pixelsmasher  asked:

Ok so that last one wasn't really a question... and neither will this one. I just wanted to say I think you, and yours run a wonderful lets play, and you are all very charismatic, and I hope everything is working out great, even with YouTube's questionable ad policy. Regardless, you are wonderful to listen to.

We try really hard!  And it really means a lot to hear that!

We want everyone who watches our stuff to just be able to enjoy themselves, kick back, and feel like “oh we’re all just hanging out on the couch and cracking some jokes with some occasional thoughtful discussion”, and I think we do a decent job of it!

In the grand scheme of things, Youtube is about a good a place as any to make content.  Which is to say “unless you have over 100K+ subscribers/followers/etc” you’re essentially tossed under a bus and left for dead while trying to desperately ensure that the people who ARE subscribed to you actually get to SEE your videos show up in their feed instead of “These 10 super popular people who get to be featured because they totally need the extra exposure and growth!”

That doesn’t mean the people “at the top” don’t deserve to reap the rewards of working hard and getting there, but also it’s entirely unfair for those in the bottom and middle to get anything in edgewise when the Youtube algorithm changes willy-nilly and stomps on our admittedly fragile hopes and dreams every ten seconds.

Either way, none of Youtube and it’s awful changes will stop us from trying to make people laugh and enjoy themselves while also being “bad to moderately decent” at playing video games!

Poor Pixel has been SO sick!!! I just want him to feel better! 

On that note, I never seem to have a consistent drawing of myself or representation of. So I think I’ll settle with an ever changing, if not constantly morphing pile of tar with quills and claws that resides under couches, beds and in closets. And offers tissues when hearing sniffles. Get better buddy! Don’t want you to be miserable anymore! 

Jam on Toast :U 

Still a work in progress. I wanted to do another head as a study for the  previous jam sculpt… and then I kept going. SFW version here, definitely not in its original form though.  Based on a picture by cookingpeach / Miupix .

Will post more as it finishes up so,  Enjoy the WIP!

Howler wip! 

Character belong to Owler ( owlerart )

Based currently on her piece here nsfw!

- *couple hours tonight to figure this one out* 

-  from yet another artist who probably didn’t know what I was up to. or  maybe they did, we’ll see.

- been trying to get my brain around 2d shapes more so I can better those Dust figures. Its important to me that they turn out good. 

-sorry about the watermark fest in the background.. but hey, could you tell the 3d shadowing was done in FireAlpaca? :D