Poor Pixel has been SO sick!!! I just want him to feel better! 

On that note, I never seem to have a consistent drawing of myself or representation of. So I think I’ll settle with an ever changing, if not constantly morphing pile of tar with quills and claws that resides under couches, beds and in closets. And offers tissues when hearing sniffles. Get better buddy! Don’t want you to be miserable anymore! 

Alphys and Undine from Undertale, a 3d Interpretation of these cuties as drawn by @polywomple Seen here

Need to finish so many things and I find myself doing THIS for fun x-x. I cant resist that freaking adorable “ BOOP “ after all that adorkable teasing.

Jam on Toast :U 

Still a work in progress. I wanted to do another head as a study for the  previous jam sculpt… and then I kept going. SFW version here, definitely not in its original form though.  Based on a picture by cookingpeach / Miupix .

Will post more as it finishes up so,  Enjoy the WIP!