pixie jacket

What is the influence of 80’s Death Rock, Post-Punk and Goth on fashion and culture?
  • cvlt: What impact do you feel that 80’s Death Rock, Post-Punk and Goth have had on fashion and culture?
  • nowthisisgothic: This subculture definitely worked in a bottom-up way, considering its influences on the high fashion and then commercial fashion of some seasons ago. Eighties fashion, lace overload, leather jackets, buckled pixies at Zara, Joy Division t-shirts at Pull and Bear.. you name it. And now it is the 90’s turn – and indeed there you have 90s goth too popping in stores, velvet long skirts, mesh tops. Every new decade borrows from 20 years ago in fashion and music sense, and so will also takes its bits from ‘goth’. It’s just a matter of time until gothic metal acts are considered classics and musical innovators and their fashion will be hip again – mark my words.