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I love your makeup. Maybe I made this up in my head, but I feel like I've read you comment on green/ecologically sound practices. I am reacting to something in the drugstore makeup, which is just getting worse as I get older, so it's time to be pickier about what I put on my skin. I'm learning, but it's weird to switch gears. Do you have suggestions of what to search for? Are there companies to look into? If you've posted on this, is there a phrase I could put into the search on your blog?

I don’t remember if I’ve specifically posted about it before, but yeah, I’m right there with you about skin getting more sensitive as I get older.

I have no helpful suggestions of what to search for - a lot of my makeup shopping is done by word of mouth and reading reviews. Which leads me to! Makeup Alley! It’s the first place I always head to when I am thinking of buying a new product. Also, their forums are really good for getting answers about various brands and skin care.

A in-no-way-complete list of skin care and makeup companies I use:

  • Paula’s Choice. I like their sunblock and their RESIST line. Pricey, but worth it.
  • Bee Friendly. I use their serum and their moisturizer. My skin really likes honey. 
  • Aromaleigh Cosmetics. Still the best mineral/loose powder foundation I’ve ever found.
  • Medusa Makeup. I love their loose pigments and glitters. 
  • Rituel de Fille. They make some of my favorite lipsticks (Fortune Teller and Night Wanderer), and they’re wonderful people.
  • Fyrinnae Cosmetics. The Pixie Epoxy is one of the best products to use with loose pigments, ever. Huge range of colors and products.
  • Black Moon Cosmetics. My current obsession, because sweet sainted Bowie, those Cosmic Eye Dusts are GLITTERY. 
Fyrinnae Order. Swatches included.

My original reason for the order was this, pixie epoxy. I’ve heard great things and wanted to try it since I use glittery pigments.

I came across this teal lipgloss and since it was only $6 decided I had to have it.

I’ll show a swatch on my lips later today, but it seems really pigmented thus far. I decided to get samples of pigments, and I’m glad I did because they’re awesome. They were $2 a piece and then came with 1 free one.

With flash, dinosaur plushie, immortality, meerkat, sleepy hollow, (free sample) arcane magic: sorceress.

Without flash, dinosaur plushie, immortality, meerkat, sleepy hollow, (free sample) arcane magic: sorceress. Dinosaur Plushie:



Sleepy Hollow:

(free sample) arcane magic: sorceress.

I’m very impressed with the quality and pigmentation of all of the products.  I plan on re buying pigments for sure.  I’m glad I finally bought from them, because they’re a great brand.  Also, even though sometimes their shipping takes a long time and they disclose that, I got mine in just a few days.