1. out of your face
2. never have to style again
3. two seconds to wash
4. anime morning hair
5. its adorable on everyone
6. doesn’t knot up
7. doesn’t get stuck under the strap of your bag
8. say goodbye to split ends
9. its LIGHTER
10. no tangled wet hair
11. you can now shake like a dog to dry
12. no blow drying!!!
13. makes your morning at least 15 minutes faster
15. its healthier
16. its just easier and more convenient!
17. the best decision you will ever make
18. you will never want to grow it out again
19. if you cosplay, now you can put your wig on EASILY

The ONLY cons I’ve discovered from having short hair:

1. regular trims
2. sunburn on the back of your neck
3. depending on your hair type, regular washes

Otherwise, its FANTASTIC.
You would think that your neck gets cold or whatever from the breeze but I literally feel the exact same without my long hair, except for the fact my head is lighter and theres a bunch of things that used to annoy me about my hair that DON’T anymore!!
I HIGHLY suggest chopping it off!!

AND you should also give your hair to Locks of Love so not only are you doing this for yourself but others can benefit from it :)
Hair Timeline

So many people have been asking for hair ref, what to say to the hairdresser & how i style it,, so i thought i’d make another hair post, or more like a hair timeline. I hope this may help anyone ☺

This was when i first cutted it off myself, at home, in the middle of the night after watching Break Free by Ruby Rose. Getting rid of all that annoying hair was amazing, even though it was uneven. (This is my natural haircolor btw + i was super tired)

I went to a hairdresser some day after, and all i really said was “Please just make it look better, like Miley style. Just short and not as uneven as it is now.” And well, it got short. And i dyed it purple with Directions, Plum. I only used wax for styling here

It grew, and got blue.. i did an undercut. I used very much wax for styling here, heh

It grew even more, and i dyed it blueish/purpleish/pinkish, which many people seemed to like. I’m not sure if it was styled in those pics

It got purple after struggling with the color for a while, and longer. This was a pretty nice length, actually the length i wanted at first. I also stopped using wax here, i didn’t even style it in some kind of way.

And now, 7 months after cutting it off the first time & 4 months after an undercut, it’s blonde, messy and pretty long.

  • Before browsing the pixie hair tag:maaaan I'm gonna find such hip inspiration. My hairs are gonna be spicy adorable rebels. It's gonna be like a fairy princess makeover but with scissors instead of whimsical glitter-spells.
  • After browsing the pixie hair tag:I could never join the elite ranks of these celestial beings. They are too pure. I must not dishonor the pixie name. One day I shall ascend, but not before my time. Fight on, precious hairstyle warriors, fight on.