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Regrann from @pixie_late - The quintessential Academy Ahri splash art pose! 💕📞 ~ Say “woop woop” if you also play League of Legends!
📷 Photo by my friend @smile250photography
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Imagine Woozi getting slightly jealous when he sees you getting hyped while watching a music show because he thinks it’s another boy group but in reality, you’re actually excited over a girl group.

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Hello, guess who? Pixie anon! How about a HC were MC is quiet, until someone mentions something she's passionate about :)



  • such a sweetheart
  • doesn’t mind that you’re shy
  • he says it suits you
  • that it’s cute
  • of course this just make you blush
  • but once he mentions something you like
  • your eyes seem to sparkle
  • and words flow out of your mouth at an incredible speed
  • but he doesn’t mind
  • he finds you fascinating
  • he loves listening to you ramble about the things you love
  • and, either way
  • he does the same thing when he talks about LOLOL


  • he loves everything about you
  • so why would he mind a shy MC that likes talking about certain things?
  • he just loves the fact that you know you can talk to him about anything
  • and he’ll listen
  • Whenever you talk about a subject you both enjoy
  • you’ll both be like
  • screaming at each other in excitement
  • it’s pretty hilarious


  • she loves when you get excited about something
  • seeing you happy makes her happy
  • she’ll nod along
  • adding a few things in here or there
  • making sure you know she’s listening
  • she loves talking with you about things she loves too
  • she’s the same as you, really
  • y’know
  • Zen
  • Zen’s musicals
  • coffee
  • etcetera


  • he thinks you’re so cute when you get excited
  • he could listen to you for hours
  • not very much can be said about this with Jumin
  • he loves you
  • nuff said


  • whatever you get excited about
  • he knows everything about
  • he is sure to look up everything regarding your interests
  • just so you get like that
  • and get really excited
  • he loves your shyness
  • don’t get me wrong
  • but he likes to know about things that get you excited

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Into the Forest [closed]


For a long time, Credence’s trek through the forest had been eerily silent. His entire body was tensed, as though he was waiting for something to happen as the soles of his shoes scuffed against the soft dirt of the thin path. Despite his caution, the voice still managed to startle him, and his head whipped around frantically before settling on the man in the tree. 

  “Are… Are you trying to say that I smell?” A very clever first response, really. Credence turned properly, face lifted towards the stranger. “How did you know I was – that? Are you a wizard, too?” 

 It was always so amusing how strangers would freak out when he first started talking to them. Most wizards went straight for their wands, yet this one was a little different. Well, the last wizard was different too. The wizard Newt had climbed the tree to chat with him.

“You smell like magic to me, dark and powerful,” Briar said. “Like a coffee left in water too long.” His grin stretched and he giggled at the question. “I’m a wildling. You won’t find any wand or trinket on me. But then….” Briar leaned forward and glanced the stranger up and down. “I don’t find any wand or trinkets on you. You simply are.”

honestly i don’t even know what’s going on i just wanted to draw them and out came a shoujo-y mess.  (Note:  I was also gonna post each individually but my internet connection isn’t having it right now maybe another day for now enjoy the whole page with my addition in the corner)

I’m sure I’ll draw them in a more interesting manner once the show’s out and I actually know  what everything is gonna be.  Have I mentioned how ready I am for this show?  I am ready.  


okay so the video for this makeup look wont be posted on youtube yet…

youtube.com/xxPinoyPunKxx <- SUBSCRIBE hahahaha

but I thought I should post this anyway :)

I’m trying to act cute to balance out the huge FAIL on my face… Im a newb to the makeup life :’( im trying to get like my waifu Nickeil.

so yeah.. I finally bought a Sailor Neptune Rain Maker from LivingDeadClothing so duhhh I had to do a complete outfit/makeup.

I like my look from AFAR hahaha but up close is a mess :( ugh my makeup feels so cakey.

Like I said on instagram I was inspired by Heirofglee and Pixie_Late!

I hope this video turns out decent lolol

“Guarded by Neptune, planet of the deep blue sea. I’m the soldier of affinity, Sailor Neptune!”


Hannah Snowdon interviewed by Sophie Eggleton: Part 3