pixie collection

Before filming today’s tutorial I couldn’t resist taking a quick photo of these beauties in front of my ring light!

I ordered these via Boots online and I couldn’t wait for the email to say they were ready to be collected! I picked them up 2 days ago & I used them for the first time today.

There has been a lot of mixed reviews on the price of these brushes due to the jump in cost from the previous set by Real Techniques & Pixiwoo.
But as the girls explained in their recent video on their channel, this new Bold Metals Collection is a premium brush set aimed at professionals as well as makeup lovers. And as the girls have such a huge following, there would be a mammoth amount of disappointed fans if the new line was only available in a premium cosmetic outlet.
So it seemed the logical thing to do to make sure the brushes were accessible to everyone was to keep the sets in the high street!

I adored the original line from the girls, so to say I was excited about the launch of the Bold Metals Collection is an understatement!
And I’m most definitely not disappointed.
Where most brush brands fall short for me is the tautness of bristles. For instance the Pointed Crease brush from this range is p-e-r-f-e-c-t!!! The very tip of the bristles where the point forms has the right stiffness, and the bristles around it are the ideal softness to blend out the surrounding shadow.
Many others I’ve come across are too soft and the tip just sways back and forth with the rest of the hairs, which prevents it from doing what it’s meant to.

All the brushes are made from the softest synthetic hair, so they are completely animal cruelty free! Also, this means all the brushes can be used with both powder & cream products.

Another plus for me are the weighted handles. I’ve always used fully-leaded pencils for drawing, and found that having a little bit of weight to the pencil aided the process & the comfortability of drawing. And it’s the same with my makeup brushes. I think it’s all about balance.

There are 7 brushes in total within the range, but I didn’t purchase the angled liner as it’s the one type of brush I don’t really use or particularly like, not just from RT but from most brands. It’s just personal preference. I have 2 that I stick to if-and-when I do use them; a sable angled liner from Crown, and a synthetic one from Illamasqua (both used for brows) and as they say ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ but who knows, I may be persuaded to get it at a later date.

I love that the brushes are coloured differently according to their use. My favourite colour is the Rose Gold.

You can definitely tell these have been designed by professional makeup artists. They are a premium brush line that are 100% worth their price!

In the USA you can pick up the entire set in ULTA, and in the UK these are exclusive to Boots.

I am experiencing one of those slightly cool and cloudy days when I am able to think ‘WINTER’ during this scorching Sydney summer heat! 🔥 Those are the days I’m inspired to craft and photograph the winter warmers I make for my customers who are currently in cooler climates around the globe…

Currently, local Australian Aboriginal prints like the one I used to make this snood, also give me tons of inspiration… I love travel. I love fabric : : : : :

You can shop for this print and others I collect during my travels Here .:.