned and honed his own personal fighting style over many decades. He will rarely start a fight without good reason, preferring to act with overt violence only when retreat or diplomacy are impossible. White leather and oudh, white tobacco, smooth black musk, sugared black tea, and a fading bruise of plum with a droplet of bloody red musk. 

Avarinde Mournglory - Bloodmage-turned-librarian-turned-Bloodmage, the power that once nearly destroyed her crackles once again at her fingertips. She pours into it all the destructive fury left behind by a decade of mis-shelved and missing books, loudly-chattering students, and the irritating new invention they call ‘bubble gum’. Earl Grey tea, vanilla musk, dry cedar, benzoin, powerful lime and scorched clove, and a tiny vial of anise-dark venous blood. 

Aristolochia Fal’anare - Cute, classy, and calculating. Born into nobility, she takes the family business very seriously, and isn’t opposed to a bit of stealthy corporate espionage when the situation calls for it. Cheery, playful honeymint tea with sugar and cream, gingerbread cookies, and a whisper of form-fitting black leather. 

Laurian Fireflower - Being permanently stuck in Elven form doesn’t seem to bother this former Bronze drake, who has developed a taste for the finer things in life. Hot, dusty desert sand and red amber, a gentle breeze of saffron, long strands of cool, creamy vanilla, a glass of white wine, and rich, warm, honeyed spice cake. 

Shaurindris Ravensfeather - An ancient denizen of Val’sharah, once a Priestess of Elune and now a Druid of Cenarius. This Kaldorei is more mellow and lazily-curious than many of her Kalimdor-inhabiting kin, but shares deeply in the desire to protect the forests in which their people dwell. Carnation-pink skin, watery hyacinths, and night-blooming jasmine dot the earthy patchouli and green grasses of the fern-covered forest floor, while magnificent fir, pine, ash, elm, and oak trees tower overhead. 

I like that Overwatch has characters that fit into the typical action game tropes and then invert them

Like you’ve got your gun toting poster child, grass roots hero….. who’s pushing past his fifties, who the entire world thinks is dead, has turned into an agressive vigilante but is still soft hearted and just wants to make the world better beyond his hardened guise

You have your pretty blonde pacifist medic…..who opposes the male ‘heroes’ when she sees things getting out of hand, who puts her foot down the moment she sees injustice, who knows that sometimes you might have to resort to ‘preventative care’ to stop people from getting hurt, whose parents died due to war and who still became a world renowned surgeon

You have your ‘vigilante’ anti hero with a six shooter and a sarcastic streak…..who doesn’t use his position to get away with any shitty dealings, who looks at his criminal past with regret, who stood up to his ‘teacher’ when he saw things heading south, who makes sure no innocents get caught in the crossfire because this isn’t their fight, who doesn’t use his position to be intolerant or gruff to anyone who hasn’t done something to warrant his ire

You have your ‘plucky’ pixie warrior girl with a snippy catchphrase……who has proven herself to be the top agent in her field, never stops to be ‘sexy’ nor use her wiles to complete missions, who went through a horrific, life changing experience but doesn’t let her pain drag her down or lean on others, who is never moved on sexually by any character in the game and her most important relationship is with a highly intelligent gorilla who she dotes on like a sister

You have your beautiful, lady soldier……in full battle armor, a potential amputee, who never takes off her combat armor and keeps strategy in mind, always, who never lets her duty evade her, who’s never sexualized or has her abilities underscored to play ‘love interest’ or ‘second best’ to the boys, whose main motivation came from her mother

You have your strong, knightly character….who’s pushing seventy and repeatedly notes his frequent signs of aging, who is excited for the younger generation to become heroes, who wants to be a positive role model rather than be bitter that his proteges are taking his ‘glory’

You have your heavy, tank character…..who’s a buff, russian woman, who got her gun after ripping it off an armored truck, who left her dreams in her homeland to defend her country tooth and nail, whose sense of duty and honor outweighs her desires for personal greatness

Overwatch is just….such a good

So the things we can take away from the SnK Crack Theories Week are:

Our tale unfolds in candy land, located in the state of California, on the island of Greenland, on the planet Mars, in the first half of the nineteenth century–that is, circa 1960. In a world caught in a 2000-year-long time loop and torn up by the war between the BRA faction and the Outer faction, everyone with the unlucky blood type will become a titan–though that will depend on their mitochondrial DNA–and only the Asians remain safe behind the Great Wall of China. Everyone else is too caught up in the hunt for the perfect coiffure and the mightiest eyebrows.

What not a lot of inhabitants of that world realize is that they’re living in a Beauty and the Beast allegory featuring the Avengers and Ymir Ackerman, who had been a shifter until, for her well-meaning attack on a canned herring factory, she was turned into a mindless titan before the agonized gaze of her brother Grisha who is also her father.

Speaking of Grisha who descends from the royal Jaeger line, it has been proven that he is a renowned bolo tie maker with a brother Twinsha who has very possibly been looking for Grisha inside the walls while Grisha was off being the Beast Titan. It is notable that Grisha is not only the Beast Titan, but also the Beast Titan’s brother. The others who bear the Beast Titan identity are Armin’s grandfather, the Illuminati-sponsored Obi Wan Kenobi and an unidentified ape. Which is not surprising, since apes are the key to the titan mystery.

Meanwhile, over in warrior shifter Neverland the village elder pines after the Beast Titan, who earns his living by starring in commercials and happens to be a relative of Reiner Braun and the father of Annie Leonhardt. Her other father is none other than Dot Pixis. Their warrior homeland is expecting the arrival of shifter Hannes any day now.

In other news, Marco is alive, because Jean has perception difficulties and because Marco is the prince of the conifer trees who happens to also be the reporter Peaure who has gone over to the dark side and someone else died in his stead for reasons of the German language. In surviving Trost, Marco joins fellow trainee Thomas Wagner whose death is clearly inconclusive; meanwhile, Kenny Ackerman is so dead, he never actually existed.

More discoveries:

And that’s a wrap! Thank you to everyone who participated: 

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  • Regina: Kisses Henry
  • The Curse: Is broken!
  • Snowing: We remember!
  • Regina: I remember!
  • Regina: …It was me!
  • Showrunners: You can have more than one true love! Okay?! Are you happy now?!
  • Outlaw Queen Shippers: Okay.
  • Stable Queen Shippers: Maybe.
  • Captain Swan Shippers: Is this a trick question?
  • Swan Queen Shippers: Unintentionally.
  • Swan Thief Shippers: Is Neal still dead?
  • Gremma Shippers: Is Graham still dead?
  • Rumbelle Shippers: Are you serious?
  • Sleeping Warrior Shippers: You haven’t MENTIONED Mulan in MONTHS.
  • Snowing Shippers: True Love (™)
  • NonShipping Fandom: SIGH.
  • Showrunners: That’s what she said.

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