pixels hate me

Wasn’t satisfied with quality of original lineart for Soma that i made last year and finally got myself together to fix parts that bothered me the most + quickly threw on some colors. Still can see mistakes here and there, but i think i like the way it looks now.

Idk man I feel pretty upset. I was ending my giveaway and throughout the process, I had a player messaging me constantly begging for stuff (which made me not want to give them anything). I ended up telling them not to ask me about it anymore because it was rude, and they apologised, but they also said that they kept asking about it because they “just love it so much.”

That hit me in the sensitive spot. Because I had to leave the girl I love and go halfway around the world without her, when we wanted to travel together. And neither of us are taking it well right now. And really, here and the mweor (and with my friends of course) are the only places I’m really bringing it up. I haven’t responded to this player because I don’t want to blow up in their face. Just had to get this out.


For the lovely anon that asked for transparents of the adorable pirate merchandise!

These took a bit longer than I thought they would, but I hope you enjoy the Matsu you desired :)

Also, these are a bit big, I got the HQ Amazon versions which look great, if anyone wants smaller sizes I would be more than happy to resize them, otherwise depending on where you plan to use them they might resize themselves smaller anyway!


Elesh Norn Sprite!