Shout outs

Last week has been a bit rough, but a handful of folks have been really kind and got me through.  So if you get the chance, check out telr, eruspertempus, and bookofrat.  

Also the folks that share stuff in stream like jesusache, stitchdrawsstuff, mithos56, randomvertices, ayyzei, pixelsmasher, blackhookpixelart hurricane-artstuff, machinebyprinciple and many many more than I can even list.  Everyone that pops by, asks a question, tells a story and keeps the atmosphere going; I’m infinitely thankful for that. Good folks, the lot of you.


@pixelsmasher (or EpicFail as we’ve come to know him) is a good bro to have, I tell you whut. Besides being a mega sweetie, he’s hella generous with his talents! Despite working a full time job, he makes time to sculpt (THATS RIGHT, SCULPT) gifts for people all the time. Seriously GO CHECK OUT HIS WORK, ITS AMAZING.

He’s helped me so many times I’ve lost count and I couldn’t be more thankful. 

So heres to you, Epic, its not much!
And oh yeah, 

H A P P Y     B I R T H D A Y


SO THIS AMAZING PERSON in my live stream was watching me draw and decided to LITERALLY SCULPT THIS BADASS BUST OF EESA BEIN SEXEH


Thanks man, im sure she’ll love it. Holy smokes, im gonna commission the heck out of you when im not broke. Im dying to see my Hensa like this!

my night’s turned around :3

I wish I had more time to play on the WiiU version but bowser was badass. I think the reach on the koopa claw might have been nerfed but also his new forward smash had a bit more range. Oh! His dair (down air) still does the upside down shell spin, but now it drops, too. Kinda like a safer alternative to ground pounding.

Now that I've unwound a bit.

Both from my stress (for now) and from the sheer, unadulterated HYPE THAT WAS SMASH FEST,I feel like putting some of my thoughts onto page in case any of y’all dudes and ladies weren’t able to go to Smash Fest and are curious how it was.

I got to play Smash on 3DS twice, and on WiiU in two, two-minute rounds. On the 3DS, I got to play an entire run of Smash Run, and a brief (and woefully unfinished because SOMEONE wouldn’t HAND ME THE DAAAAAAMN GAMEBOY) match against some CPUs. I decided to go with a newbie and a veteran on both systems, so I played Smash Run as Little Mac, the CPU match as Samus, one match against my friends as Rosalina, and another as Bowser.

I can’t really comment on whether or not Mac was good because in Smash Run your stats go to all sorts of crazy places, and the button layout confused me which compounded with Mac’s moves being hard to tell apart at a glance, but he seemed fun. I got a lot of mileage with his overB which is a sort of dodging dash punch. Pretty sweet. His upB has like a jillion hits, but it doesn’t go too high at all.

Samus. Was. Phenominal. Hit like a beast, swift attacks, quick projectiles and I think? Less floaty? I noticed her nair (neutral air) was changed from a sex kick to a sort of spinning kick which covers a bit more ground. It was pretty cool. I think her upB was improved too.

Rosalina I couldn’t tell much of what was happening with because of how chaotic the fight was. She was a bit weird to play, both because I’m not used to the pro controller for Smash, and also because I couldn’t figure out what the hell was up with Luma. She’s definitely the sort of character who’ll need some getting used to.

Bowser. BOWSER. Faster, quicker, farther reach, higher jumps, you name it. He feels like not only a fucking powerhouse, but an actual character now rather than a sack of bricks you have to try and drag around the stage. A+ for Bowser. Oh, and his fire breath goes SUPER far now.

I feel like his Koopa Klaw may have had some sort of change, but I couldn’t tell what. When I landed grabs with it, it seemed like there was a brief moment where it wanted me to make an input, but then he’d do the belly flop thing. Weird!

I’m a bit tired now, but if anyone wants to send me some asks with questions, I’ll gladly answer tomorrow!

Additionally, from here on out any personal smash-related stuff is going under the tag #pixelSmasher. Good night!