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Hard, blazing look.

My take on Ginny Weasley after the war.

YOU GUYS. @COLOURPOP has officially launched a nail polish line and I’m in love 😭💕 I used Pixi-Lated, Dust a Dream, First Wings First, and Be Fairy Afraid for a super tropical mani.
This release has a range of gorgeous, pastel polishes, a #holographic glitter, and a multichrome topper! If you’re as obsessed with #pastels as I am, you *have* to check it out!

difficult self care is underrated. or rather, it’s not framed as self care, but in my opinion it definitely is. difficult self care is, for example, calling your doctor even though you’re dreading it. it can also be setting reminders for medications and for paying bills, and it can be using a day with more energy to cook a bulk of food to eat on worse days. 

what i’m getting at is: sometimes self care is things that don’t feel good in the moment, that you don’t want to do, but that are a huge favor to future you. because you know what? you deserve to put that effort into yourself. and from my experience, when you only engage in comfortable self care, it tends to stop working and sometimes even be detrimental in the long run. 

this absolutely doesn’t mean i’m against baths, scented candles, fanfic binges, blanket forts, moisturizing, all that stuff. i’m a firm believer in having the nicest time you can. but i also believe that care isn’t always easy, and that it’s good to have both kinds of self care in your life. i know for me, it becomes a little easier to do the difficult things when i think about it as self care. it’s a good reminder that i’m doing it for a reason. for myself.

Follow Forever for #WeNeedLGBTQStories Week

Next week is #WeNeedLGBTQStories Week, and in honor of this cool thing I’m running, I wanted to do a follow forever list of the best blogs I follow. Partially to make sure everyone who might be interested hears about the event (follow here for updates), but mostly because I want to give back and make sure other people know about all these amazing blogs I follow.

It’s you guys that I turn to when I get discouraged, and your content that helps motivate me and comfort me and bring beautiful queer (and social justice in general) things to my life. It’s you guys that help me survive the invisibility, the queerbaiting, the bury your gays, the general disappointment with popular media, etc. So, thank you for serving up that awesome content and please keep doing what you’re doing. You bring a lot of joy to a lot of people’s days!

Bold names are the ones that I follow every single post and/or just squeal every time they come up on my dash. Everyone on the list is amazing and worthy of a follow. (List below the cut because it’s … ridiculously long.)

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Hello, guess who? Pixie anon! How about a HC were MC is quiet, until someone mentions something she's passionate about :)



  • such a sweetheart
  • doesn’t mind that you’re shy
  • he says it suits you
  • that it’s cute
  • of course this just make you blush
  • but once he mentions something you like
  • your eyes seem to sparkle
  • and words flow out of your mouth at an incredible speed
  • but he doesn’t mind
  • he finds you fascinating
  • he loves listening to you ramble about the things you love
  • and, either way
  • he does the same thing when he talks about LOLOL


  • he loves everything about you
  • so why would he mind a shy MC that likes talking about certain things?
  • he just loves the fact that you know you can talk to him about anything
  • and he’ll listen
  • Whenever you talk about a subject you both enjoy
  • you’ll both be like
  • screaming at each other in excitement
  • it’s pretty hilarious


  • she loves when you get excited about something
  • seeing you happy makes her happy
  • she’ll nod along
  • adding a few things in here or there
  • making sure you know she’s listening
  • she loves talking with you about things she loves too
  • she’s the same as you, really
  • y’know
  • Zen
  • Zen’s musicals
  • coffee
  • etcetera


  • he thinks you’re so cute when you get excited
  • he could listen to you for hours
  • not very much can be said about this with Jumin
  • he loves you
  • nuff said


  • whatever you get excited about
  • he knows everything about
  • he is sure to look up everything regarding your interests
  • just so you get like that
  • and get really excited
  • he loves your shyness
  • don’t get me wrong
  • but he likes to know about things that get you excited

Imagine Woozi getting slightly jealous when he sees you getting hyped while watching a music show because he thinks it’s another boy group but in reality, you’re actually excited over a girl group.