Hello everyone! The money sitch is fairly dire, made even more pressing considering I’m trying to move house, but you guys might be able to help me out a bit!

What I’m offering are keychains with custom designs based on any official sprite. I will NOT be stitching fanart unless it is yours, in which case I will offer a 10% discount off of the total. I will also NOT be stitching designs from anything the creator has requested there be no unofficial merchandise of, such as Undertale and Homestuck.
Other than that, they can be as simple or as complicated as you like - as long as the design fits in the space! If you want a different shape keychain, different colour aida fabric, etc. please talk to me and we can work something out! 

Check out my pixelstitch tag for more examples!

These will be £7.00/$10.50 for single-sided (the other side will have a colourful card backing, unless you want to be able to see the stitching) or an additional £3.00/$4.50 for double-sided plus a small amount of postage depending on country. (Typically £3 for within the UK or $6 for the USA.) If your design is very complicated I may have to charge an additional fee, but I will always let you know the cost before starting the commission. 
I accept PayPal, and will be using the invoice function.

I am going to take on five of these at a time so I don’t overwhelm myself - underneath the cut will be a list of slots so I can update as they’re taken/completed/etc.
Cross stitch does take time and if your commission is complicated - for example, is double-sided or fills all the available space - this could even stretch to a few weeks for completion. If you need your keychain ASAP, however, please just let me know so I can set aside more time for it.

THANK YOU FOR READING! Please pass this on if you can. ♥ 

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Finished the Poké-Keychain Trio. :3

All for the lovely and generous professor-dumblekyle <3

If you want one of your own, please shoot me a message! I can make ANY Pokémon you want, not just these three! :3 

They are £10.00/$16.00 with a little bit of postage - OR £15.00/$21.00 if you’d like them to be double-sided. This could mean having the same design on each side, or two different ones!

Thanks for looking!



[The pictures in the photoset are EXAMPLES of what I can do, they are NOT what I am giving away!]

Hi again! Goodness me, have I really gained another 300 AMAZING followers since my last giveaway?! Apparently so!

Right-ho, since the last one got quite a bit of interest, I decided that I wanted offer another custom pixelstitch to you guys! If you win, I will stitch whatever picture you like (within reason!), frame it, and send it to you!

Once again, there are a couple of rules!:

  1. You can either give me a specific pixel, or tell me what character you want and let me pick for you;
  2. It can’t be much bigger than 100x100 pixels (about the size of the Toothless);
  3. You can send me your own pixel to use;
  4. If you want to use another artist’s, however, you MUST have their permission!

To enter, you can like and/or reblog this post. You can reblog multiple times if you wish, but they might not turn up in the notes - and please don’t annoy your followers!

You do not have to be following me, but if you are I will throw in some extra bits and pieces. :3

This will end on the 26th of June, two weeks from now!


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I’m finally finished!!

This little cutie is based on this pixel art by the wonderful consultingsnuggler, and is of course dedicated to Paula, the inventor of Fawnlock. <3 I’ve been trying to get this done for a while now, but seeing as she’s feeling a bit down I tried to get it finished even quicker!!

I made quite a few errors with this. :c So he’s a couple of pixels off in some places… but I think I managed to fix them well enough that it’s not that noticeable.

I think the best part about doing this was when I was at my grandparents’ house and my Nanna was like: “He’s got a sad face because he’s got no clothes on!” and my Grandad told me to “take my pornography away” (he was just kidding :‘3)

So yeah! Hope you like him, Paula. <3 (Do you want me to frame and send him to you?)

John & Sherlock for bachin221b, the winner of my 700 Follower Giveaway!

Let me start by apologising for how long this took, my love! ;U; I had a crazy rush of being horribly busy at the time I ran this giveaway, and so many things piled on top of me! … But it’s finally done! FINALLY. <3 I really hope you like it, after all that!!

Now all I have to do is frame this puppy and send it off! :3

Based on:

[x] [x]

(Used with permission from the artist.)

As it turns out, I might not get to meet Falka after all. ;n; Clash of plans and all that.

But I still wanted to get this all nice and framed. C: Maybe I can send it or something!

It’s very itty bitty and cuuuute. I love her catlock stuff, and I’m only sorry my sprite editing skills don’t extend much past colouring Sherlock’s tail and ears black/grey, otherwise I would have tried to add a jumper and scarf… xD;;;; OH WELL.


I can’t actually sell this little guy because the design doesn’t belong to me, but I just wanted to show you what I meant about only being able to fit tiny things in here with my current fabric size! :’)

Also, I wanted to do a “speed stitch” to see how fast I could make him. The answer? About 90 minutes. I could probably cut that down to an hour if I removed my occasional tumblr/skype breaks asdfghjkl

And also any keyrings I make will probably have a full background - or at least a border - so there isn’t all that white around the design!

Whaddaya think?