damelita &ka5umi-chan: thankyou both very much!! <333 tiny sweethearts u///////u i love u both

pixibutt said: can we order them?? ;~;

once smash! is over in august I’ll see how much leftover stock I have, and hopefully I’ll be opening an online store for them? keep an eye out~

nightingales said: wwaahhh these are so cute!! aw im excited you’re going to smash :’)

ooh, are you going? *v* im so excited i love smash!!! MY ANIME PEOPLE….

bolto said: yells at the maromi

god bless maromi <3

On Body Shaming

What I’m saying is that those are incredibly close minded views, and I think it was totally correct of you to call them out. However, why are those girls saying things like that? Is it because they themselves see this other girl as disgusting because of their views of body imagery that their parents have projected on them and their cultural upbringing? I’m not saying this makes body shaming acceptable, but simply correcting the girls I think makes things slightly better. I’m sure they were a little shocked at getting called out, and sometimes correcting people can be a good way for someone to point out that their language is unacceptable and that there are people around who they are offending. However, I think reacting with anger to these comments are why many feel a sense of alienation from feminist and body positive views. People who are body positive are working against a system which is inherently an uphill battle. But many of the people who you will end up encountering do not even realize the depth of why fat shaming (that is reinforced by medical professionals, television, and entertainment news networks) is wrong. Instead of reacting with anger and disgust back because of feelings of personal betrayal, I think it’s our job as advocates for a more accepting world to try and educate others instead of lecturing and berating them for their views which are often based out of ignorance. I understand your frustration on many levels, believe me that I do, that’s just my perspective. It’s hard to feel disgusting when people around you put you down, but I think reacting with concern and love for those people rather than anger helps to make your soul more at ease on a purely selfish level, and for more people to understand your viewpoints.