TUKI! in 3D

Saw a cute snek gal that Matt B ( @gunmouth ) designed for Way Forward’s new game “SHANTAE : ½ Genie Hero”.

Some closeups provided. The modeling was done entirely in Zbrush, and post work was done in Photoshop. This was based mainly on the original designs that Matt B. Supplied to wayforward. I may attempt their more integrated design into the shantae universe at another date.


Shantae: ½ Genie Hero   - WayForward 2014. 

Shantae And the Shantae Logo TM Matt Bozon (Different Matt B)

Howler wip! 

Character belong to Owler ( owlerart )

Based currently on her piece here nsfw!

- *couple hours tonight to figure this one out* 

-  from yet another artist who probably didn’t know what I was up to. or  maybe they did, we’ll see.

- been trying to get my brain around 2d shapes more so I can better those Dust figures. Its important to me that they turn out good. 

-sorry about the watermark fest in the background.. but hey, could you tell the 3d shadowing was done in FireAlpaca? :D

Jam on Toast :U 

Still a work in progress. I wanted to do another head as a study for the  previous jam sculpt… and then I kept going. SFW version here, definitely not in its original form though.  Based on a picture by cookingpeach / Miupix .

Will post more as it finishes up so,  Enjoy the WIP!