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Disney Heroine Aesthetics // Tinker Bell

Don’t you understand, Tink? You mean more to me than anything in this whole world!

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Here is the thing. The old guard in comics are comfortable with feminism mostly under very strict guidelines. It has to be palatable to them. They are VERY comfortable with characters who spout faux female empowerment slogans while wearing skin-tight rubber bands or whatever. They are comfortable with characters who say GIRL POWER loudly, as long as they don’t actually accomplish anything or overshadow the hero. And now they are comfortable with super adorable little pixie heroines, because they wrongly believe they pose no threat to the status quo. But when female characters actually act with agency and are immune to being tut-tutted, there is still a lot of pushback. HOWEVER! I think the audience has moved past this, mostly. I think the audience is ahead of the industry.

Friendly reminder that most YA cliches (by that, I mean stuff like Manic Pixie Dream Girls, dystopian heroines in love triangles or average girls falling in love with brooding vampires, not actually unhealthy relationships) aren’t so cliche if you make them queer